Written by Brian

17 Mar 2012

My name is Brian, I was thirty-five when this happened, I'm a widower and I work as a Sales Manager. Three years ago I lost my wife in a car crash, it was a devastating blow, Jen and I were absolute soulmates and sex with her was awe inspiring. I was a Sales Rep then, top of the tree for the company I worked for, I was destroyed at the time but the company were very understanding and allowed me to work it out in my own time.

We had been due to book a holiday in Spain, well, book a flight really as we had friends who owned a villa there. So here I was now holidaying in that villa three years later, I had got over Jen to some extent and thought that I was okay now. I thought, in a way, to pay homage to my late wife by doing what I was doing. It turned out to be not a very good idea because on the second day I was sitting on the beach with a book and I realised that I was not in fact reading it at all, the memory of Jen suddenly overcame me. I sat there tears rolling down my face thinking what a mistake I'd made. However I had noticed a couple sitting quite close and sitting there in my misery I suddenly realised that the woman was standing next to me. 'Are you all right?' I looked up, 'Sorry, but no, I'm not, I shouldn't have come here.'

She squatted down beside me, 'Why don't you tell me all about it, something has obviously really upset you.' So I told her, the mere fact of telling her made me feel better. 'You poor thing,' she said sympathetically laying her hand on my bare thigh. She left it there as I told her how we were about to arrange a holiday, just doing what I was doing now, and that it suddenly got to me. 'Hardly surprising,' she commented, 'bit of a daft thing to do, wasn't it?' I nodded and she went on, 'What you need is company, come on I'll help you move your things over with us.' I thought that I might as well, I really wasn't looking forward to my holiday being a sad wake to Jen.

After a while talking to Eloise and her husband Len I began to feel better. Len said, 'I'll go and get a cup of coffee,' and I was left alone with Eloise. She laid a hand on my thigh and said, 'Please don't think me rude, but I've been in your position and one of the things that really got to me was no sex. My first husband and I both had a really high sex-drive and I missed it hugely.' I smiled, 'I've never said that to anybody, but it's true, I haven't had sex for over three years!' Her hand squeezed my thigh, she said, 'I think we may be able to help you, I won't say anything more, I need to talk to Len. You just relax and enjoy the sun, if you want to talk, fine, if you don't that's fine too, but it's nice to have company and that is just what you need in my opinion.' Len came back with the coffees, the talk turned to football, Eloise groaned, 'Why do men always want to talk about football!' We grinned.

Later I needed a pee so I waded into the warm water and swam out away, then I floated around and peed, a bit naughty but there was no-one near me. Then I wandered back, Len said, looking at his watch, 'We usually wander up and have lunch somewhere around now, just leave your towel on your sunbed and we'll go if you like.' I had one of those delicious little omelettes the Spaniards like with crusty bread and cool, clear, water, I felt a lot better.

Whe we eventually went back on the beach I sat talking with Len while Eloise went to spend a penny. I said, 'Didn't know there were loos here, I pissed in the sea!' Len laughed, 'I bet you're not the olny one to do that. Tell you what though, Brian, Eloise and I were talking earlier, she told me about your situation and I think she's right you need company not to be alone all the time. Where are you staying?' I told him. 'Very nice! Where is it?' I explained. 'That's not far from us, we are going to a little restaurant we know for dinner tonight and, perhaps, you'd like to join us?' I said, 'Yes, I'd like that, very kind of you and Eloise to ask me.' 'What are friends for?' he said.

I haven't said anything about these two new friends, Len was about my own age, good-looking bloke but putting on a bit of weight I thought. Eloise was, no getting away from it, a looker. She had that mature woman look, if you get my meaning, good figure, about size twelve, also good-looking and exuded sex. Her breasts were not large, but I could see in her bikini a good shape with nipples that pushed against the thin fabric, she also had a spectacular mound, I groaned inwardly at the thought of fucking her. One thing, she obviously didn't mind me looking at her and was also very tactile, she just had to touch me while she spoke to me.

We broke up about four o'clock, 'We always have a siesta around now,' Eloise said, she winked at me, 'nice shower and everything,' she winked again. I got the message, they had sex, just waht Jen and I would have done, 'Lucky buggers,' I thought. I showered and lay on my bed with a book but found myself waking up at half seven! I showered quickly, Len had told me where to meet and I had to get a move on. The restaurant turned out to be very small, just one large table for groups, four tables set for four and a couple just for two. It was run by two English ladies and had a varied menu and a good bar. We had a lovely meal, a drink to start, wine with the meal and a brandy after. I offered to pay my bit but Len wouldn't hear of it, 'Our treat,' he said. So I said, 'Okay, but it's on me next time.'

We got on famously, Len and Eloise couldn't have been more friendly. As we walked back Eloise said, 'We've been talking, why don't you come back with us and we all have a nice drink on the sundeck and watch the sun go down?' I couldn't have imagined anything nicer so I agreed with alacrity.

Back at their villa, which was on an 'Urbanization' (mine wasn't), and we pulled the sunbeds out. They had mattresses and there was also a very large blow up bed and one thing that absolutely amazed me, Len brought out a large screen digital TV. We all had a drink in our hands as we did, indeed, watch the sun go down in a blaze of glory. Then Len switched the TV on, he said, 'Do porno videos upset you?' I laughed and shook my head, then Eloise said, 'we usually strip off a bit.... er and we very often have sex.' I was staggered and probably showed it. Len quickly said, 'Eloise is a very generous woman, Brian, if you get my meaning and she told me that you and your late wife were very highly sexed, like us. Just offering a chance to get all that frustration off your chest.' All I could say was, 'Oh!'

We stripped off, I wasn't uncomfortable as it turned out, as I thought, Eloise had a great sexy body and loved showing it, Len had a cock about my size. We freshened our drinks and Len set the video, 'This one is two blokes, like us, and one lucky lady getting fucked and everything. He had a hard-on almost instantly, so did I. Eloise parted her legs and had her hand there. It wasn't long before the video got to all three of us, Len and I gently wanking our rigid cocks and Eloise doing the same with her cunt. She said, 'Why don't I show you what my cunt's like, Brian?' She turned her sunbed towards me and revealed a nicely shaved cunt, quite large with thick inner lips protruding, I could see cunt-juice oozing round her cleft. As I stared at the first cunt I'd seen in over three years she said, 'Like Len said, I'm a generous woman, when you want to fuck me just come here.'

Well obviously nothing could have been plainer, my cock was so hard it ached it made me wonder why I@d anked over the past years intsead of finding myself a woman. 'Go on, Brian, fill your boots, she'll love it!' He was grinning all over his face. I got uop, my cock swing about as I moved over to El;oise's sunbed 'That's it, come to mummy darling,' she said and spread her legs wide, 'you don't need to play around this time, just shove it up my cunt, I'm dying fot a new cock!' I did exactly that, trouble was that, after all that time, I came almost instantly. 'You poor bugger,' Eloise sympathised, 'just stay in there until I get you hard again and you can fuck all you like.

The feel of her cunt was unbelievable, sloppy with her juice and my spunk and tightening on my cock rhythmically until I was hard again. I commenced fucking again, far more aware of the fantastic feeling of a woman's welcoming cunt, hot as a furnace, moveing up to meet my thrust and tightening when I drew back. I was always able to last and this time performed reasonably well, Eloise started cumming even before I'd shot my load up her for a second time.

That was just the start, I'm sorry I have to go unfortunately, but I'll be back tomorrow, then I'll tell you what after this.