Written by Terry

21 Dec 2017

I had a big bust up with my wife Sandra the other week. Sandra is 50, 36D bust, shaven pussy and still in good shape. Sandra is a bit of a prude, she will only go topless on naturist beaches, reluclently walks about the house naked if I keep on at her. We reserve full sex for Saturday nights only, with the occasional blow job midweek. Over the last few years I have gone on about what she did with previous boyfriends, asking what she did with them as it gets me extra rock hard as I fuck her. She tells me that she was a virgin when she met me and I took her cherry. When pressed she tells me about her previous boyfriends. Two of them she only stripped to the waist and allowed them to play and suck her tits and rub her pussy on the outside of her knickers. She rubbed their erect cocks on the outside of their trousers. One on their first date as she walked into his house he whipped out his erect prick and asked her straight away to suck him, she walked straight out and never saw him again. Her last boyfriend before me, at his house she stripped several times just to her knickers. He played with her tits and got his large prick out for her to wank. She thinks it was about nine inches long. One occasion he stripped naked and she actually sucked his prick as he slipped a hand into her knickers and fingered her pussy bringing her to an orgasm. As he was about to come she pulled away and he came in spurts over her tits. Even when I went out with her we never fucked until we got engaged. Sandra finally blew her top and had a rant at me going on about her sex life before we met and said she wished she had fucked someone else and had another prick in her. I told her to fuck off and fuck someone else. The next few day she gave me the cold shoulder and then Friday she told me she was going to a party without me. She had been on Facebook and found her last old boyfriend. Kevin was now divorced. She told him that her marriage was going thru a rocky patch. He invited her to a party which she accepted. I went ballistic but she insisted she was going.

Saturday night came and when she dressed she only put on a figure hugging dress, no bra, no knickers and wearing high heels. I was pissed off that she might actually go without me dressed as she was, but in another way started to fantasise her being fucked by someone else. She had called a cab and left, telling me not to wait up. She eventually returned at about 3 am on Sunday morning. I was waiting down stairs in the lounge. She came in smiling and removed her coat. She stood naked in front of me showing me dried spunk, in her hair, over her belly and on the inside of her thighs and oozing out of her pussy

This is what she told me. She arrived at Kevin’s house where the party was taking place. She met up with Kevin and a few other old school friends from years ago. The drinks flowed all-night and she became quite tipsy. She danced with a few blokes and as the evening drew on realised she was the only female left as other couples, women and men had left. She was left with Kevin and three other blokes. All four stood around her as she danced. Then Kevin took hold of her and held her close as they danced. She felt her dress being pulled up and hands on her naked bum. Kevin was playing with her tits when he pulled her dress over her head leaving her naked in front of four men. Kevin‘s hand went to her pussy and fingered her. She then felt an erect prick against her bum. One bloke had got his prick out, so she pulled away from Kevin and turned and took hold of the blokes prick and wanked him while he felt her tits. He came as she wanked him shooting his spunk over belly and legs. Kevin took hold of her and pulled her to the floor. He now only had his pants on and she could see that his prick was swollen. She was laying on her back and Kevin moved to her head and removed his pants. His prick was erect and slapping against his belly. He straddled her and offered her his prick to her mouth. She took hold of it and licked his long shaft, especially his large purple bulbous head. She then felt someone in between her legs who started licking her pussy then sucking her swollen clit. She came with a fantastic orgasm. Kevin then moved down her body and took hold of her legs. He lifted them in the air and parted them. He then slipped his prick into her warm moist pussy and proceeded to fuck her. She could hear the others encouraging him to give it to her and fuck her hard. Kevin was pushing the full length of his nine inch solid prick in and out of her pussy. She said it felt great having her cunt filled up with a big hard prick. Kevin was fucking he rfor a good ten minutes when he pulled out and told her to get on all fours. She got on all fours and Kevin slipped his prick back into her pussy. He grabbed her arse cheeks as he fucked her. The others were now commenting on her large swinging tits as Kevin rammed his prick in and out of her. She looked and one bloke had fallen asleep, the one she wanked off, the other two had their pricks out and were wanking as they watched her get fucked. As she felt Kevin’s prick explode inside her with three or four gushes, she also came. Kevin then told the others to strip and join them on the floor. Sandra lay on her back as one bloke offered her his prick. The other got between her legs and licked her pussy. The bloke she was sucking pulled out of her mouth and came over her hair and face. The other wanked himself off coming over her pussy. She sat up and Kevin helped wipe all the spunk off her. The three blokes left. She and Kevin went up to his bedroom and he gave her another orgasm and then fucked her one more time. Kevin called cab for her and she came home.

I was rock hard after her telling how she had been fucked by someone else and other blokes had felt her up and she had sucked other blokes. I took hold of her and took her into the kitchen. I put her face down over the table and entered her wet pussy and fucked her. I rammed my prick hard into her. She told me to be rough with her as she deserved it. I then came up her. I withdrew and proceeded to spank her. She loved it and had another orgasm. We then went upstairs, showered together and went to bed. In the morning we discussed the way forward and she told me she wanted to be more adventurous with our sex life and would like to try a threesome with me. She wants to try with another female and me and then her a male and me. She said she would like to have a night out with Kevin again as she liked having a large prick to suck and fuck and if she found another bloke with a bigger prick let him fuck her in front of me.