Written by Happy Jac

20 Mar 2019

We had been married 4 years when my wife and I attend a Tourism and Holiday show. I had started my own business in the Finance Market. Things were going well but I as working long hours and my wife Sara insisted we needed a break. Our second child was 6 months old so life was busy.

At the show we met a fellow who ran a small sailing boat hire company. He was trying to get his small business going and was at the show to promote it. It seemed the perfect getaway for us and we arranged a long weekend in about 3 weeks time. Deals changed at work and we had to reschedule for 2 weeks later. Daniel, that’s his name was only too happy to adjust the arrangements.

The weekend was better than we expected. Daniel showed us how to sail, gave us hints where to sail and what to look for. We had a great time even with the children. Sara spent most of the time was wearing very brief bikinis which barely covered her beautiful body parts. She is very fit and her shape had returned to normal after our youngest birth. When we tied up on the Sunday afternoon we had coffee with Daniel and this led to getting some takeout dinner before we headed home. The drive was about 90 minutes. In total an exceptional weekend.

We did this two more times and Daniel found time to join us where we had moored and have dinner and a few drinks on a couple of occasions. I know Daniel enjoyed seeing Sara in her bikinis before she changed into other casual clothes. It was on these occasions that we talked about his finance and his problems he was having. It was easy to advise him and direct him to change a few things. Through this, we became more friendly and then we stayed at his house and did some day sailing. I even helped him with some boat maintenance which I enjoyed. We became very friendly.

It was after one of these weekends that Sara told me that we had better stop seeing Daniel as she felt she could not control herself much more. I had noticed that our sex life had improved immensely. She wanted it a lot and it was her that started it especially while up at Daniels place. I was a bit taken back but thought long and hard about it.

I won’t bore you with all the minor details but I came to the conclusion that if she wanted him then I felt and so did she, that our relationship could stand it. She insisted she didn’t want me less but it was just there was a chemistry she felt for Daniel. She told me that she had hinted to him how she felt and he returned the feeling. So we decided I would speak to him and assure him I was ok with it.

The next weekend we went up and I talked to him on the Friday night. He was so excited and thankful and thanked us for our friendship and trust. I told him that on the next afternoon after his hiring was complete that I would take our children out and he and Sara could be alone. We agreed that after that, then Sara, him and I could decide whether it would continue or it was just a once off liaison.

With that, Sara and I went to bed but not before she went and said goodnight to Daniel. She was only gone a minute but I was sure they had kissed deeply and that he had had his fingers in her pussy. Once in bed, I felt her and her pussy was dripping and open ready for me. She confirmed days later that he had had his fingers in her. Sara and I fucked. It was a very memorable fuck. She kept cumming. We fucked again in the early hours of the morning.

So, on the Saturday, just after lunch I took the kids and went out. I told them I would be gone for at least 3 hours. The kids kept me busy so it kept my mind busy. I knew our friend would have his cock inside my wife. I also knew that there would be no condoms. We had discussed that with him. So he would be cumming inside her and I was the only man to do that since we had started dating years before. All that aside, I didn’t feel jealous or nervous, quite excited actually. I certainly wanted to be good for her, just as she had dreamed it would be.

When I returned with the kids, Sara and Daniel rushed to greet me. Sara kissed me long and deep and Daniel shook my hand vigorously. The baby was asleep in the pram and our older child was soon watching TV. Daniel stayed with the children and Sara took me to our bedroom where we kissed again. I didn’t need to ask how it was, she was so happy and wanted to share. I could see he neck and shoulders were covered with love bits. She showed me her breasts and they were the same. Her nipples were still long and extended. She told me that they had made love twice. But what she wanted was to tell me was how good Daniel was at oral. He ate her for so long that she had to ask him to stop and she wanted his cock inside her. I asked about his cock which she openly said was a little longer than mine but not quite as thick which made me feel good. I do have a girthy cock.

She told me that he was a big cummer which I put down to not having a partner for a while but later I realised that he indeed was a huge cummer, much more than me. She was also amazed because after they had fucked the first time, he asked if they could do it again. She readily agreed. He then suggested she clean up as best she could as he wanted to go down on her again. She didn’t shower but her best and he got straight into eating her. He didn’t mind his cum, in fact, she said the second time may have been even better than the first. This was too much for me and I had to fuck her. She came as soon as I entered her. Her pussy was wet and quite loose but I filled her. From memory, she came 2 more times before I emptied into her myself.

The three of use talked well into the night and Daniel and Sara fucked while I got breakfast for the kids and then them. It was an amazing weekend. That was the pattern for the next 3 years. We spent as much time as possible up with Daniel. We did have threesomes and that worked well but we actually preferred if one of us had Sara then the other followed. Sometimes at different times of the day. Some nights Sara slept in his bed. Sara’s appetite and the need to be ravished and fucked constantly only went up to another level.

My business was going well and I was expanding. I needed to travel to work with clients. It’s the corporate finance world where most of my business is in. If I went away for a 5 day trip which was usually the case then Sara would drive up to Daniel for a night or 2 and sometimes he would visit ours mid week when he had free time.

As I said, it lasted 3 years, then Daniel dropped a bombshell when he told us that he had met someone and he wanted to try a relationship with her. This lady worked for the Tourism Board and they got on well and had spent time together but hadn’t yet had sex. He wanted to tell us first. We were both shattered especially Sara but we wished him well. We only visited once more and he fucked Sara 4 times that weekend. It was like the grand finale.

We kept in contact and met for drinks and dinner a few times with his new partner but we had to put the relationship behind us. We even tried a couple of weekends of sailing using his boats but that made missing what we had worse. So we simply remained distant friends and mainly I helped him with any business problems and finance advice. His sailing business developed well, so well he took on staff.

They have been a couple for going on 8 years but never married. We, in the mean time tried to replicate what we had with Daniel. In that time, Sara had sex with 7 other men. Of them, 5 became longer term lovers but the relationships never developed to any extent like with Daniel. There was nothing wrong with them as men and sexual tools but never the intimate connection of Daniel.

Then just before Christmas I got a call from Daniel. I thought he wanted to talk about his business but he said that they had split. His partner wanted him to sell the business and move with her to Germany. She had come from there and her parents wanted her to take over the family business. He didn’t want to sell or move. He loved what he did and the relationship had become stale and it was a good chance to end it. I didn’t comment regarding that he was once again single but I just talked about how we had set up his business.

I called Sara and told her I had news and headed home early. When I told her she was so excited. She wanted to go straight up. I asked her if she wanted to go back to like it was before? She kissed me and begged me to let us do just that. I told her I didn’t know what Daniel would want. She begged me to call him. I did and arranged for us to drive up the next day in the afternoon. I never mentioned anything regarding sex.

We got a sitter to look after and do the school thing for the kids. Sara dressed in skin tight jeans and a halter top with high heels. She looked divine. She was so excited on the drive up.

When we arrived, Sara walked straight up to Daniel and kissed him deeply. Her right hand was instantly rubbing the bulge in his pants. She broke the kiss and asked him straight out, “do you what me?” Daniel’s answer was, “Yes please”. With that she dropped to her knees and fished his stiffening cock out. She sucked him in and massaged his balls with her hands. She was so excited. Daniel then lifted her up and kissed her again, peeled of her clothes and then turned her around and laid her back on the settee. He lost his clothes and dropped to his knees and his head went between her legs. I stood and watched the show.

He had probably only licked her for about 30 second and she exploded in a massive orgasm. Her whole body shook and she was screaming in ecstasy. As she came down from her high, Daniel continued his assault. She looked over to me and called me over. Her right hand reached and found my hard cock in my pants. She wanted it out so I helped and stepped out of my pants, then I lost the shirt and kicked my shoes off. Sara wanked me as Daniel ate her.

Then she called out that she wanted Daniel inside her. He obliged her by kneeling between her legs and pushing his bare cock into her. This was the first time for his cock in 8 years. He fucked her steadily. She kept wanking me but the hand movements would stop as savoured the feeling she was getting from his rock hard cock. I could see he was doing his best to hold back but the sensation and the excitement was getting the best of him. He even stopped a couple of times but Sara moved to meet him by thrusting forward to get maximum depth. He couldn’t hold it any longer and he pumped her full of cum. I looked down and saw his cock bringing masses of his white foamy cum out of her pussy every time he pulled back. His cock was making squelching noises as her fucked her through another body shaking orgasm.

When he sat back, his cum dribbled from her pussy down her bum crack and onto the carpet below. What a sight. For about a minute we all just looked at one another and savoured the moment. Then Sara looked to me and said. “I want you now.”

Daniel passed Sara so tissues and she did her best to wipe as much cum from her pussy as she could. She stood up and more ran out. It was then I noticed that she was completely naked but still wearing her high heels. Her body looked so good and the heels made her legs dynamite.

I then fucked her on the settee just like Daniel had. Even though she was sloppy and wet it felt good. I gave her a good fucking. I had fucked her the previous evening and that morning so I could take her through a few cums.

When we rested we talked. Daniel told us that after a few years he regretted stopping what we had and trying the relationship. Hindsight is a good thing but we assured him that we were happy to continue as we were and make it even better.

I won’t bore you with too much more except that after showering we walked into the village for meal. We all felt so good. Daniel even fingered Sara in the restaurant while waiting for the meal. Between servings, Sara went to the ladies and removed her panties. He then gave her a proper finger fuck under the table, before we paid our bill and left. On the walk home we stopped near the marina and Daniel lifted her onto the rail and dropped his jeans. He fucked her in the half light. I stood behind them on watch. As we walked the quarter mile to the house, cum ran down her legs. We laughed all the way as she described as it happened.

When we got home and turned in, Sara slept with Daniel. It didn’t matter to me I couldn’t fuck her anymore. I need rest. I know they fucked during the night and again in the morning.

We went home and the next weekend we came back with the kids. The children are older now so we keep our sex play to when they are in bed or either Daniel takes them out. Sara can’t get enough.

I remaindered her that she had another lover and she simply called him and ended it. She thanked him but told him she wanted to move on. She never saw him again.

She says, life is perfect she has her two favourite cocks,

Long may it continue. I know we all hope it never stops.