Written by naughtyguy247

4 Sep 2009

Wow I thought, I want to see those bounce as she fucks me, as I stared at her tits on my screen I reached down and wanked my cock, once again I came so quick it would have been embarrassing if a woman was in the room with me.

All too quickly her t-shirt covered her tits again. Three months we had been chatting now and I though, it was time I asked her the question most on my mind since she had told me she’d like to fuck a guy, “so” I said “when are you coming round” I didn’t expect the answer I got, and I was very surprised when my smaller than average cock stood to attention so quick after cumming. “Ok how about Wednesday night” I said “I’ll meet you off the bus at seven” “ok” she replied, and off to bed I went for another quick wank at the prospect ahead.

Tuesday night we only chatted for a short while with me dressed as Lola, I could see the back of her mums head watching TV in the lounge behind Sarah as we chatted, when she walked past she even waved at me. I asked if she was still up for meeting me, and she told me she was so I went to bed excited and nervous about the events to come.

At seven I waited for the bus in a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, easy to remove I thought, five minutes later the bus arrived and Sarah got off. She was dressed in a tracksuit her blonde hair tied back and her fingers were covered in cheap tacky rings.

We exchanged hello’s and walked to my place, once inside I offered her a drink which she drank while I disappeared into the bathroom, and returned 5 minutes later dressed as she had seen me on webcam as Lola.

She laughed and told me to remove all my clothes, I was nervous but did it sitting on the end of the bed naked and suddenly aware of how weird this looked, a good looking fully clothed woman sitting at one end and a fat balding small dicked man at the other.

Sarah stood and told me to do the same; I looked sheepishly at the floor as she came over, my cock at this time willed as I might wouldn’t get hard. As I looked up at her I noticed she was looking straight at my limp cock which embarrassingly only measures about one inch when soft.

“Bloody hell” she said “good job I haven’t come round for a fuck that thing isn’t gonna fill my pussy”, Sarah then stripped off down to her knickers and bra, she had a little fat but not much and her tits looked massive; I must see them again I thought.

To be continued…..