Written by Rob

5 Apr 2009

This is a true account of something that happened about 10 years ago, with my wife Sarah.

We were both in our early 20\\\'s and had just got married and purchased our first house together, a pretty little 2 bedroom stone cottage in Northamptonshire.

At the time my best friend Tim had just got divorced from his wife and was going through a bad time emotionally, as his family lived over 100 miles away we did the friendly thing and invited him round for tea once a week, just to keep his spirits up.

We even tried to set him up with some of Sarahs friends but to no avail.

Then just before Christmas the unexpected happened, we all ended up haping a wonderful 3-sum !

It was a Friday night as I remember and Tim was calling in for some tea at about 6:30pm, we were then all going to go for a quick drink or two at the local pub, nothing unusual or different from any other week.

However we all had a few drinks and lost our inhibitions to some extent, and began talking about sex....Tim revelaled that he hadn\\\'t had sex now for over 4 months and was feeling frustraited !

We decided to drink up get another 2 bottles of wine from the off licence and head home. Once inside our lounge the first bottle was comsumed rather quickly and Sarah was getting very flirtatious with Tim.

She was about 5ft 2\\\" tall with 34b breasts that were perfectly formed, she weighed about 8 stone and had a figure that most girls could only dream of. She was wearing skin tight dark green jeans and a white open neck shirt that perfectly complimented her pert brests, allowing her bra to be slightly exposed...teasing and captivating at the same time.

As Tim was over the limit it was decided that he would stay in the spare room tonight, ratehr than to risk the drive home.

By around 10:30pm the second bottle of wine had been finished and Tim explained that he would retire to his room....

With that Sarah giggled and spluttered \\\"for a wank i\\\'ll bet\\\" !

Tim replied \\\"that\\\'s all he can hope for at present\\\"

To which Sarah took us all completly by surprise and said \\\"What about a Sarah Sandwich\\\" and wiggled her sexy arse at him.

We both looked at each other and smiled....Sarah ran upstairs and told us to wait for 5 minuites.(we had never even talked about a 3 some before)

Tim and I made our way upstairs and peared into the bedroom, Sarah was lying on the bed, dressed only in her black la perla bra and matching thong, with knee high black boots on.

We were stunned...not really knowing what to do !.....she was lying there just rubbing ther clit through the thong.

She smiled at us and said....\\\"well come on \\\"

Tim and I quickly undressed and got onto the bed, Tim pulled the thong to one side and began to devour her pussy with his tounge......She immediately arched her back and pushed his face deep into her.

I was rock hard and just stood there wanking my 8\\\" cock while my wife was beeing licked out by my best mate....

eventually he began to work his way up and pulled down her black bra, and began to suck her nipples...Sarah was now moaning with pure pleasure and grabbed his hard cock and positioned in against her lips.

I watched as she showly arched her back and took in his cock...

The next 10 minuites were the most intense that I can remember.....Tim began to fuck her shaven pussy slowly at first then built up speed, all the time he was sucking her now errect nipples...I could her a squelching noise as he fucked her....she was horny as hell and her body shhok as she reached orgasm......Tim continued to fuck her for a few moments more before pulling out his cock and spraying a thick jet of spunk all over her pert breasts.

I was also ready to come and quickly took Tims position on top of Sarah...my cock quickly into her pussy and I began to fuck her.

I dipped my head and noticed the spunk glistening on her stomach and breasts...I began to lick it and loved the salty taste....I only lasted a few more thrusts before exploding inside her.

That night was one we\\\'ll never forget, we tried many new things for the first time, including double penetration.....

It was intense and a wonderful experience....... with a close friend who is now even closer