Written by Kate

29 Jul 2011

I stepped out of the shower into the steamy hotel bathroom. I slowly caressed my body with a towel and wiped away the glistening beads of water. I wrapped my hair in the towel and used the end to wipe the mist from the mirror.

I stared at my reflection and wondered how on earth my nymphomaniac sister had persuaded me to meet one of her “fuck buddies” in this hotel room, but I quickly reminded myself that I still had sexual needs that needed attending to, if my hubby was incapable of doing this then someone else would need to.

My mind raced back to the phone call that convinced me to go through with Susie’s suggestions.

"No, I really don't know what I'm going to do Susie. Jack and I stopped having sex 4 months ago and it's driving me absolutely bloody crazy. When I try to talk with him about it he gets very angry and it starts a big argument, I really don’t know if he knows about my indiscretion at your party with Jerome, he’s never mentioned it and I am too scared to mention it in case he doesn’t know"

"Well sis, if I were you, I would try to talk to him one more time about the lack of sex, and then, it's up to you, but there are a lot of men out there who would love to get into your panties, I know one who’s hassling me every time I see him for your mobile number."

“Let’s not go there Susie, I really don’t want to see him again not after what happened at your party, that bastard take advantage of my drunken state, I am sure Jack knows and this is why things are like they are between us.”

“Now Kate you know that’s not true, Jerome’s a lovely guy, I saw what happened that night and you were more than a willing partner and you said how amazing it was, if that has led to the problems with Jack, it’s unfair to put the blame on Jerome.”

I knew that Susie was right on both points, firstly about Jerome and secondly that although I am 42, I take good care of myself and I still think that I am attractive to men, my 34B boobs had only slightly given in to gravity. They still held up fairly nicely and my hips hadn't even started to spread, all my efforts at the gym had made me very happy with myself.

I paused and Susie said "well there's this guy, Mark who I have been seeing for the past two months, he’s just the last word, so attentive in bed, lovely body, even better he is so well hung and really knows how to use it, he never ever leaves me unsatisfied and strangely I always go home so happy.”

“I don't want to cheat on Jack again, we've been happy for the past 20 years and until now we have always had a fabulous active sex life. But I just don't know what to do."

"Kate, if you and Jack can't work it out, he will have to face the fact that if he can’t give you what you need then you’re going to have to look elsewhere to get it. You know my views on screwing around and I have cheated on Paul more than a few times since we've been married and he never knew. Like they say, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him and I’ve always found that it returns back after it's stretched out." I laughed into the phone and Susie did too.

"Well, I'll see what happens, but I can tell you, that I'm horny as hell, and I need a cock inside me, the only relief I’m getting lately is from a vibrator and I am now using it 5 times a week, it works beautifully, but it doesn’t replace the real thing as I enjoy the taste of a man, I enjoy the feeling of sperm running down the crack of her bottom after I have been fucked, I just love that feeling."

"Call me tomorrow, Kate, after you two talk."

"Okay, honey, bye bye for now."

"Bye Kate."

I hung up the phone and thought about what I was going to say to Jack again this time. I knew that it would probably end up the same as it did every time, with him blowing his top and heading out to a bar. Then he would come home late and drunk and go to sleep.

However this time, I changed into some seriously sexy underwear and heels that I had recently purchased, however it didn’t have the desired effect of Jack dragging me to the bedroom and shagging the hell out of me, quite the reverse I was asked why I was dressing like a “fucking slut” and then he stormed out.

In anger I simply texted Susie “didn’t go well, text me Mark’s details”.

Almost immediately I got a return, “here’s Mark’s number, I’ve already told him that you might be contacting him and don’t forget the condoms this time!!!”

Nervously I texted “Hi Mark, its Kate would love to meet up one evening this week, can you make Wednesday, lol Kate xx”

I was so pleased to get a reply in less than a few minutes “Would love to Kate, just tell me the time and place and I’ll be there.”

Right up to the day, I still wasn't sure that I would feel comfortable about the night, but Mark seemed as lovely as Susie had described him and assured me that if at any time I get to nervous or didn’t want to go through with it just say so and we can make other arrangements for the night.

So this is how I got to the point of looking at myself in the mirror and thinking that in about an hour I would be opening the door to a guy whose only reason to be in my hotel room was to sexually satisfy me.

OMG! Would I be able to do this?

I walked back into the bedroom and had another large glass of wine, my third in less than an hour and I took out of my overnight case a seriously sexy item called an Uschi Slip that I had purchased from Agent Provocateur, it hugged my boobs just at the top of the nipples and flared out loosely from underneath my breasts, it had striking black and red tassels and as the shop assistant said “it was less daring than a playsuit but just as dazzling!”

The shop assistant also convinced me to match it up with their Delilah thong, saying that it was very cheeky, it was a low slung silky thong, and the thong had smooth satin strapping that criss crossed at the back. There were black crepe bows which made it look very naughty.

I pulled this over my freshly waxed pussy, it was super smooth, then I finished the outfit off with my 5.5 inch Christian Llouboutin Bianca black high heels.

Finally I did my hair and makeup in a much wilder style than usual and once again stepped back to look in the mirror. I liked what I saw, it was exactly the outfit that I wore when Jack turned down my sexual advances a few nights earlier.

My mind stated to race, will he find my attractive? Am I going to feel comfortable after he leaves? Can I get through this night? Will I actually enjoy being shagged by a stranger? another glass of wine helped clam my nerves.

I didn’t have a great deal of time to admire myself or get any more nervous than I was, because there was a loud knock on the door, my heart skipped a few beats.

I tottered over the door, all of the wine that I had drunk to steady my nerves had made me very tipsy and with 5.5 inch heels on I was a bit wobbly.

I got to the door and opened it, to say that I was shocked was an understatement, Mark was standing there, it was the first time that I had seen him, he was very tall, a good foot taller than me, very broad and muscular and was absolutely drop dead gorgeous exactly as Susie had described him, although she had omitted one fact he was black, but this was an even bigger turn on for me as my favourite fantasy is being completely taken by a black guy, sometimes by a hungry group of them.

Mark had a lovely pair of tight jeans on and a white shirt unbuttoned at the top showing off his chest, on seeing me he let out a loud “Wow, you look absolutely amazing Kate”

I was so pleased to see that my outfit had the desired effect, which was totally different to the last time I wore it and I could clearly see a bulge in his jeans, surely it can't be his cock! As the bulge looked so much larger than the size of my hubby’s cock, I was thinking surely he is a shower and it will just stay the same size but get harder.

Mark said "I have these for you Kate and handed me a bunch of flowers.”

He held them out to me, my hands were shaking and somehow when I went to take them, my knees buckled underneath me and I dropped them. I bent down to get them at the same moment as Mark did, and suddenly we were face to face, a foot apart, almost on the floor. But Mark was not looking at my face. The slip had pulled free of my body, and my boobs were completely exposed to him, including my nipples that had never felt harder.

I knew what he' was looking at, and as we straighten up. He managed to gasp out, "I... I'm sorry, I... it’s just that ... uh, your slip is...." and he stops right there.

It was a strange and kind comment as Mark was at my hotel door for the sole reason of giving me the shagging that I had been so desperately carving for and in a few minutes he wouldn’t just be looking at my boobs but exploring my innermost secrets.

Then I suddenly realised that the straps had slipped off my shoulders, and my boobs were still completely exposed to him. I pulled one strap up, which didn’t do much good and I said, "Oh, I'm so sorry Mark! Is that what's causing that terrible bulge in your jeans? Oh dear, it looks so very painful!"

The comment was truly an ice breaker and we both burst into laughter.

With that I pulled Mark into the room, we kissed passionately straight away, our tongues exploring each other mouths, then I reached out my hand and let my fingers trail lightly down the length of his cock, gently I traced the outline of his cock, my god he was absolutely massive, it was so thick and hard and I swear it was still growing and expanding!!!, I was thinking OMG this guy can't be but he is a grower.

My attention made Mark close his eyes and shudder, now I was even more nervous than before.