Written by Dan Styall

20 Oct 2014

This concerns a certain little gay sauna in New Brighton, which i frequent on fairly regular occasions.

I like to lie on my back in the little room with the angled mirror, door ajar, waiting for guys to come in and use me.

I'm stocky, hairy, shaved head,and completely smooth in the nether regions and if I have sucked you, then you will know me.

Tuesday 7th October 2014....

My usual place...

First in was another regular in there.

Door shut, towel dropped, and his beautiful wide smooth cock is in my mouth and away I go.

I sucked,licked, slurped,wanked and worshipped his cock, snorting poppers all the while until i received my reward at which point with a kiss he left.

I settled back down and within minutes i felt a hand on my cock followed rapidly by a mouth.

I couldn't see the guys face just his bum so i reached underneath and began wanking my fellator.

He stopped briefly to say "I fucking love shaved cock and balls" and continued sucking me.

I was still slowly fondling his cock as he sucked me.

He suddenly stopped sucking and with a brief thanks he was gone.

Ok i thought not bad.

settling down once again it was again only a matter of minutes before the door opened fully then closed and bolted by a very black guy.

He dropped his towel by my face as i lay there.

A rather long and fairly thick cock flopped onto my face.

He began wanking himself whilst slapping his rapidly hardening cock on my face.

As soon as he was rigid he held it by the base and shoved his bellend into my open mouth.

i sucked and licked the head of his cock tongueing his japs eye and sucked his balls as he wanked on my face.

He stopped and said "Get on your knees"

I climbed to my knees and he hopped onto the narrow bunk behind me.

He began dry humping my bum crack, then i heard the telltale sound of a condom being opened.

All the while he dry humps me even as he rolls on the jonny.

I feel him position himself and then his cock is pressing me.

I feel it opening my outer bum then meet resistance.

I knew the next bit would hurt as he pushed on through.

A brief "Ah" and he was in me.

He fucked me o my knees for a few minutes then decided he wanted me standing bent over the bunk.

I assumed the position and with another belt of poppers waited for him to enter me.

I was flying as he pushed into me.

His hands on my hips I felt his cock deep within me.

Another snort and i laid my head down and just let him do what he was doing.

I was a fuck doll limp smashed just letting him bang away at me.

I put my hand underneath to get a feel of his cock as it was slamming into me.

I felt his cock sliding against my fingers in out in out.

Speeding up and hammering harder i knew he was going to cum.

I assumed he would cum inside me however he pulled out and ripping the condom off he shot his considerable thick heavy load all over my arse.

With a Cheers mate he was gone.

He was soon replaced by my sauna regular who gave me another hard and beautiful face fucking.

(you know who you are)

With my reward again he was gone only to be replaced by another guy immediately.

I had an already solid cock unceremoneously shoved into my mouth, as he climbed on me 69 style and just began fucking my throat.

I could barely breathe I had a cock full length down my throat and he was lying fully on top of me pumping away.

i managed to get my head at a better angle so i could breathe, but there wasn't much point as he began cumming.

He pulled his cock slightly out of my mouth only so he could cum in my mouth.

I swallowed my third lot.

I was sucked by someone i couldn't see in the steamroom and that was my day

All true and you will know me if you have seen me in there