Written by lyonnaise

15 Feb 2008

Yesterday evening I visited a mixed sauna near where I live. While undressing I noticed a few guys leaving and empty condom wrappers in the bin so I knew some action had taken place. I showered I started to explore to discover that it was quite busy and a number of women were present but all appeared to be with someone although I could here some 3 some action behind closed doors. I took a beer at the bar and decided to go to the TV room to watch some porn. When I entered their was only one person present, a women in her 40\\\\\\\'s. She was carrying a little extra weight but seemed very pleasant. I asked her if it was OK to sit next to her and if she was on her own. To both questions she answered yes, so I tool my place. I was only wearing a small towel wrapped around me and she was wearing a sarong tied around her neck. We watched a little of the film and I started to stroke her neck as my cock began to stiffen. She moved her hand up my leg and I let my towel fall to one side so she could see my now erect cock.

After a while she suggested we go to one of the cabins, I agreed and we both left the TV room. I grabbed a few condoms on the way and quickly discovered that all the rooms were taken and the doors locked. She asked me what I wanted to do and I told her that I was happy to use one of the cabins off the corridor which did not have a door as I didn\\\\\\\'t mind an audience. She was happy with this and we climbed in and laid together on the mattress. She quickly pulled my towel of and removed her sarong leaving us both naked in full view of anyone coming past and anyone entering from the changing rooms. I sucked on her nipples and gently stroked and played with her clit allowing her to guide me with the various noises that she was making as to what was nicer for her as she gently squeezed my balls and pulled at my rock hard cock. As I laid there I could see a group of guys watching and one or two starting to stroke her leg. She indicated that she would only do one at a time and they would have to wait. Being watched and knowing that I was surrounded by a group of guys wanking their cocks was such a turn on and I could feel myself building up to an enormous ejaculation. I told her to ease of as I was close to cumming so she went back to firmly squeezing my balls, commenting on how she liked the way they were smoothly shaved.

She then indicated that she wanted me on my back and asked for a condom, which I gave her. She expertly rolled it over my throbbing cock and immediately went down on me with her mouth sucking a sliding her lips up and down the shaft. I once again told her to be careful as I was near and she immediately climbed on top if me and began riding up and down on my cock while her large tits gently brushed up and down my chest. I could see the guys watching and it didn\\\\\\\'t take long before I started to orgasm pumping my sperm into her while she continued to fuck me. I withdrew and was amazed how much semen I had deposited in the used condom. I rested a moment and then went to shower. On returning another guy had taken my place and I could see his balls swinging backwards and forwards as he pounded into her.

I watched a bit more porn and left shortly afterwards feeling extremely aroused at the memory and was still thinking about it when I fucked my wife later that night using my experience as a fantasy to turn her on when making her cum. It certainly did the trick and I am sure she knows that something must have happend as I lasted much longer than usual and as we hadn\\\\\\\'t had sex for 4 or 5 days she was a little surprised at my reduced semen production when I came. And I still woke up with a rock hard cock this morning. There is no doubt that this experience has boosted my sex life as we were in a bit of a once a week rut before. I can thoroughly recommend it.