Written by fuckboy

9 Dec 2009

I'm 32 year old man, very muscular, 6ft 2 and a salesman for a printing company in London. I was on business in Glasgow and booked into one of those cheap business hotels. After a long day, i needed to relax and found a sauna place in the centre and decided to give it a go. Upon entering it looked very slick, busy with men and women coming in and out. So paid my visiting fee and got changed and entered IN one of the male sauna den. Upon entering with a towel around my waist, i noticed two elder men already sitting down almost totalled naked chatting with each other. I sat in between them , said my hellos and just sat back closed my eyes and relaxed. After a while i felt comfortable and took away my towel and was stark naked. I had noticed the two men's cock been very hard and sensed they were wanking away. The thought of them wanking got me horny and i soon developed a really hard cock of 7inches. Don't know what happened but i started to play with my cock too. Suddenly one of the men moved closer and started to stroke my thigh, moving up to my balls, i started to wank faster. The other guy took away my hand and he started to wank me. Boy it felt so nice with two different hands playing on and around my cock. X then took my hand away and put in on his really long and hard cock. I started to slow wank him, still enjoying been wanked by Y. Y started to wank me faster and harder, i in turn, been turned on, started to match my wanking speed with X. Within minutes i felt the sensation of coming and Y realised this and increased the speed and then he put his mouth on top of my cock and made me cum in his mouth. Oh it felt so nice, feeling his tongue all over my cock and then licking my circumcised knob. I then wanked off X till he came all over my hands. I wanted to taste some spunk so knelt down took Y's hard cock and started to suck him while playing with his balls. He sat back enjoyed the sensation and quickly shot his load in my wet mouth. I licked him clean.

I still wanted more, so they made me stand up, pushed me down on the wooden bench, spread my legs and firstly fingered my arse hole and then when they were hard again, X pushed his cock inside me really hard. It hurt, but the hurt soon changed to pleasure and he started to ramp me harder and harder. i enjoyed his cock pushing in me. His speed increased and soon he shot his load in me. I felt the spunk drip along my leg... After X finished Y pushed his cock in me and fucked me till he came.

I have never had so much pleasure. We relaxed afterwards and i left totalled fucked and relaxed.

Cant wait for the next time.