Written by jigglenut

16 Jan 2012

I decided after a lot of self deliberation to visit a sauna for gay/bi-sexual men which I found in my local area. It has taken me a while to pluck up the courage to visit and last Saturday was the day I had in question and I wanted to share the experience on here.

I had decided to cath the bus into town so as not to have to leave my car on the premises car park and went up the side entrance and was buzzed in. I paid my entry fee of £10 for the day and nervously went through to the locker room where I undressed and took a towel from the pile that were there. I swallowed hard and almost turned back as I went through the doors and into the club area. I walked around and noticed a few guys who looked at me and smiled and I returned the gesture and kept on walking through the different areas. I had researched the club on the internet and knew that they had a glory hole room, dark room and saunas etc and made my way to the glory hole room where I went inside for escape from the club for one thing. I locked the door and kept thinking why I had entered the club in the first place and was now standing in this area about 6ft square with 3 x holes in the walls with my mind totally swirled with confusion.

I was just about to leave the room in a hurry when someone put his cock through one of the holes and it was about 7" long and a slim girth. I don't know what possessed me to do it but I wrapped my palm around it and it felt strangely warm in my hand. I began to wank it slowly and then dropped onto my knees and thought to myself this is what you came for and gladly put the cock in my mouth and began to give oral. It tasted strang but I was beginning to enjoy it when another cock appeared through one of the other holes, this was a dark skinned cock and much larger than the other one about 9" in length and a good girth on it. I reached across and grabbed it and began to wank this one too. Here I was less than 5 mins after wanting to leave with a cock in my mouth and wanking on another, I continued to suck the smaller of the two cocks until I felt the build up in his loins and watched as his cum bubbled over my hand and he withdrew. I turned to the other cock and again put my mouth over it and was sucking and slurping like crazy and his cock almost bursting my lips as the girth seemed to grow. Again I felt a sensation in the cock I was sucking and I sensed he too was about to cum and I pulled my mouth away. As I did he shot out a stream of cum about 5 inched long and it hit me across the chin followed by two more almighty spurts of thick hot spunk that splashed over my chest.

I sat in the glory room for another 15 mins before rising and unlocking the door, when I opened the door a young guy aged about 23 years old was standing there and he just looked at me and smiled and said " looking for a little more fun" to which I replied "yes" and he pushed me back into the room where he grabbed my cock and went down on his knees to envelope his mouth around it. I was in heaven having a BJ from a guy as it was always my fantasy to try this and as I opened my eyes and looked out through the open door I could see two other guys doing exactly the same on bench in the sauna area. This was too much for me and I muttered " I am cumming" and the young guy tightened his lips on my cock and I shot a hefty load of spunk into his mouth. I made my excuses to the guy and went into the locker room changed and left the club.

Sitting on the bus on the way home I was so happy with what I had done that I decided that I would visit the club again and try other areas out and see what that brings. One thing is sure and thats I know now that I enjoy cock as much as I enjoy pussy.