Written by Syburrhound

17 Jun 2010

Some years ago we took a touring holiday which ended with three days in Venice. We had spent the morning walking on a sightseeing tour with the holiday courier. A restaurant meal was booked for the tour party in the evening and, after a snack lunch, the afternoon was free time for us. A return to the hotel for a much needed rest and relaxation was called for.

Later, after a leisurely rest on our beds, my wife and I decided that it was time to prepare for the evening's event. We thought we'd shower to wash the city's dust from our bodies. Typically Italian, the bathroom was large with a shower area shielded by a short tiled wall separating it from the toilet and washbasin area. Happily relaxed by now we used the shower together, taking our time, soaping each other and washing each other's backs and butts and between each other's legs. I was soon bearing a full erection as my wife playfully soaped my dick. She leaned in to kiss me as I spent longer than necessary soaping her lovely tits.

After a while kissing and stroking, my wife left the shower to dry off and go to the washbasin to wash her face. I finished drying myself and enjoyed the sight of my naked, tanned wife bending over the washbasin washing her face. Her lovely 36Cs swung gently as she leaned over and I feasted my eyes on her wonderful rounded arse. I had dropped my towel by now but my hand had wandered subconciously to my cock which was still fully hard and erect. I walked slowly from the shower area still watching my wife bent over the basin rinsing her face with the flannel. I stepped up behind her and let my rearing cock brush across her naked arse cheeks. She gasped and looked up into the mirror facing her. I saw a big grin cross her face as I reached around and captured those hanging breasts in my hands.

As I stood fondling them she pushed back against me caressing my cock with the soft flesh of her arse. I flexed my knees, bending so that my cock rested in the crack of her arse as she moved slowly back and forth. The tip of my cock brushed her anus which I had fingered thoroughly with a soapy fingertip earlier in the shower. But she raised herself higher on her tiptoes and my cock angled upwards towards her warm wet cunt. Moments later I was sliding blissfully into her welcoming hot tunnel. We settled to a slow fuck, tantalising each other with her cunt gripping as I pulled back and relaxing as I thrust back into the wet heat of her cockpit. Sheer heaven as we met each other's rising needs at that moment.

Suddenly the bedside telephone rang..... and rang and rang. It wouldn't stop. Cursing that our fuck was being so rudely disturbed I pulled out of my wife, released her tits and walked, cock swinging wildly, to the telephone. It was the tour courier enquiring if we were going to be long before we went down to the waiting coach! I muttered breathlessly that we were on our way then slammed the phone down as we hurriedly got dressed. We breathlessly made it onto the coach. Two others were also late but nobody seemed to mind.

We had a most enjoyable meal with plenty of delicious Italian wine to drink. A walk back to the coach for the return to the hotel followed. The guys in the merry group followed the ladies, jokingly warning them to watch out for bottom-pinching Italian lads. My wife was walking in front of me so I playfully reached forward and played the Italian arse pinching game to demonstrate, much to the amusement of the others. We arrived back at the hotel for further drinks with the happy group before bedtime. By the time we got into the lift to go to our room my wife and I couldn't wait to get our hands on each other to continue the interrupted afternoon fuck. We were kissing passionately as the lift stopped at our floor and we hurried down the corridor to our room. My wife had the room key in her bag. At that time Italian hotel keys were clipped to a massive wooden ball and she was struggling to get the key in the keyhole. "Can't you get it in?" I murmured, reaching around and fondling her breasts through her thin summer blouse. She giggled and answered, "No .... the big knob's getting in the way. Like yours does".

Giggling like two naughty kids we staggered into the room and tore the clothes off each other as soon as the door closed behind us. We quickly resumed our interrupted fuck of the afternoon but that was just the start of a long satisfying session of the dirtiest sex we had ever experienced.