Written by Redbullx

26 Oct 2013

Part two!!! My bull is now my cuck!!!

Whilst riding the total stranger and having 4 other men behind observing, the older man finger fucking my arse hole and my husband sat close wanking, we both simultaneously glanced at one another as if to confirm that we each were happy that I was riding someone else! My fuck face was apparent as I was in ore of my surroundings: five men and my husband each having their own fantasy in some way or another: this took me into my own world, I fucked my stranger hard and fast, his cock penetrating further up near my womb, I pushed both hands onto his toned chest giving me the grip to continue my motion.

My thoughts were going wild, I wanted to be dominant, I wanted control of these men, I wanted control of my husband: it's time to turn him into my cuck! Something we've often teased one another with- sadly I've failed as I'm far too submissive! What had come over me?

I climbed off my strangers cock to elope my hands around my husbands cock while whispering "did you like that?" "YEAHHH" he panted in excitement... "It's your turn, go and wank the gay guy!"

He looked at me with a submissive expression- almost like; really??? Do I really want to do that? That's just in our fantasy talk.... This is real!

I gave him no more time to think, I pointed at my husband and directed him towards the youthful good looking groomed Spanish stud, "wank him" I demanded while smiling and nodding at the stud. He smiled back and stepped forward. No sooner was he wanking one cock, the stranger I had been fucking thrusted his pelvis forward - my husband was wanking two cocks- one in each hand wanking both men, seconds later he bent down and began sucking studs cock at my demand- fuck this was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

Showing me a mouth full of Spanish cum he swirled his tongue around his mouth giving me a view of the load he had taken; seconds later he swallowed. I needed to kiss him, re confirm my acceptance and pleasure at the event.

"You've missed one! I think you need to suck his cock too! Good boy get down there and finish off what you started" the guy must have been in seventh heaven; he had just fucked this guys wife while being observed by other men, he'd been wanked off by the husband and now he was having his cock sucked! He squirmed and moaned as he shot his load into his mouth... "Fucking swallow it bitch"

I can't quite recall the following moves but he got up and left the room and stud sat beside us. He wanted more, he bent over the sofas arm as my husband and I was lay together. The gay stud pushed his cock into my husbands mouth, lay beneath them I could see every move. He slowly thrusted his cock in and out of his mouth; holding his head taking full control. His speed became faster; he withdrew his huge cock to slap it around my husbands face! "Ohhh fuck yeah" I yelled "hit him, fuck him" these were the type of things we have watched together on porn films, the type of things I allowed him to do to me during fun and rough sex as he played bull... Oooh how the tables had turned. My submissive cuck was being well and truly faced fucked. My chest was wet with the saliva that dripped from his balls and his mouth as he gagged taking the full length of studs manhood. Gagging for breath he pulled his cock out and slapped it vigorously around my husbands face.

I was so turned on: loving every second grasping studs firm pert arse and legs. Looking back I wish I had placed my fingers up his arse... But maybe that can be saved for another time?!

I heard him moan and felt his arse tense as his shot his load. Tapping my husbands head then shoulder he announced "good boy!" I was astounded. My muscular manly bull had turned into a total cuck in one unplanned event! I loved it and now there's no going back. The gay stud looked down at me smiling, I returned the smile knowing he was thankful of our share! Holding eye contact with my husband I pointed at my lips whilst mouthing "kiss him" directly pointing at stud!

For a second there were no response only a shy glance at one another... I demanded my request again... "Kiss him!" What a turn on! My cuck was a good boy! He pleased his gay stud and his wife all in one evening... Should there be more events? Should I go one step further now I have him on a short leash??? How would I feel having my cuck fucked by another man? We have five days of sun sand sea and oooh pleasure left to play with!!!