10 Nov 2017

I started talking to a lady similar age to me on a swinging site, bored at home she said she didn't meet and just wanted some innuendo and cheeky chat. So life went on for a few weeks and we got chatting daily to L then swapped messenger contacts (as you do) and messaged, internet chatted and this led to voice chat ....tame so far I know.... anyway after about a month and as Hubby was working away (hence the boredom) L asked to meet for a drink as she wanted to discuss a problem with their house. We duly met for coffee and chatted as if we had known each other for ages, we went to our cars and the attraction was there, as it is with humans which have gotten close with chat about each others lives,and we kissed....then ended up in my car and really kissed in a passionate embrace and I had a cheeky feel of L's large boobs and she rubbed my cock through my trousers...nothing too heavy. Anyway, off L went to the school run and I went home, we chatted for a few more days as was the usual thing . We only brushed over the chance kissing and touching up in one conversation but after 3 days L mentioned it again and then said " I want you". I was not shocked just surprised as L only wanted chat originally and as a gent we'd kept it that was aside of our kiss in the car park. I spoke to L and expected to meet socially but L said no, come to my house and gave me her address. As her hubby was away I was sure the neighbours would be looking as she lives in a village. L said it's fine, if you do as I say. L said I'll do the school run then you come over at 09:10 and park in the next road and walk through. I followed L's instructions and she greeted me at the door, clearly no bra on under her top and a lovely knee length skirt on and nylons. She pulled me in the door and kissed me lustfully, we held each other and I felt her soft boobs, this time unrestrained and she moaned with pleasure. L unzipped my cock and pulled him out and wanked him and then L kneeled down and took my cock in her mouth, heaven. After a few minutes of this skilled oral, I said to L that if she carried on I would cum in her mouth and that I wanted to go down on her. L stood up and we kissed and I whipped her skirt up and my hand went for her knickers, and surprise, she's got none on..... I went then for L's pussy to find it neatly trimmed and very very wet. We moved into the front room and I undid L's skirt and she likewise undid and pulled down my trousers and we both disguarded our tops.L was left standing with hold ups on and me stark naked, I told L to get on the floor and moved between her legs and I licked her pussy and nibbled her clit as well as fingering her, she came several times before L said.... " M please fuck me" " get in inside me" so we positioned as missionary and I slid into L's welcoming wet hole...... we fucked for what seemed like ages and her legs were around my waist, over my shoulders, open wide and L was saying "fuck me, fuck me" ........L then said "I'm cumming" and " cum inside me, I want your spunk"..this then took me over the top and although she knew I'd had a vasectomy I knew it was kind of wrong but I then flooded another man's wife's cunt with my semen.... we then cuddled and kissed, L then saw the time and said "bugger" I need to go, I was a little surprised but L then said she was a school dinner lady......and work started in 10 minutes.... I soon got dressed after wiping my cock and L went and put some knickers on to hold my spunk inside her.... we parted and L took "me" to school with her. Later L said that her dinner lady colleagues had said she looked better than she had for weeks ,lol and she also said my spunk was dripping into her gusset all lunchtime.

We had many more meetings like that and a few away days too.....if you want to hear more.....