13 Nov 2017

Following on my adventures with the Bored Wife L..... As you all know by now L was just after flirty chat and so far we have entered into swinging fun as I've managed to give this naughty wife my semen deep in her married cunt on more than one occasion. This next meet was around a month or so since we started fucking on a regular (3-4 times a week) basis, L said to me she hadn't been out for a while could we go out for a drink...so I asked her about her boys and she said she'd arranged a sitter so all was fine. I'd arranged to meet L in a local town around 6 miles from her village and she'd park her car there and we'd nip to a country pub in my vehicle. We met in the car park and had a lingering kiss and cuddle before setting off to the pub, which I'd previously visited and L knew about but had never been. L was wearing a nice flowing red dress with a white cardigan and looked stunning and was bare legged . We entered the pub and went to the bar and got a drink, as this was an old pub by the river it had little corners with sofa's and chairs, so we found an nice corner by an open fire to chat and have our drink. Pub was quiet but not "dead". We passed the time of day and she asked how I'd been and all that stuff. I said "L i'm really fucking horny and want to fuck you outside or in the car", to my delight she opened her legs and showed me her now regrown pussy(it was shortly trimmed as our first fuck) . I was delighted and said naughty girl. L said "we won't be very naughty tonight as my period has started" and put her tampon string between her fingers and lifted it up to show me. Slightly deflated I said "never mind". Anyway we had a lovely evening people watching and naughty innuendo's as well as L squeezing my cock frequently, leading me to say "I'm going to fuck you period or not". L said well "I'll have to see about that".

Before we left the pub it was a loo stop, having been in L said " I'm bleeding heavy, no fuck tonight" then ran her finger around her lips and said " somewhere else could be used". Up until now L had only sucked my cock a few times, I said "okay let's go". We went to the car and off we drove, I said to L "If I can't fuck your cunt, I want to fuck your mouth" L said "I just want your cock". I drove into a rural industrial park and said to L "get in the back" and we both did.... I undid my belt and trousers and L tugged at my boxers to get at my cock, I managed, just, to get a finger on her clit and rubbed it gently to get her "mmmm"ing with pleasure while she sucked me and cupped my balls. L was really good at oral and took the head in then out, then more length in then out until after several minutes her lips were touching my skin as she had all my cock in her hot wet mouth and down her throat, what a sensation and what a woman. By this time I was really excited and L noticed so she worked my cock up and down in her mouth and it was as nice as being in her cunt. Soon I could feel that I was going to cum and I said to L "Get ready, I'm going to shoot" so she knew and she went on to take my cock in mouth deeper with each stroke, I felt my cock swell (she told me after that was the best bit) before I unloaded 2 days of cum in her mouth, L swallowed the lot and murmured "mmmm" as she did so. After her tongue had licked my cock clean we had a lovely spunky kiss to finish of this evening and before I dropped her back at her car.......