Written by M from Newport

25 Oct 2008

This a 100% true story.Some years ago when Wales played Scotland in rugby at home i wanted to go clubbing in Newport. Unfortunately my husband was working nights. I phoned my best friend and both went out on the town together.

We were dressed in short skirts and nice tops which showed about boobs of great. All night fellas were buying us drinks. When in the nightclub a very hunky 6ft4 Scottish man in kilt danced with me and plyed me with drink. On the slow dances i could not help but notice his hard on. This made me wet and excited. He told me i made him horny and put my hand on his cock. I later found out he was a fireman.

At the end of the night he asked me to go to the Travel Lodge with him. I said no as i was married.

However, was pussy was telling me go, and after some persuasion i did.

Feeling uneasy in the room i went to the bathroom to freshen up. My hunky friend came behind me whilst at the basin and kissed my neck. God i was in heaven. Whilst kissing me he then fondled my tits, and spread my legs and fingered my fanny from behind. I was soaking. Then he pussed meforward and put his cock in me from behind. Slowly first then hard fucked my soaking pussy with his lovely cock. I came all over his cock. He did not come but instead led me onto the bed.

He laid down on the bed and i gobbled his lovely cock tasting all my puusy juice on it. He then pushed me on my back and ate my pussy. The next 2 hours was spent fucking in every possible was until we both fell asleep.

I woke up after a while in my drunken stupor to find him on top of me fucking my brains out.

We then went to sleep again. Before i left i rode him and he filled my pussy with spunk.

I then got a taxi home. However, it was now 8am and my husband had been home from work for two hours. With the state of me he sensed i had been up to no good laid me on the bed and went down on my pussy, only to find my lovers Scottish spunk dripping out of me. He then gave me a good fucking as he was so turned on. Even though this happened many years ago we still talk about it whilst we fuck, its a huge turn on which always makes me come.

I would love a repeat of this again.