Written by Angela

3 Jun 2017

I came across this site several months ago, I have enjoyed reading some of the Stories, although some are pure fiction if not interesting.

About myself! I am late thirties, 5’9” size 14 , blue eyes, and fair hair, in addition I am a 34C cup.

Daddy wasn’t short of Money and i was educated to a good Standard, and went on to Study Law at University, later in life I married a very successful business man, which naturally gave us a high profile in the community, I sit with our local PCC and our local Council.

I have been prompted to write this story albeit badly by an off the cuff remark made a few weeks ago, I was in our lounge working on my laptop, Gerald was reading an article in the paper, about a well known TV presenter and her, “shall we say nocturnal antics prior to being famous, “She is just a little scrubber” he announced, “define Scrubber” I asked, 2well” he blustered, “a woman who puts herself about and has sex with men, often strangers” I would have defined that as Tart! Rather than scrubber but I was amused at the terminology, and looked up from my laptop briefly, smiled inwardly and thought, “in that case darling you are sitting next to one”.

You see, I Graduated in corporate law and work for a Global Logistics company, this often takes me around the country even abroad.

In the wheel well of the boot of my car is not a spare wheel as many would expect, but what I call a grab bag, inside my bag are two Leather skirts one black and one red, several pairs of hold up stockings red and black naturally, two pairs of shoes red and black with 4 inch heels underwear I pack for the trip, and yes I pick up men on my trips, I am often hundreds of miles from home, and I pick venues that I am fairly certain my colleagues would not frequent, I look for night clubs, or similar venues, such as Cowboys in Calgary. I never use the hotel I am booked into, instead check into a seedy back street hotel.

So this is how it works, I use websites, sex date websites to be precise, I will find someone interesting, usually before I leave, this is to ensure there is sufficient dialogue between us, once I have checked into the company hotel I will make contact via my private device using a Pseudonym contact, I will have previously researched the area so I know my venue, I then simply arrange to meet, I leave my Hotel wearing jeans tee shirt etc, with my other clothes in a large shoulder bag, I then check into my other Hotel, change and start on a few bars, finally meeting my selected man at an arranged venue. I am comfy with being touched in these public places, finally arriving back at my second Hotel for sex, often with protection, on occasions not. I fully understand that this behaviour carries a certain amount of risk, however I am comfy with this risk and enjoy it! Roughing it I believe some of you may describe it.

My apologies for not being graphic enough, but I wouldn’t know where to start with a kiss and tell story.

Scrubber? Yes! I rather like that term, and if I am not now, then I think given time I could be.