Written by shagnasty1960

23 Dec 2010

Living by the sea in a sleepy place like Cleveleys was`nt the best place to hopefully meet someone for some extra marital fun,how wrong i was.

Having two dogs i was out in all kinds of weathers with them,where i walked them was known for gay fun mainly,i was always hopeful of getting some action dogging,as that also went on there too,albeit to seldomly.

I was out one particular day and spoke to a woman who was struggling with the severe gales that were blowing in off the sea,we chatted as we walked until she was nearly home,making small talk as we walked,i thought nothing of it until she was heading off for home,she said something to that was music to my ear`s,she said that we all have skeleton`s in our closet and something`s are best kept to ourselve`s,i quizzed her further and she came all coy,it was a come on in as many word`s,we parted company and i was feeling horny at the thought of what was insinuated.Many month`s passed before we bumped into each other,upon our meeting,i gave her a peck on the cheek and she squeezed me as i held her tenderly,i knew then something was going to happen between us soon.

We started to meet more often,every couple of day`s or so and thing`s really started to take off,we became more flirty and the innuendo was nothing short of telling each other that we wanted to shag each other senseless,it finally happened one day,we were talking about her love life and how she was involved with some guy from Fleetwood,she asked me if i thought he was using her and what she should do,in my opinion he was and that she should end it with him,i did`nt do this to further my chance`s of taking her to bed,her mind was made up and she said that we should go for a coffee at her house.

As we entered the kitchen she turned to me and kissed me passionately,her tongue darting in and out of my mouth,nibbling my lip,sliding her tongue over my lip`s and teeth,teasing me as she licked the corners of my mouth,which i find incredibly horny.

Lust really kicked and we were like wild animal`s as we tore at each other`s clothing,we were stood near the back door as we kissed lustfully,i could`nt get enough of her and could smell her sex,pungent and so horny,as we kissed,i pulled her jean`s down and pushed my hand down the front of her knicker`s,as i slipped a finger into her moist vagina,teasing her clit with my thumb as i continued to get more finger`s into her,my cock was rampant and straining for some release,precum oozing out of my cock,she milked my cock and gathered it on her finger end,slowly putting it in her mouth and licking it off,with a tongue covered in my come,she kissed me deeply,it was the first time i`d tried it and was pleasantly surprised how good it tasted,not bitter and foul as i thought it would,we were kissing like i`ve never done before as i was so turned on.

I pushed my cock in between her leg`s and started thrusting back and forth,already moist with her juice`s running down the inside of her thigh`s,i was in heaven and finally got between her pussy lip`s and carried on thrusting,god she was so wet,i thought she had wet herself,i was told that she needed my cock deep in her and that she wanted fucking now before she came too quickly.

I lifted her onto the worktop,and in full view of the neighbour`s who could have seen and those in the flat`s behind,pulled her jean`s and knicker`s off,the smell of her sex was all i needed,it was overpowering and sent me into a frenzy,i could`nt get my cock in quick enough and it just slipped in,right to the hilt and filling her tight pussy,making her gasp as i pumped away like a madman,kissing as we fucked,it all became too much for the pair of us and we both orgasmed at the same time.

I have never come as hard or as forcefully in my life and i honestly thought my head was about to explode,my leg`s just went to jelly and i collapsed on her chest,our breathing laboured by the exertion`s of the last couple of minute`s of sheer lust,once we`d recovered i was sucked clean and shared a very passionate kiss,tasting the both of us was a real turn on for me and one that i was to get used to.

This was the first of many time`s that we fucked in the kitchen,along with many other part`s of the house,including the shower,top of the stair`s,her daughter`s bed,which was especially horny for me,in the attic room,a farmer`s field and even down at the Stannah estuary car park along with some local dogging site.In all we had some fantastic time`s and many that i would happily share with you if you want to read more about our fun time`s,sadly i dont see her anymore,if you`re reading this cath,i just want you to know that i love you dearly and will never forget you or what we had.

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