Written by g_and_f

3 Jul 2011

Sorry I didn't finish the first adventure, I will get round to it, but I just wanted to tell you about what happened on Friday

After our first adventure went so well, I felt I should give my wife some more of what she wants, I had planned it all out.

Friday evening Faye returned from work, tired and worn out from the week.

"I have a treat for you" I pronounced mischievous grin on my face.

"What's that then" Faye look suspiciously

"A surprise"

"What is it?" Faye demanded

"You will like it I promise, follow me" I lead her to the bedroom.

"Oh, I see where this is going" Faye said unimpressed.

"just trust me" I pleaded hoping my plans weren't going to be wrecked.

"just this once, I'm honey as hell anyway" Faye conceded

With this green light, I couldn't control myself, I ripped off her dress and underwear before throwing her on the bed.

“So what’s my surpise? A new toy?” Faye said inquisitively

“Kind of, you just have to trust me, but I will have to tie you up first”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm” faye smiled deliciously

Binding her hand and legs to the bed post, stripped naked faye looked stunning, the only missing part a brand new blindfold, I wanted to make sure she couldn’t see a things. I turned on some porn, the noises of sex generally work to get her in the mood. I whisper in her ear that I would be back…

I quickly nipped down stairs, out the back to Carl, I had arranged for him to be there for Faye’s return, I knew he fancied her and was more than keen to help out when I told him about my idea. We both stripped down and headed up to Faye. Carls face was a picture when he saw her laid spread naked, you’d have thought all his christmas’s had come at once.

I wanted Carl to fuck Faye first, I wanted to see her being fucked again, the image of watching her cum on another man cock hadn’t left me since last time. I had explained this to Carl before hand, and he was all to keen.

Carl climbed on top of Faye, not saying a thing, guiding his cock toward her bare already moist pussy, he entered her in one motion, a shocked breath escaped her, gently grinding against Carl, Faye immediately began to rock her self into an orgasm – before she had chance I reached out and squeezed her left breast. A moment which was suddenly felt like forever as the realisation that suddenly there were three hands on her body hit her, almost at the same time so did the first orgasm.

“Oh god YES!” Faye shouted

We loosened her bindings and gently rolled her onto her side. Carl laid behind her, I laid in front of her and gently pressed our cocks against her now soaking pussy, her engorged lips enveloped the head of our cock. She let out a tiny wimper as her pussy strained against us, slowly but surely we worked the length of our cocks inside her. The feeling of my cock being squeezed next to carls into my wife stretched pussy was incredible.

Fayes pussy gradually stretched to accommodate the pair of us inside her and our rhythm began into increase, her tiny whimpers changed into groans of pleasure. No longer were we gently pushing our cocks in and her out her, but now moving in unison pounding, her once delicate pussy being stretched out with two throbbing rods. Her body began to tense, her second orgasm of the evening raged through her body, she shook hard squeezed between me and Carl, her screams were like nothing I have ever heard from her before. We pressed our cocks inside her allowing her to recover,before beginning again, this time her pussy soaked with juice and stretch wide and so sensitive drove her to her third orgasm quickly. This orgasm seemed to go on and on, possibly crashing into a fourth and fifth, before I couldn't take it anymore and lost my load inside her. The wave shot from my balls and I could feel my cock swell as it squished inside her, the extra lubrication meant I could just press my cock into Faye while Carl moved freely and relentless. Short gasps kept coming from Faye, now unable to scream with the feeling that were running through her body.

Carls action became quicker and more forceful, I knew then what was happening, his cock to throbbed against mine before drenching Faye's inside with the second load of the day.

We both slid out from inside of her, left her there still loosely tied to the bed. Me and Carl left the room quietly, I still didnt won't to ruin the surprise of her not knowing who had fucked her senseless. I said my goodbyes to Carl agreeing that we would definitely have to do it, or her again and he went on his way.

I returned to Faye, she had all but passed out, laying there still loosely bound to the bed, legs spread. The cum was running out of her pussy and down into her arse crack and pooling on the bed.

I climbed back on the bed next to her, gently placed a kiss on her lips whispered in her ear that she had been an exceptionally good girl. My hand stroked over her body, over her nipples gently squeezing them, normally after sex Faye is normally finished this time she made encouraging noises, my hand explored further across her body. Final finding my way down to her cum drenched pussy, I stroke over her pussy and trying my luck I touched toward her bum. Faye pushed her pelvis up making more room for my exploring fingers. My digit press tenderly against her tight little ring, lubricated by the cum still seeping from her pussy.

"I want a cock in there" Faye begged.

Not taking this opportunity for granted, lifting her knees as close to her chest and the bondage would allow, I rubbed my now hard cock against her pussy and pushed it a firmly on her ring. Little by little my cock was immersed into her ring, fayes moans started again, still blindfolded I wasn't even sure Faye knew it was me putting my cock inside her. I almost wished Carl was still here so I could have watched him fuck my wife in the ass. Faye ring was tight but it wasn't long before I could get my pace up and enjoy pounding her, our screams and groans were mixed before I filled her second hole with my second load.