Written by somedude_85

22 Dec 2009

Hi again all. Seeing as how my first story went do so well, I thought I'd share another. Being in my early twenties, I only have a few to tell - 1 more with B & S, and 2 with my ex-girlfriend. Hopefully I will have more to tell in the future ;)

It was just over a month after our fantastic day and night of sex that I met with Ben and Susan again. It seemed like MUCH longer, but we spoke on the phone and over the webcam in between. Mostly I spoke through Ben, as he was the one I actually knew, but I spoke to Susan a couple of times too, and she assured me that they were both eager to see me again, even though they were having sex far more frequently than before.

So it was that I took the trip down to London again, through only for a single night, in the middle of the week. Ben had managed to get a half day off and met me at the train station, but Susan had to work. So the two of us headed back to their place. The last time I arrived there, I wasn't nervous because I was just expecting dinner and some chatting, but now sex WAS the menu, I found myself with butterflies in my stomach on the car drive.

We went inside and sat chatting for a while. Taking away the sex, we were still old friends who hadn't seen much of each other over the last few years so it was nice to chat and catch up, but after chatting for half hour or so, we were both getting a bit worked up - well, I certainly was, so I made the first move when the conversation hit a lull.

"You been thinking about last time much then?" I said with a wink. "Non stop!" was Ben's response and his hand had absent-mindedly started rubbing his cock through his jeans. "No regrets or jealously then?" I asked, to which he said no, definitely not. "Want me to suck your cock now then, or wait for Susan to get home?"

His flies were undone in a flash and jeans and pants discarded. If you've read the final part of my last story, you'll know that I managed to find his sweet spot in terms of getting him to cum, but I was in no rush. He sat back in the armchair and I was down on my knees, his cock in my hand and mouth.

After a month of waiting, I was ridiculously horny and so wanking myself at the same time. I felt myself getting near, and told him so. "Cum in my mouth." Was all Ben said, so I stood up and he leant forward, grabbing my cock and guiding it into his mouth. I came almost instantly - what a relief! After catching my breath, I was back on my knees sucking him off.

Sometime during the blowjob, Susan got home from work - she'd managed to blag a few hours. "Well, what do we have here?" She said with a hungry look in her eyes. She came over and gave me a deep kiss. "Sorry to break up your lads party, but I'd like to fuck my husband. If you're lucky, I'll let you suck his cum afterwards."

With that, she dropped her trousers and underwear and hopped onto his cock. I stayed where I was, massaging his balls and admiring her ass. I started rubbing her asshole, which she didn't object too, so I decided to dive in for a taste. If you've never rimmed a woman before, especially one being (or just been) fucked, I highly recommend it.

Ben eventually came in his wife's pussy and moved over to the sofa so I could have my way with her. Her cummy pussy was delicious! Once I'd licked enough, I fucked her good and proper - in the chair first, then on the floor for some riding, doggy and missionary. As with the last time, Ben got his boner back and stuck it in one or both of our mouths, depending on what position we were in at the time. We tried a DP at one point, but it just wasn't happening, so we reverted to spit-roasting.

We finished up with my fantasy again, when Ben came hard over her tits whilst I was sucking them, causing me to cum instantly too - cum soaked nipple in mouth. Susan must have cum a dozen or so times by now and was exhausted. It was a great start to the evening.

We spent the rest of the evening more as friends than as fuck-buddies - chatting and getting to know each other, before we all headed to their bed to spend the night. More fucking ensued through the night with lots of cum all round. By the morning, various parts of my body were sticky with cum - face, thighs, hands - though I'd lost track of who's it was. With the two of them back at work, we didn't have time to continue in the morning, and Susan dropped me off at the train station in the morning - saying goodbye with a deep kiss.

Only one more tale to tell of myself, Ben and Susan, though we're still chatting and are hoping to hook up again over the new year before we all head back to work. Look out for more of my stories - the amount of wanks this site has provided for me means I feel I owe back to you all :)