Written by John M

21 Apr 2017

BEST TO read my Post from a few days ago on the 17th April. It is about how I, (John) teased my best pal Frankie by showing him photos of my sexy wife Karen who he'd always fancied. One night just a few weeks after Frankie had emigrated we were on the bed fucking and talking. I said he will be missing coming here and she said she will miss teasing us cos she loved how it had turned us both on so much. I said I was amazed she'd been so brave because she is a shy person normally. Doing what she did was the horniest time we'd ever had . Sucking her tits really gets her going cos suddenly she said do I want to know a little secret that will turn me on even more . I said go on then, so she told me Frankie had rang her when I was at work and said he probably won't see her again. Then he said unless of course she fancied coming for a drink one night. He knew she and her friends had regular midweek girls nights out and said John will think your out with them. She said 'eeh I can't do that' but he kept trying to persuade her, saying there's no harm in it. She was tempted cos she loves a bit excitement and she knew that even if I found out about them It wouldn't have bothered me coss I wanted her to be sexy. So she agreed she would go with him as long as its kept secret. On the Wednesday night she rang the girls and told them she couldn't make it that night. Then she went out as normal and got picked up by Frankie in his taxi at the end of the street. She knew he'd want to fuck her and she was up for it so had put on her favourite button fronted short skirt along with her stockings and suspenders which he'd have seen in the photographs. As soon as he saw the way she'd dressed he'd have known it was specially for him. He had it all planned cos he drove her to a little country Pub about 20 miles from home . She made sure she had a few drinks to help her get the nerve for later cos she knew he'd be taking her to a carpark. About 10 pm ish after she'd had a few whisky and lemonades in walked Frankie's friend (Mark) who lived close bye. She said he was a real good looking fella and she found out later he told Frankie he fancied her. Mark went to the bar for drinks even though she said she'd had enough to drink. The the 3 of them sat chatting for the next hour and because he'd bought her a drink she had to drink it even though she could end up more drunk than she liked. Their conversation soon turned to stuff about sex and it was as if Frankie was testing her reactions to hearing it . He asked Mark to tell her that story about a girl friend he once had that lived on a Farm . Mark said Karen might not want to hear stuff about me and Karen said don't mind me I'm a big girl and I'm not a prude. So he told them about the first time his new girlfriend and him were up in their hayloft having some naughty fun. He said she saw the size of his 'dick' for the first time and said 'bliddy hell whats that? its nearly as big as our Donkey's' . She was only 18 and said her last boyfriend only had about 4 or 5 inches. I think hearing he had a big one would have intrigued Karen. Then Mark went off to the toilet so Frankie started giving her a sob story, about how poor Mark hasn't had a woman for 6mths since he was divorced. Then he said 'he really fancies you'. Karen said he's a good looking fella so he'll find a woman easily. Frankie said yep but not one for now and laughed. Karen thought that was a strange comment. Then he said he'd forgot to tell her he promised to drop Mark off on the way back. She didn't say anything and the 3 of them headed for his Taxi. She got in the back and Frankie told the two of them to get in the back cos the front is chocablok with paperwork and rubbish he meant to sort out. . Karen was starting to get suspicious but thought surely Frankie will drop him off first as it was 11pm ish. He drove a couple of hundred yards along a little country lane and then Mark said turn right here, and it was a tractor path into a field . Frankie had obviously asked Mark where there was a nice quiet place to take her. He parked up hidden by the hedges so she closed her eyes as she now suspected he was going to show off to Mark . He climbed over into the back and started kissing and groping her . She thought 'I bet he's been bragging about fucking her . She knew he'd planned to fuck her in his Taxi that night which is why she'd agreed to go for a drink with him, but she didn't think she'd have an audience . He then stared to open her blouse and lifted her tits out the cups so they sat on top of the platform bra , and started sucking a tit. She had a little peep and saw that his pal sitting with his cock out wanking it slowly. I asked her if it was as big as the 18yr old had said and she said the farm girl was right, and in her words it was 'a beauty'. Frankie knew she's loved her tits sucked cos I'd told him . With her being very tipsy she was enjoying it and she said she was flattered that two men wanted her. She had an idea that Mark was waiting for a fuck of her and it had all been planned. She said Frankie had obviously asked Mark where was a quiet place to fuck her cos she later found out he lived in the area. Frankie was sucking hard and must have thought cos she was pregnant he'd milk her. He told his pal to have a suck of the other tit cos she's asleep now'. As they sucked her she felt someone opening the buttons on her skirt which then flopped open showing her stockings and very skimpy knickers put on specially to tease Frankie. She said the 2 of them were rough, both sucking her tits as if they were trying to get milk out of them. Her nipples were sore for days afterwards she said. Mark took her hand and put it on his cock and started wanking himself with her hand gripping tightly . Wow its a big one she thought . She knew Frankie would tell him he can have the first chance to fuck her and she was right. She felt a hand pull her knickers to the side and Frankie said 'Get a look at that beautiful shaved cunt Mark. It's all wet and juicy and dying for your cock '. She felt fingers feeling her fanny but wasn't sure who's fingers. Then Frankie invited him to kneel between her legs and 'give that fanny a good fucking before she wakes up'. She heard Frankie say I'll have sloppy seconds. Mark didn't need to be told twice as she felt him gently open her fanny lips and then his his cock slid into her . She said it went up easily but it felt a bit like one of the cucumbers her and her friend Pam used when they were naughty teenagers. He started fucking her, egged on by Frankie . Frankie had a big cock but Marks was a lot thicker and longer. He was fucking her fast and the taxi was bouncing around and he lasted about 5 mins before he came inside her. She heard Frankie tell him she's a few months pregnant so shoot it into her. When she told me he'd fucked for 5 mins I said I couldn't have lasted 5 mins in that situation so he must have wanked off before he came to the Pub. When he pulled out after making sure every drop of spunk was inside her, Frankie got up her and he lasted about the same so he must have wanked off before he picked her up aswell. While he was fucking her, horny Mark was mauling her tits and she couldn't tell him to stop as she was supposed to be asleep so ended up with sore nipples and a love bite under her tit. Once they'd both enjoyed their fucks of her he drove off and dropped Mark off off just a mile from the Pub they'd just been in.

She dozed all the way home and when he got to our street he shouted we are home and amazingly she woke. When Karen got in the house I just assumed she'd been out with the girls. She had her quick usual shower as she always stunk of smoke (everyone smoked in pubs those days) and came to bed and we fucked. . I remember she was red hot that night and she said it was cos of listening to all the dirty talk from the lasses. She always said the girls 'patter' was dirtier than the fellas. When she did reveal her horny secret about a month or more later she said it was a bit of a dirty trick Frankie pulled inviting Mark but being drunk she'd enjoyed two good looking men wanting her. She thought about that night many times and masturbated reliving it when I was at work thinking about it. Of course after doing this what she called 'being naughty' she wanted more which is another story.