Written by richard

2 Jun 2017

the first I went to a sauna in Hove I wasn't expecting to go home a cocksucker, Weeks later thought about going to sauna again it preyed on mind. The second visit I was still as nervous but I actually got chatting to a guy in jaquzzi I suppose its little more in the open so we chatted in general his name was Roy. It was all mostly small talk but he wanted to know if I was married I told him I had only been to sauna once before.Roy went upstairs if anyone knows this sauna in Hove there are small private rooms.

I didn't follow Roy upstairs but I did go for a look around later Roy was sitting in room with door open maybe he was waiting for me I don't know. I went into room sheepishly Roy closed the door I knew I was lost then.I sat down Roy got on his knees sucking my cock he used his tongue every where and I mean every where then Roy stood up pushed his cock in my mouth he had a red plastic ring on his cock I fond out later a cock ring. Roy was hard I was sucking his cock when Roy got back on his knees using his tongue up and down my cock and his tongue all over arse. Roy was really going for it with his tounge he had my legs in the air .I was nieve it like the old joke don't bend down when you drop your wallet I wasn't bending down Roy started grunting it just wasn't expecting it there and then. The wind was taken out of my sails so to speak Roy was grunting he was fucking me. I was biting my lip I tried not to make much noise I could hear voices and movements in corridor. Roy fucking me and 3 pulls on my cock I cum almost instantly. He started grunting more fucking me more . In a haze I could hear he is new I felt a cock in my mouth then I was bent over I knew then what was going to happen to me. They took turns in fucking me what got me really hard guy was pinching my nipples my wife has never done that. The pulling and pinching of my nipples got my cock was hard again at the end of it all I could say Roy forgot to lock the door but I don't think so. I can only assume this sort of thing happens a lot I have been twice I think I am still a newbie. I was well fucked I didn't expect that but I am not complaining.