Written by hintofhandsome

24 May 2011

When I was in my 20,s I was living with a fantastic girl called Sue. She was one of those women who exude sex appeal without having to flash the flesh. She had small but beautiful breasts, a bum to worship and curvy hips. She always shaved and the sight of her bald pussy was a wonderful turn on.

I am bisexual but since I had met her only she could take me to the sexual heights that gave us so much pleasure. For months we fucked non stop sometimes several times a day.

I started having to go away for work more frequently and although I missed her like hell when I was away the wonderful sex on my return made it worthwhile.

She had told me that she had only had a couple of men before she had married and once that was over I was the only man she had been with. She had always wanted to have a short time of being a wild child but never had. I told her she could do anything she wanted but not to do anything that would split us up.

The following month I was away nearly every week but on the last week my trip was cancelled so I decided to go home early and not tell her I was arriving back early. As it happened the traffic was awful and I got home hours later than expected. i could not park outside our house so had to leave my car round the corner. When I got in the house it was clear she had gone out for the evening but there were two glasses out and a bottle of wine in the fridge. I was tired had a shower and went to bed.

I was woken about 11pm but the front door slamming and lots of giggles. I heard a mans voice followed by sounds of kissing and moaning. I could not get out of bed as they would hear me as it was an old house and very creaky but it was easy to hear them. He told her to take off her dress as he wanted to see her body and the giggles that followed told me she had done this.

I sat there in a daze and then realised I had a huge hard on and was feeling a combination of arousal and jealousy. As I debated what to do I heard her moan with delight and then she gave a low keening noise that she always made when my cock was going into her. It made me so horny to imagine his cock sliding into her shaved pussy and then as I head the unmistakable sounds of flesh slapping onto flesh as he fucked her I just gave way to feeling of lust. The sound became more and more frantic then I heard her give a low moan as she always does as cum is pumped into her. That nearly sent me over the edge as I imagined loads of hot cum pouring into her. There was silence or a while then I heard her moan again and knew he was inside her for a second time. This time they were on the sofa and he fucked her hard as I heard the springs bounce around. They were both moaning and I heard her telling him to give her more cum and then her low moan again as he shot more into her. After a short time he dressed and left and there was silence for a while then I heard her put on some music.

The sound covered my moving around and I crept downstairs and peered through the door. She was lying on the sofa her stockinged legs splayed apart her fingers rubbing her clit and her eyes shut as she tried to get herself to orgasm. Her pussy was swollen and very open and wet. As I opened the door her eyes shot open and a look of horror crossed her face. She was about to say something but I told her not to speak. She saw my rock hard cock and the way I was looking at her pussy and smiled the most wicked sensual smile I have ever seen. i knelt between her lags and she put her arms above her head and raised her hips to my cock. As she did this a large glob of cum started to drip out of her pussy and without hesitation I put my cock under the glob and pushed it back inside her. She felt so hot and wet and my cock could feel the slippery cum inside her. I slid all the way into her and she clung to me as we frantically fucked and both climaxed as I tried to get my cock as far up her as I could. We lay together recovering out bodies covered in sweat her pussy fluttered round my cock and it got hard again. This time we fucked more slowly but it was incredibly intense and we both climaxed again looking into each other eyes.

i fell asleep inside her our arms round each other. We woke again in the early hours and made love again. We both knew this was the beginning of new adventures.