Written by Slutty wife

23 Oct 2014

If you read part one you will know what happened but I have to end with the second and final event. Robert and I didn't have an affair or anything and we haven't met or contacted each other since so there is nothing going on now but I was hooked on the feeling that anal sex gave me. Robert and I hardly talked for the rest of the holiday, so much so hubby though we had fallen out. On the last day the kids wanted to go to the nearby play ground. I said I needed to pack so hubby and Robert should take them but Robert suggested the Julie should go and he would start the packing. this was both stressful and exciting at the same time. I went to the bedroom and got the cases as hubby and Julie went out the door. Robert came in and asked if I was ok, I told him I was but it was wrong and shouldn't have happened. But to be honest I was desperate for it again, I knew my husband would never agree. Robert came over to me and gave me a friendly hug and apologised saying something about too much wine but he didn't regret it. He held me for a while, all I said was that I didn't regret it either. Robert looked at me and took hold of the bottom of my t shirt with that should I, shouldn't I look on his face. I just help my arms up and my T shirt was pulled over my head. Within seconds by bra was off and I was on my back on the bed having my jeans and knickers pulled off. Robert pulled his trousers down and shirt off. I told him we had to be quick but at the same time slid to me knees taking his cock into my mouth. I was only there for a few minutes before he pulled me up, turned me round and pushed me onto the bed. And once again slid himself into me. this time it didn't hurt and the feeling was amazing. He was nice and gentle to begin with but before long he was so far inside me he was laying on my back. I'm almost cumming just remembering and writing this, the feeling of being fucked from behind was hot and naughty. After a while he had me on the floor on my knees holding onto my hair, then bending over the side of the chair even his grunting with each thrust was sending me over the edge. And then again he came inside me shooting his cum up my hole.

I justified the first time by telling myself that it wasn't a personal thing that you would have with a lover but just a fuck. But now he turned me over and started sucking my, by now very hard nipples, before exploring my mouth and slipping into my pussy. I told him we shouldn't, in my head this was personal. But we did, we fucked for what seemed like ages both of us cuming several times, Robert inside my pussy and then my mouth dripping over my face and hair. After my third or fourth orgasm enough was enough, this was now going too far. He got off me and got dressed whilst I went to the shower getting out just as they came back. My dear husband accepted my excuse that that I hadn't packed becouse it was too warm and helped me. I hoped it was only me that could smell cum in the room and could see stains on the carpet.