Written by Slut wife

10 Nov 2014

If you red my story from 23rd Oct you will know what this is all about. I won't go through it all again but I have to tell you what just happened. This won't be the best story you have read but I have been asked if anything else happened since so here we go.

Last Saturday my husband and I went to the house of our friends who we went to Florida with and you know the rest. Well I found it very stressful finding it difficult to look at Robert or his wife in the eye, Robert becouse I fucked him and his wife becouse I felt so guilty.

After dinner she put the kids to bed and my husband asked when he was going to get a look at Roberts new Merc. Robert threw him the keys to the garage and told him to ' knock himself out'. After a few min he told his wife to check he was ok, I went to follow her not really wanting to be on my own with Robert. As she went out the door I went to get up to follow her when Robert leaned over to me and whispered ' when am I going to fuck you again'? I got up making it quite clear it was a mistake and wouldn't be happening again. The evening went on and nothing else was said until his wife mentioned the new furniture in the Roberts home office. Robert offered to show me but I knew what he wanted so refused, my husband insisted telling me it would give me ideas for our home. It would have been obvious if I refused again so followed Robert to his den / office. I stood in the door way to make sure it didn't close but Robert pulled me in and locked the door. I told him it was a bad idea but the feeling of excitement I had on my holiday crept back. Within a few seconds I was being led to his desk and before I could say anything else Robert was behind me touching my breasts. You can always say no' he told me. I should have but instead told him they would come looking for us, he knew exactly what he was doing, he told me that we would have to be quick and with that my skirt was up around my waist and I was laying face down on the desk with my knickers round my ankles. Robert eased himself into me and again fucked my arse. The feeling was amazing, he was quick banging me quickly giving little grunts tugging at my blouse. I didn't want it to rip so I opened it for him letting him pull my breast out allowing him to squeeze and play with my hard nipple and he fucked me. He was quick, he came inside me after just a few minutes but it was enough for me to cum as well. In fact within 10 minuted I had left the living room been fucked up the arse cleaned myself up and was sat next to my husband.

I still don't consider it having an affair, there is no love there just animal fucking so I'm happy.