Written by Heidi

12 Mar 2018

Ever since I have been old enough I have loved and been addicted to sex. I am sure that is not unusual and many of you reading this are probably in the same boat.

My problem is that have always been addicted to very naughty and kinky sex and love the thrill of being with new sexual partners, both male and female. I am luckily bisexual so have far more sexual partners to chose from. I know it’s bad but I love a sexual challenge and have done some very bad things with people I shouldn’t have.

When I was younger it was only the fear of getting a bad reputation that held me back. Girls can be really bitchy so I hid most of my sexual activity and learned to be secretive and careful.

My best friend was Lisa and I spent a lot of time at her house, often staying there. Lisa was the prettiest girl at school and I wasn’t far behind. As girls we learnt about sex together and even experimented together. This was led by me and a couple of times we played with each other’s pussies. On another occasion another girlfriend Debbie was there and I pursuaded them to experiment further and we lay in a triangle shape and licked each other. I made sure I licked Lisa’s pussy and was fascinated that she had blonde pubes to match her hair colour and remember the taste of my first pussy as well as having mine licked by Debbie.

Lisa wasn’t really into that and we didn’t do anything like that again. I reminded her of it once and she was very embarrassed and it was definately just experimenting for her, but I knew then that I loved girls as much as boys.

We fell out for a few years but went to college together and made up so from 17-19 was round hers most weekends.

Lisa was lovely, but another reason I spent so much time at her house was because her parents were gorgeous too and really lovely. I had a massive crush on both of them, particularly her Mum Sheila. She was blonde and beautiful and Lisa’s Dad, John was a real hunk.

Sheila was always there for me to talk about boyfriends and sex, giving me great advice. She often held my hand and hugged me when chatting and i wanted her sexually as my first real woman. I wasn’t as close to John but flirted with him when safe to do so. I stayed over a lot and stayed in Lisa’s room. I often walked around in the mornings in my knickers and a longish t-shirt and no bra and could tell John often checked my breasts out. I “caught” him coming out of the bathroom just in his pants some mornings and was very impressed with his large bulge. He also got several deliberate flashes of my knickers as I pretended not to be ladylike and often sat with my legs apart. He obviously kept looking each time especially one time where I moved the material so one of my pussy lips was on display. I also bought flimsy and see through ones especially for him, a size or two too small so the tightness showed off my pussy more.

Then Lisa got a part time job alternate Saturdays.

One Friday I went round late and stayed over and her parents obviously didn’t know I was there. She went off to work leaving me in bed, and I could hear her parents say goodbye to her in their room next door.

I had never heard them have sex as I guess they only did it when Lisa and I weren’t there.

I then stared to hear them having sex. First it was little moans that became louder and louder with Sheila obviously in ecstasy. This turned me on and my fingers were soon in my pussy and rubbing my clit. Then they were having sex and I could hear the rhythmic creaking of the bed. And the noise Sheila was making was so loud and she was screaming “fuck me” over and over. I soon had one of Lisa’s hairspray cans in my pussy and I was fucking myself in time with them. I’m noisy as well so had to muffle my noise with a pillow. They would have heard me if they weren’t making so much noise. They went at it for about an hour and i (and by the sound of it Sheila) had several orgasms. No wonder they never had sex with Lisa and I in the house with the noise they made. I didn’t know what to do that day and stayed in bed. Luckily they didn’t come in and soon went out leaving me to escape unnoticed.

I couldn’t get what I heard out of my mind and wanted to have them both. I’d never heard anyone having sex that loudly and wanted to re-live hearing them again.

So I did the same a few more times, going there late on a Friday and hoping. A few weekends later I was hoping I was in luck but Sheila followed Lisa out of the house. I knew John was still there so hatched a plan.

I heard him go to the bathroom and I stood behind Lisa’s bedroom door and stripped naked. I tweeked my nipples hard and gave my clit a few rubs. My heart was pounding. As he came out I calmly walked naked into the hall. As he saw me I wanted him to get a real look at my breasts and neatly trimmed Brazilian pussy so I pretended to freeze but watched his eyes take in the whole of my body. I then pretended to be in shock covering my pussy and breasts although made sure one of my breasts and hard nipple remained on full display.

He was in his pants and t-shirt and soon we were both apologising saying we didn’t know the other was in the house. I wanted the moment to last and kept the conversation going as long as I could, explaining that I’d came over late the previous night etc. I then told him I was about to get dressed but needed the loo, hence being naked in the hall.

All the time I was pretending that I thought I was covering both breasts but knowing one was on display. John couldn’t help looking and I couldn’t help looking at his bulge. He didn’t bother covering it . Having given my clit a few rubs and now exposing myself had made me horny and I wanted him, but wasn’t going to offer myself to him as couldn’t handle rejection.

As he looked at my partly exposed breast I wanted to let him know I knew he was looking at it. So I looked down and said something like, “Oh I’m so sorry I’m still exposing myself to you”. I then moved my hands so I had one covering each breast. That revealed my pussy and he obviously stared at it.

I wanted the moment to last and just started talking again with my pussy on full display, saying that I hope I hadn’t upset him. To me it was obvious I was deliberately flashing my pussy but he may have thought that I had more concerns about covering both breasts.

Then to my delight his bulge was growing. I knew I had to then offer myself to him or retreat. I did the latter and pathetically indicated I didn’t realise my pussy was on display so moved one hand down to cover it and then turned back into the bedroom giving him a full view of my bum and nakedness from behind.

In Lisa’s bedroom I waited hoping he would come in and take me. I remained naked in the hope he would and a few minutes later there was a knock and John asking to come in. I got under the duvet and invited him in.....