Written by Trevor K.

19 Oct 2009

As an 18 year old lad I could,nt wait to get away from home,my Mum and Dad never stopped argueing.I was rather shy and did,nt go out a lot which made it worse,I think they were glad to get rid of me.

I got a liitle bedsit in a private house,the house was owned by a middle aged lady.As it turned out she was the only other person living there.

She was very nice always checking if everything was ok.She did,nt mind doing my washing and things,I,m doing my own anyway she would say.At first she would call to my door and hand things back to me,she would even iron my undies,which on reflection were a little boyish,my mother had not noticed that I,d grown a bit.

She soon started putting things away in the drawer in my bedroom,she even started to make my bed.On one occasion she left a pair of her own pants in with mine,they were sexy little things.

She called that evening to apologise,I pretended I had,nt noticed,she,d had a drink,I could smell it.She started talking about her life,telling me she,d had two husbands and how bad they were to her.

I,ll be back in a minute she said,I,ll switch the cooker off.When she returned she had a bottle of wine with her.I was,nt a drinker but she insisted I had one with her,it went right to my head.

She started talking about sex and about how often her husbands wanted it.I liked it she said but the things they wanted to do,not just satisfied to put it between my legs,like most men they wanted to put it in the other places too.

I did,nt have a clue what she was talking about,and the pictures she said,you should see the pictures.She was getting pretty drunk,I,ll show you the pictures she said,almost falling over as she went to fetch them,I felt powerless to stop what she was doing.

She came back with a wad of photos,she sat beside me on the sofa,I could,nt believe my eyes.What do you think of them she said as she handed them to me one at a time.There were pictures of her naked from every concievable angle,I could,nt stop myself getting an erection.

Then there were pictures of a man with an enormous erection,in some of them he was holding it in his hand,probably wanking himself.Then they got better or worse,depending on your point of view.He was holding her legs apart his cock just entering her fanny,then more pictures as it went further in.

There were pictures of his cock in her mouth and finally between the cheeks of her bottom,then clearly entering her anus,again pictures as it went further and further in.

What do you think of that she said,all I knew was that I had an erection that was hurting and I was dying to wank myself.

I bet you,re really gentle when you,re having sex she said,putting her hand on my leg,I did,nt tell her I,d never had sex,I could feel myself trembling but could,nt stop it.

She could see I had an erection,I could,nt hide it.I bet its out of them little underpants she as she put her hand on my cock,I made no attempt to stop her.She undid my trousers top and slowly pulled the zip down,opening my flies back.Yes she said I thought so as she moved her finger up along my exposed cock.

She was looking into my face as she rubbed the head with her finger,she took her hand away and stood up.She was a bit unsteady but managed to slowly unbutton her blouse,exposing her lacey bra,she removed the blouse,she watched my face glancing at my cock which I could,nt stop twitching.

She undid her skirt and let it drop stepping out of it,talk about mine, her pants were tiny,barely covering her fanny,with ties at both sides.I,d never seen a fanny in the flesh,I had a little longer to wait.

I had to really resist putting my hand on my cock,I wanted to wank myself,but I knew I,d come off instantly.She removed her bra,again I,d never seen a pair of tits in the raw,they were down a little more than I,d expected,the brown nipples almost standing upwards.

She watched me as she undid one of the ties of her pants,it fell to one side exposing her pubic area.I always thought women had pubic hair but she did,nt.She undid the other tie,opened her legs apart and the pants fell away.

My first glimpse of a woman,s fanny lips,they were bigger than I,d expected,they looked almost swollen,I could see they were moist,I was gulping air.

She stood with a leg either side of me,opening her legs wider apart.She undid my shirt and removed it,she got on her knees I lifted my bottom to let her remove my trousers,my underpants came away with them.

She took my cock in her hand and started to wank me,she quickly realised that I would,nt last long.She stood up and turned around put her hand back between her legs held my cock and guided it to her fanny,then sat down onto it.

Ballancing herself with her hands on my knees,she lifted herself up and down.I could,nt stop myself pulling her onto me as I spunked for the very first time inside a woman.She tightened her fanny muscles and though I,d finished spunking she squeesed tighter and tighter,then she was shouting yes yes yes.

I did,nt even know women could come off.She did,nt leave my bedsitter that night and before morning I,d realised that she was,nt really complaining about what her husbands had done with her,it was because they,d stopped doing it,she taught me that anywhere a cock can fit she was more than willing to accommodate it.