Written by Alisha

13 Jun 2017

I am just 18 , had a few boyfriends , i lost my virginity on my 17 bday, but recently ive been having bi thoughts about women , especialy older more accretive, playing with my little pussy , tweeking my nipples thinking of making love to a lady , gets me going everytime .

Anyway last weekend ( 3 June ) i got what i was wishing for , our neighbour needed me to doggie walk their cute dogs , i took them to the park and back in an hour , easy £15 , on returning my neighbour had a friend , Joan - early 40s a full fugure mayde a size 14/16 , i couldnt keep my eyes off her boobs and she knew.

I asked could i use the bathroom and on my way down stair Joan handed me her phone number she said she said come around if you want some extra cash and fun.

I phoned her and we arranged to meet at her house , she spoke to my mum , saying to help her sort stuff out for a car boot .

I went around cut off jeans , t shirt , trainees .

Joan let me in she was smart blouse, skirt , high heels , she showed me to her back room and garage and told me what items were to be put where , she said she had to pop out i was looking forward to working with her , anyway i got stuck in , the time flew by and i was finished quickly , some items were too big to move , i needed a pee , after i was having a mooch around her bedroom , lovely clothes , classy underwear, i didnt hear Joan come in , she was furious with me for being in her bedroom , i got upset and she realised she was a bit hard on me , she put her arms around me and drew me into her boobs , wow,

She looked at me , and was wiping away my tears , she moved in to kiss me on the cheek and i moved and our lips were together there was a moment stop and i kissed Joan back , she full kissed me telling me i was beautiful , she put her hands on my boobs , she said i want to see you naked , off came my tshirt, bra, jeans and panties , i lay on the bed , Joan stepped out of her skirt and took off her blouse and bra then off came her silk panties .

She kissed my boobs and was moaning more than me , she made her way down to my pussy , pushing my knees apart , kissing and licking my little clit i was in heaven, my head was spinning with pleasure, Joan was firm with her tongue , she coached me to open my legs wide and to gently rub my fingers over my clit as Joans tongue was deep in my pussy , she put a finger inside me and slowly moved it in and out , my orgasm was building.

Joan told me to go on all 4s, from the back she could see my pussy and arse , she had her tongue in both my holes which was a new sensation to me , then Joan asked me finger my own pussy as she was licking , then i felt a hard slap on my arse , quickly another Joan said you were a naughty girl going into my room , you should be spanked , i nodded each slap sent pulses of pain and then pleasure through my pussy , she shouted rub your clit , finger fuck your pussy then a quick sharp slap , then Joan positioned herself with legs wide open in front of me , she was frantically rubbing her clit mumbling how young and beautiful i was , i wanted to lick her pussy , i touched her wet pussy and she stopped rubbing her clit, she told me to lick around her lips and finish off with her clit , Joan had pulled her lips wide apart , with her free hand pushing me head onto her pussy , she would look down telling me to show her licking my clit, she said i was beautiful and she was going to come , she said lick me and finger me , i got 3 fingers then 4 with a little juggling all my fingers in her pussy , said fuck me lick me then her head went back and she gasped she was coming , i took my fingers out she wanted to lick them , i joined her , she hugged me and said your turn i was on my back, with a finger in me Joan was clit kissing and licking me , she said come for Joan , i looked down and i could see her licking me , i was getting close , she stopped fingering me but as she was licking she was spanking me , my pussy and clit were on fire , i was short of breath, then I exploded on to joans tongue and face , another lick of the pussy and another mini cum , it was the best orgasm i had ever had.

We cuddled , she asked me did i enjoy it , i said yes , she kissed me full on it was so hot and wet , i rubbed my clit again while we were kissing and within a minute i came again - wow .

We both dressed and Joan said would i like to help her at the car boot sale , i said yes .

She said i will phone your mum , wear something pretty for me , a kiss and a hug and money in my pocket , i left.

That night i masturbated in my bed , thinking of Joan seducing me , i loved it all but i did like the arse spanking and what a orgasm.

My pussy is throbbing writing this , i will close her , i have a build up that needs to explode ....im such a naughty girl mmmmm