Written by JAY

12 Feb 2010

This happened to me last weekend... I had alsways had a crush on my bosses wife (Tracey) she was in her early fortys whilst i am 21. I had been working for a property developer for the last 18 months. I didnt have many dealings with Tracey as she was always running around after their 3 children. Whenever i did see her though we would always have a little flirt with each other but i never dreamed what it would lead to...

Last weekend i was asked to work at my bosses house on the saturday, he wanted my to re decorate his bedroom whilst he attended his little ones birthday party. I got round to his place for 8am and knocked on the door. Tracey answered the door wearing her dressing gown... "I thought you were going out?" i asked "no ive got a migrane and didnt feel like having 25 kids screaming in my ear all day" she replied. With that Steve (my boss) appeared behing her "shes just chickening out of it" he said, i agreed with him and we had a laugh about it. With that i went up stairs and started to lay my dust sheets out. Steve left with the kids a little later, with Tracey in the lounge laying in front of the TV. I got started and after about an hour Tracey shouted up and asked me wether i wanted a drink of anything, i told her i was fine for the moment. Another hour passed and then again she shouted up "cup of tea, anything to eat". "No thanks" i shouted back thinking to myself she sounds alot better than she did this morning. It got to about 12 oclock and i decided i would go to the cafe for something to eat. I went down stairs and told Tracey where i was going. She told me not to be stupid as she would russle my something up, "no i couldnt ask you to that, what with the way your feeling" but she insisted as she said she was feeling much better now. We went in to the kitchen and she made me a sandwich and cup of tea. We sat at the table and started talking about things in general, after a short time the topic turned round to my girlfriend, well ex girlfriend now. Tracey asked how we were getting on - she obviously didnt know. I told her that we had split up and that i had told steve. She said sorry to hear that and that steve had not told her. She asked what had happened and i explained that i found out she had been cheating on me with a bloke from her work. I sarted to get a bit upset talking about and she noticed, taking my hand and telling me i was obviously better without her. She then gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, as she squeezed me i could fell through her dressing gown that her nipples were erect. As she pulled away i pulled her back towards me and kissed her on the lips, to my suprise she didnt resist and we were soon exploring each others mouths. I put my hands on to the belt of her dressing gown and gave it a sharp tug, to my delight it flew open and she was completeley naked underneath. I started to explore her body sucking on her firm breasts and then had a chew on her moist pussy. She then reached up and pulled my tracksuit bottoms down revealing my 8" erection, she gave me the best blow job of my life! I then lifted her up on to the dining table and fucked her, and again, and again. We were then interrupted by her mobile ringing, it was steve. There i was hanging out my bosses misses whilst he was on the other end of the phone asking how i was getting on "yer hes making a really nice job it" tracey said. With that the call was ended and be carried on where we were. We then ventured in to the living room and spent another good hour shagging on the couch. I then got myself dressed and prepared to carry on the decorating. I couldnt, i fucked - literally. I told Tracey i was going and to tell Steve that i had to finish early as i was feeling unwell. If i had of stayed he would have wondered why so little work was done for the amount of time i was there - If only he knew.

Me and Tracey meet up for sex on a regular basis, ive told her idont want a relationship but shes fine with things how they are - CASUAL SEX!