Written by Horny Jill

12 Aug 2018

I decided to visit my girlfriend in Scotland and my husband made it a condition that I wore clothes he deflected. He asked me to wear short skirts and stocking, no tights. Tight blouses to show off my big 38EE boobs. I was sitting opposite a good looking guy about 30 years old, I am 52. My short denim skirt had rode up my thighs just showings my stocking top. I caught him staring at my legs and I was about to pull my skirt down when I started to fell randy about him looking. I uncrossed my legs and in do so flashed my pink g string. I could see he enjoyed the view as he smiled at me and licked his lips. When I finished my drink he asked me would I like a drink and I asked for a vodka. He brought it over and sat bedude me. He introduced himself as Darren and I told him my name. As we spoke his eyes ran over my big boobs he spoke to them not my face. I straightened my back to push them out more. He asked if I had a cabin and I told him I couldn't get one. He told me he had a double one and I could lie down in it if I felt tried. He smiled as he said that and ran his hand over my thigh. When I didn't stop him he bent over and kissed my lips,turning it into a snog. He pulled me up and led me to his cabin and I followed. He closed the door and sat on the bed,he pulled me down onto my back and started to open my blouse. I told him I was marred and he said, "But you are randy for me,you want young cock, don't you." I said," I have never done this before. " He bent down and ljcked my now bare nipples. I helped him take my skirt off revealing my suspender belt, stockings and g string panties.He got up and stripped,as his underpants came down up sprung an erect large cock. He pulled my g string off and pushed my legs apart. I put my hands over my shaven pussy. He kissed my fingers and I moved my hands and he licked my pussy lips. He ran his fingers over my wet pussy and slid two fingers in I opened my legs further. He started to finger fuck me and soon I was asking him to fuck me. When he mounted me I yelled out in pleasure, as he was so much bigger than my husbsnd. He fucked me missionary, then turned me onto my knees and fucked me doggy and really deep. I didn't realise but he bit my neck as he came in me,I told him"Fuck me ,fuck me harder. "He was still hard and he pushed his cock into my mouth. I sucked him and he came again,he made me let him cum into my mouth. I felt the cum hit the back of my throat,and I swallowed it all. He was still hard and he lay on his back pulled me on top of him ,J eagerly slid onto his lovely cock . He fucked me and came again,this time he was finished. I got dressed and then saw the love bite. When I told him about it he laughted and said,"There are more on the top of your legs." I left the boat and would later get fucked on the train to Glasgow. Thats another story.