Written by Ray's alaugh

25 Jan 2017

I had now been visiting the Chertsey girls for some months. I had had all 8 of them, and was not sure which was the best, so was going round a second time just to make sure. The little business had been quite a success for the girls and the 3 regulars had extended the lease for another six months. I was very well known to the girls by now, and Karen was an old friend. She had opened up to me quite a bit over the time I had been visiting the girls. She had become quite friendly, but regretfully not so friendly that I could get her into bed. Never mind, her friends were more than willing to provide what she kept to herself, and the girls were very good.

I have found over the years to avoid hard bitten professional tarts. There is often very little interaction except for the physical, and that is often quite mechanical. They seem to switch off and just go through the motions while they are somewhere else in their head. Likewise, young newbies are often a waste of time. They know what they have, but often don't know how to use it. The older ones often have gone to seed, overweight, with everything going south in a big way. The best as far as I am concerned are between 25 and 40 milfs. They have had enough sex to know what they like, and what to do with their men. They are still in good shape and they enjoy what they are doing.

I had found a gold mine with the Chertsey girls. All 8 of them were in my age bracket. They had a great attitude and they enjoyed the sex. There was a good variety in the shape and size of them. A couple of younger tall slim ones, some well rounded older girls and a real "mumsy" lady who I would never have guessed would stray from her husband and local Woman's Institute if I hadn't had seen her naked on the bed with her legs wide apart and her mouth clamped round my cock sucking for England.

The youngest was just 25, her first child in nursery school and hubby "something in the city" She wasn't short of cash, and was turning the occasional trick just for the sheer hell of it. She wasn't a regular visitor to the bungalow, and when she was there it was only in the early afternoon for a couple of hours before she had to go and collect junior and get home for hubby. It therefore took quite a while before we met up for some fun. When we did, she was well worth the wait. She hadn't done many punters because of her restricted availability, so she was a little nervous. She knew what she wanted though and that was my cock. I can't say I have the longest cock in the world, or the fattest, I am just Mr average, but that was fine by her. She was about 5foot 5 inches tall or thereabouts, maybe a size 12 or 14, with a good handful of very pale tits. Not at all into sun bathing her skin was almost translucent, still with a nice trimmed bush she would throw herself whole hearted into an hour of romping and sex, wanting to be fucked in as many different positions as I could manage for as long as I could keep it hard.

In those days, I had most of our "foreplay" in the kitchen with the girls drinking my tea before moving into the bedroom. Often Karen and the girls would choose who I was going to fuck for me, with the girls I had already fucked passing on tips of what I liked. Karen would be pushing the girl to sit on my lap and feel my cock while I would be trying to drink my tea while at the same time grabing some arse or a good grope of her tits. All the time the banter was going and Karen was having great fun. No doubt once we got in the bedroom Karen would listen outside while I fucked her friend for the first time almost as we closed the door. I was often that horny as a result of the teasing I would pull down the panties of my chosen girl as soon as the door was closed, then on with the condom and with her bent forward over the end of the bed I would slide into her, knowing Karen was listening to us fuck. Once I had blown my first load we would get undressed fully and it was the girls turn to work on me until I was hard again, then it was into round two but this time much slower and more gentle.

Each visit Karen became closer and friendlier, but still wouldn't get her knicks off for me. However, when she was out of the kitchen seeing to other punters, or remaking beds, the other girls told me that she was getting very horny listening to me fuck her friends, and would often ask them all about it after I had gone. Once she had said that if ever she changed her mind, she would fuck me, but whenever I turned up Karen wouldn't budge and kept her panties firmly on, and I would take somebody else. I had now almost given up any real thought of fucking Karen. After all, how often do the punters get to fuck the maid? I would joke with her when I arrived, always hug her and give her a kiss and ask her when it was going to be her turn as I had a crafty grope of her bum, but she would laugh with mock embarrassment and fix me up with one of the more willing others.

Then one day, right out of the blue, everything changed.