Written by shelly

10 Jan 2012

I love to have sex and very open minded. I have a few girlfriends liked minded and we like to have fun. At New Year my mate Julie had a party at her flat. Lots of different local blokes and just three of us girls although coupld guys brough along girlfriends. I was very merry and was wearing a short dress which was very tight a purple in colour and very high heels. I am a size eight and my boobs are bouncy 34 D. I wasnt wearing a bar and the little straps were straining nicely. I was wearing the tiniest of thongs. As usual lots of bad behaviour and flirting, touching and snogging different lads. I was on good form and chatting to the guys getting them drinks and generally rubbing myself up against the good looking ones.

Whilst chatting in kitchen on guy put me over his arm pulled up the back of my dress and slapped my almost bare bottom. Everyone laughed he grabbed the cheeks and pulled them apart finally pulling at the string so almost everything was on view. The blokes loved this and it made me horny. So I stood in amongst them and said if you like this so much you can have it and pulled them off in front of them all. FLinging them over to the blokes. They made usual noises and started sniffing them. THe next hour I had more fingers up my pussy hole and enough as I flirted me way through the party. I danced and had all eyes on me when I lifted the very short hem of my skirt and showed my shaved pussy, licking my fingers and putting them around my pubes teasing the guys and had them cheering. Then I noticed that the party thinned out my friends shaggin fellas in their rooms, some couple left and I was dancing alone with about 8 blokes. They were dancing with me hands all over me so I lifted off my dress and this was when I was lowered onto the floor and being kissed licked. They were all close now and starting to drop their trousers. My legs were pushed apart and a cock was pushed inside of me soon a couple of cocks were pushed to my face and I started to wank and suck two of them. The guy in me was struggling as he had drank so much so her pulled out and another took his plave. putting my legs over his shoulders he really fucked me hard and the carpets was burning my back and it was hurting. One bloke then came in my mouth and another who had been wanking over my tits. I was licking it up. I asked to get on my knees and the bloke fucking me really starting to bang away and I came loudy screaming for more so another guy shoved his cock into my throat. The bloke fucking me came and pulled out I stopped sucking on cock and said whose next Im not finished yet fellas!! I remember another two blokes fucking me one I remember trying to fuck my arse which I said no too. Soon they were spent and I was too sore and tired. One of them took me upstairs and helped me shower as my back and knees were bleeding with burns off them carpet. I certainly saw the new year in with a bang or two!! I never did find my dress!!