Written by Hazel

13 Nov 2007

My husband and I had been in a bar in town for about 2 hours and I'd had a least a bottle of wine on my own, so was starting to feel happy. We were passing time before we were to meet a business customer of John's. We arrived at the warehouse and were just about to leave for our meal when John received a call on his mobile. It was another customer who instisted that since john was in town and only 20 minutes away from his premises, he should come round immediately. John asked if he could just nip out for about 40 minutes and then we could go for the meal. I said that was OK with me, if it was with Rod, to which Rod indicated his approval.

Rod offered me a brandy while we waited and he poured a rather large one. Within four or five minutes, he said he wanted to show me round the factory so drink up and lets go, he said. The drink was having it's desired effect. He invited me to lead the way up a steep wooden stairway to the next floor. When I'm going out for a good time I don't normally wear any underwear and this occassion was no exception. As we got to the top, I realised that Rod was getting an eyeful and this made me feel as randy as hell. He took me over to a table where material is cut out and whilst standing behind me, explaining the process, I could feel the bulge in his trousers. I moved slowly against him and he responded by putting a hand down my low cut dress and fondled my breasts. I was now feeling really hot. He was getting really hard now and bent me over, unzipped his trousers, pulled out this beautiful cock and put it right into me. My head was spinning. Here I was with a guy who I had never met before, let him screw me like a mad thing. It was great, we both managed to come at the same time in a major shudder. We kissed for a few minutes and went downstairs to wait for John.

John arrived and we walked up to the restaurant. We grabbed a table and John went up for the drinks. I shouldn't really have had any more, but decided to all the same. While John was up at the bar Rod slid his hand under my dress and made a b line for my honeyspot. When John came over with the drinks, he could not see what was happening under the table. Rod had two fingures in me. How I managed to keep my cool and not let out any give away sounds, I don't know. After the meal Rod asked if he could cadge a lift home, as it was on our way. John agreed, but said that he would have to sit in the back with me. I couldn't understand what he meant until we got to the car. The customer that John had been to see, had given hima large box of returns and John had put the box on the front seat. So in John got, in I got behind John and Rod got in the other side and sat tight up against me. As we drove to Rod's house, his fingures were once again doing their work. It was so difficult to keep quite.

We arrived at rod's house and he invited us in for a night cap. I immediately said yes and John followed us in. We all sat down drinking his finest brandy. I was reaaly drunk at this stage and started to slur my words. Rod asked if either of us smoked. I said that I had given up years ago but always got the urge, when someone else was smoking. John has never smoked. Rod took out two large cigars and said that he never smoked in the house, would I like to join him outside to try one of these cigars. I said I would love to try one, so off we went outside. He led me over to a sun house at the bottom of the garden. When we got inside hsi hands were all over me. He unzipped my dress and let it fall to the ground. He quickly stripped off and lay me on a blanket on the floor. He put the cigar into my mouth and lit it. He then took it out of my mouth and put the unlit end into my now soaking hole and used it like a vibrator. He then put it into an ashtray beside us, replacing it in my hole with two fingures. That didn't last long before his fantastic cock went inside me. Now I could express my enjoyment and was moaning like mad. Again we came together in a shuddering orgasm.

We went back to the living room where John was watching a blue movie. We all sat down and watched it. John was getting a real hard on and I whispered in his ear that I was soaking wet at the thought of him fucking me on the way home. We made our excuses and drove of, heading for the nearest forrest lane and had a fantastic fuck. To this day John thinks that the movie had made me as wet as I was. We have had a few meals and brandies with Rod since and it's always a good night.