Written by Tom

22 Jan 2015

When my wife Alice's younger sister Jane stayed with us for the eight months her husband Jock was stationed in Afghanistan, we no longer could have the men we picked up at local area pubs for our cuckolding adventures come to ours for the night (see "Enjoying Being A Cuckold - 2" published here on 31 Dec 14). As a result of these fortnightly adventures, which we kept secret from Jane, Alice and I were so horny we had passionate sex with each other almost every night. Since we both are rather loud in our passion, Jane could not avoid hearing us make love as she attempted to sleep in the bedroom next to us.

Alice and Jane have always been extremely close so, about three months into her stay with us, Jane had a serious talk with Alice and told her that, in spite of getting relief through masturbation when she heard us going at it, she was still so sexually frustrated it was becoming unbearable, especially since Jock would not be in her bed for many months more.

The sisters had a long discussion about solutions during which Jane broached the idea of having me satisfy her a couple of nights each week. Jane explained this would be the ideal solution for many practical reasons, especially since Jock need never know, but she wasn't sure Alice would agree. Alice told me she thought about it for a few days weighing the pros and cons, especially her own reaction to me bedding her sister. Finally, she agreed.

I had had a long and close friendship with Jane ever since dating and marrying Alice many years before. We were almost like brother and sister so my immediate reaction was negative since I didn't want to jeopardize our friendship, nor take the risk Jock would find out as he and I were friends as well as brothers-in-law. I was also concerned about Alice's reaction to me being intimate with her sister.

Alice explained away each of my objections, then told me Jane was waiting for me in her bedroom next door. Alice's only condition was that, after a couple of hours with Jane, I return to our bed for rest of the night. By this time, the thought of having Jane as a sex partner appealed to me on a physical level. Alice later told me she knew I would agree when she noticed my growing erection toward the end of our discussion.

Wearing just my boxers, I entered Jane's room and saw she was sitting on the edge of the bed wearing only a short transparent nightgown. The room was dark being only dimly lit by a single night light and, as I went toward the bed, Jane stood up and quickly took her nightgown off revealing her firm body and luscious breasts. She slowly sauntered toward me with a hungry look on her face and I quickly removing my boxers.

She came up to me, wrapped her arms about my neck, moved her face to mine, and placed her open mouth over my lips. Her tongue caressed my lips and I quickly opened them to allow her tongue to seek out mine. She immediately sucked my tongue in a very passionate open mouthed kiss. She was so horny I could tell our first encounter was going to be quick and soon.

I immediately placed my hands on her bum and massaged her cheeks as I pulled her body into mine. We ground our hips into each other, my erection pushing into the V at the top of her thighs. She rolled her hips into me in such a way that my erection was sliding in and out along her slit, eliciting low moans of pleasure from her as she plundered my mouth with her tongue. This lasted only a minute or two before she said "I need you inside me now. It's been so long I can't wait any longer!", and she pulled me with her onto the bed.

She laid back and pulled me between her open legs and up onto her body. Quickly wrapping her arms about my neck again, she resumed plundering my mouth with hers, almost in desperation. My hips were thrusting slowly into her groin and my cock was sliding along her slit. She said "Come in me now, I need it hard and deep!" I raised up a bit and she quickly reached down between us and put the tip of my cock just inside her. I could feel she was sopping wet with arousal and pushed up her with one long slow movement. Once in all the way, I paused to let her get used to the feel of me, but she was having none of that as she started thrusting her hips up into me.

By this time, her extreme state of passion had inflamed me and, together with the excitement of having a new woman for the first time, my arousal had soared, especially after she moaned into my ear "My God, you feel wonderful! Do me quick! Make me come now!!" With that, I pounded into her, all thoughts of bringing her slowly to a climax gone. She matched me thrust for thrust as we both quickly rose to orgasm together. She arrived first, coming with short, sharp screams of ecstasy that went on for some time. Halfway through, I loudly grunted out my own orgasm, flooding her with my cum, and continued to thrust into her prolonging it for both of us.

After we were finally finished, we lay together with me on top for several minutes, then I rolled off her onto my side. She immediately rolled half onto me with her head on my left shoulder, one leg over my hip, and an arm across my chest. I held her with one hand on her bum and my other hand on her thigh. We lay like that in post-coital bliss with her making low mewing sounds and giving my neck small kisses.

After a while, she said "God, I needed that! You can't believe how horny I've been listening almost every night to you two going at it. I just about went crazy with lust. How can you two be like that after over twenty years of marriage?" I let her question hang in the air for a while, then answered "Your sister is a highly sexed and passionate woman who needs a lot of sex and isn't reluctant to let me know her needs. I'm incredibly lucky to be married to her and love keeping up with her in bed."

As we continued to lay there in each other's arms, I slowly caressed her firm breasts, then rolled her nipples between my fingers. She was quickly getting aroused again, especially when I sucked her nipples. She started rubbing her groin into my hip, then reached down to fondle my half erect cock into a full erection, and said "I need you to be in me again."

She rolled onto her back pulling me with her. I entered her again as she wrapped her legs around my waist and reached up with her mouth to deeply French kiss me. I returned her kisses as I established my rhythm of long slow strokes. Very soon, she started thrusting up into me faster and faster. I increased my speed to match hers, and then went faster to get ahead of her rising passion. Our hips were soon slapping and squelching loudly against each other. I could feel her climax rising and I pounded into her. Again, she came first with loud sounds a passionate release that very quickly sent me over the edge into my own climax. We held each other tightly as we came and the feeling of her muscles contracting around my cock was incredibly satisfying. Again we cuddled each other after coming down from our orgasms.

We had each other two more times, after which Jane said "I think I'm finally satiated, but I can tell already I'm going to want you again tomorrow night! I'll talk to Alice in the morning." Then she reluctantly said "I would love to have you sleep with me the rest of the night, but I guess you better get back to Alice now." I gave her a final deep kiss as I caressed her firm breasts and got up out of the bed.

As I walked into our bedroom I saw that Alice was not only awake but was laying naked awaiting me. As I got on the bed and moved next to her, she put her arms about my neck and pulled me into her saying "Now I know what Jane's been going through listening to love making through the wall! I've been listening to you two for almost two hours and I need you to do me right now!" With that she opened her legs and pulled me onto her. Alice's attitude and approach to sex has always been able to turn me on, and this was no exception even after me having spent two hours with Jane. I was able to satisfy Alice twice before sleep claimed us.

Upon awaking in the morning, my memory of having Jane the night before inflamed me and I had Alice again before we had to get up to start the day. Afterward, she said "I think I have Jane to thank for this morning's session with you." I grinned at her and asked "Do you mind?" She replied with a sexy laugh "I don't care what gets your motor running as long as you end up between my legs!"

Jane prevailed with Alice and the next night I visited with Jane again. After that, Jane and I were together an average of two nights a week until her husband returned and they went back to theirs to live.