Written by peternorth

23 Sep 2014

As Emma asked Carl to stop licking her pussy, he looked up at her as she beckoned him up onto the bed he lay next to Emma as they kissed Emma's hand was feeling Carl's balls as his hands were holding her an rubbing one of her stiff nipples. I looked to see Carl's cock was now looking huge against Emma's thigh pointing up at her bare pussy , she whispered something to Carl ,I saw him nod and he told her to lay across the bed so I could see her front as he moved behind her also facing the camera , Carl,s hand lifted her leg up an wide as he pushed his cock into view , while Emma put her hand down to guide the head of it against her pussy lips, I could see her finger tips spreading her lips as Carl gave a jab and his cock slipped inside

Emma,s warm pussy.

Emma gave a groan as she wriggled pushing her bum back against Carl,s cock as he pushed more of his hard shaft inside my wife, I guessed he was doing it this way for my benefit as I sat in my lounge with my lap top in front of me watching my good friend Carl fill my wife,s pussy with his cock. I have seen Emma before with another friend of mine on holiday , Emma said something to Carl i couldn't quite hear, as I saw her go onto all fours an Carl was soon knelt up behind her, his cock waved about in front of him before the head if it slipped back inside Emma,s pussy.

Carl held her waist and was soon sliding back an forwards , Emma was starting to groan as Carl fucked her as he sped up so Emma became more vocal, shouting Carl it's so hard !, so big !, then shouting oh Carl I am cumming !! Carl was telling her yes cum Ems !! Cum for me, because I am going to fill your lovely cunt with my cum , Ems as I saw him thrusting his arse back an forth till he said fuck Ems am going to fill you up now, Ems am cumming! honey ,oh so good Em ! love your sweet cunt honey, .

I watched as Emma rolled on to her back pulling Carl's face to hers an began kissing his face all over telling him that had been wonderful Carl!, I haven't cum like that for awhile now this time I heard her words of betrayal, but I knew Carl was helping me set Emma up and get to fuck her as well, they got up went for a shower.I then watched my wife dress putting on her matching underwear an sexily rolling those stockings of hers up her lovely legs which I was sure was for Carls benefit, as she did so Carl gave her bum a slap , she said there's time for that later Carl as they took there room key an went out the room. TBC