Written by peternorth

20 Nov 2014

I was sat at home with a glass of beer in my hand watching a late night film when my lap top pinged and looked up to see Carl putting all the lights on in his hotel room as he took his Jacket off, Emma my wife walked in with another man in his 30's I guessed. I could hear Carl ask if anybody wanted a drink as he poured himself a whisky, Emma said without thinking I think I could do with a stiff one as the 2 men an Emm realising what she said all burst out laughing.

At that Carl said I am sure we can oblige you there Emm, Carl said I am sure my good friend Nick would love to help you off with your dress , Emma !, Nick held her hand pulling her to him I watched as she put her arms around his neck and kissed Nick . He was reaching behind Emm to pull the zip down on her dress he peeled it down her arms and her lace bra holding her lovely boobs came into view, the dress fell at her feet an she stood there in her stockings an suspenders an matching G-string.

Emma said I think you boys should get undressed as well now , as within a minute the 2 men had stripped and clothes were strewn around the floor, Emma had sat back on the bed still in her undies an heels . Then Carl said I think you should show Nick your oral skills Emma, Nick lay back on the bed as Carl took Em's bra off, Nick piped up saying what a lovely pair you have got Emma, Carl told me you had lovely tits earlier and he is certainly right there.

Emma's face lit up at his remark and she knelt between Nick's outstretched legs and dipped her head down to lick an suck his cock for him I could hear Emm's licking an sucking even from where Carl had his web cam and laptop hidden, she was obviously trying to impress Nick as he encouraged her an praised her efforts. Meanwhile Carl was sat on the end of the bed lazily stroking his big cock with one hand as he was fingering Emma who was now moaning an groaning an letting us all know she was ready to cum.

It was only seconds later that Emma took all of Nick's cock into her mouth, gagging as it went into her throat for a second as her arse pushed back taking more of Carl's fingers as she had her cum , it also proved too much for Nick as he cried out telling Carl she was swallowing all his cum as he lifted his arse off the bed to force his cock deeper into Emm's mouth an throat. As their climax died down Carl told Emma she had better get Nick hard again as he had only come here to empty his balls inside Emma's juicy cunt .

I could see Emm's head working on Nick's cock now as Carl knelt up holding his cock in his fist with as much again sticking out from it, Carl began to rub the dark head over an against Emma's pussy lips. Carl then pressed forward and the bulging head slipped past Emm's swollen lips as he took his hand away and kept pressing on till she had taken all of Carl's long thick cock ,Emm stopped sucking as Carl reached her depths before resuming working on Nick's stiffening cock.

I think Carl was enjoying watching Emma work on Nick as it wasn't long this time, an still making Emma cum over his cock before he was telling Emma he was filling her womb with his warm cum and his body was pressed up against Emma's hot arse as he pumped every last drop inside her as he held her tight.

It didn't take much longer for Nick to be ready to fuck Emma with his stiff cock as Carl sat back to watch them, as his cock was still glistening with their juices as Nick got between Emma's legs, he knelt up pushing his cock in her wet cunt his hands moulding Emm's boobs . Emma was loving it she was lifting her hips to get more of Nick's cock inside her, she was licking her lips which I knew as a sign she was well horny, just then Nick thrust into her and Emma gasped or air.

I was watching Carl watching them as Nick's arse became a blur as he drove his cock in an out of Emm's wet pussy, he went on for some minutes fucking my wife I assumed as he had cum once already it left him to last that bit longer this time. I was watching Emm lifting her arse to meet his thrusts and screaming out she was cumming again and again an begging him to pump his cream into her womb along with Carls.

Nick was breathing heavy now ,just as Emm said she was cumming again , Nick's body went rigid his arse clenching, as his 2nd lot of cream was pumped into my wife's body that night, Nick fell forward onto Emma kissing her an telling her she was a lovely fuck. He eventually sat up and dressed thanking Carl and Emma for a lovely evening and also telling Carl he would get plenty of orders thru in the next year ,but he also hoped he wouldn't have to wait a year till he saw Emma once again as he gave her a long kiss and left them both to go to bed.

Carl thanked Emma for her enthusiastic response and promised her a bonus later in the year, also saying he may want her to help him out with some more clients over the next few days, as she went to the bathroom to clean up I too took my time to go to bed alone now to await my next live action from Carl's room involving my wife Emma TBC