Written by Slim-in-Surrey

8 Apr 2009


Previously: Flying to the Caribbean to watch part of the England cricket tour of the West Indies I had entered into conversation with my seated partner Julie.

Chaperoning her much younger sister Sara, elsewhere in the plane, Julie was not so interested in the sport but more in getting time away from her errant husband, and intent upon visiting a previous lover on an adjoining island. Meantime Sara, although making it obvious she was interested in me, had hitched up with a married couple and I had taken her attractive married sister to dinner on our first night in the hope that things might develop sexually between us. Our conversation over the delightful meal in romantic surroundings had, after two bottles of Californian Chablis, descended to a sexual level. Later that night, Julie complained she couldn’t sleep. For the next couple of hours neither of us did!

4. Sisters Two

Bleary-eyed we went down to breakfast. Sara was sat at the beach side of the restaurant and waved to us.

“Now there’s a rare sight,” laughed Julie, “My sister breakfast.” The younger Sara grinned knowingly at us as we joined her under a coconut tree.

“Good shag you guys?” She put her hand to her mouth, “Oh no, I forgot, you were there for a chat, Tom.”

Julie gave her a sisterly glare, “For God’s sake, Sara, keep your voice down, and don’t be so fucking coarse.”

We all laughed, and I chipped in, “Actually it was three chats.”

Sara clapped her hands, “Wow, you two certainly had some speech saved up!” She looked wistfully towards the bar where the waiters were hovering, “I could do with a long chat myself. There’s a guy over there who looks as though he might be a good conversationalist!”

“Oh yes, and who’s the poor defenseless chappie this time?”

“See the waiter drying the glasses? The one in the tight pants?” He turned towards us and smiled, I could see the appeal. “Yes, that one!”

“Bloody hell, Sara, don’t you ever stop?”

“You know me Sis, an empty pussy is a lonely pussy, and I don’t think she will be very lonely too much longer, I’ve seen him watching me when he thought I wasn’t looking.”

I don’t blame him, I thought to myself, who wouldn’t be attracted to Sara dressed as she was, tight shorts showing half her rounded bare ass, bikini top barely hiding her nipples and quite brown from somewhere recently sunny, or maybe the local tanning shop. Her dirty blonde hair was tied back in a tight ponytail, emphasising her long neck. Even though I had recently had sex with her sister, I fancied her like crazy.

Julie sat down next to Sara, “Tom, please excuse my very rude sister, she isn’t normally this bad.”

I waved my hand, “Please don’t mind me, I had a girl friend like you once, Sara.”

“And you lived to tell the tale? Fuck!”

I looked over towards the breakfast bar, the distinct aroma of bacon wafting across my nostrils, “I don’t know about you two, but I’m starving.”

“That’s what sex does for you,” laughed Sara, “Now you know why I am only having fruit juice!”

“Go on then, Tom,” said Julie, sidling up to her sister, “I’ll follow you in a minute, we girls have something we want to talk about.”

“No doubt how good a shag I was?” I laughed and, following a glare from my lover, I put up my hands, “Okay, I’m going.”

When I returned with a loaded plate, the girls were still locked head to head, and laughing. Julie looked over at my meal, “That looks appetising, Tom, I want some.”

Alone with me for the first time since that brief nocturnal moment in the corridor, Sara leaned closer, and cut to the chase, “You have a nice cock, Tom.”

On my way to her sister’s room for the supposed chat, she had reached under the towel and grabbed hold of it, I had been massively erect. I remembered the coolness of her hand and very briefly wanting to fuck her instead of her sister. But Julie had opened the door and caught her red-handed. Literally!

“Thank you Sara. Little Tom likes to please.”

“What a lovely name! Not so little either!” She raised her sunglasses and stared at me earnestly, “You know that I want him, don’t you?”

Even though my cock stirred instantly at the thought of getting down and dirty with this twenty-year old woman, I told her that last night’s events with her sister had left me depleted and that the organ in question would not be worthy of her attention for at least a day.

She leaned forward, “Oh, I think my mouth would make you worthy, Tom.”

I tried to ignore visualising that erotic picture, with little success. My cock stirred further. “Besides,” I continued, “I am sleeping with your sister, I hardly think she would approve.”

“Yeah, but she’s married, and got her eye on her old lover. And you won’t be able to shag her back home, she will be too far away.”

“What about you, don’t you live up north too?”

“No way, too fucking boring. I am in London, Islington to be precise. That anywhere near you?”

I could see the possibilities, now that Karen and I had officially broken up. “About an hour on the Tube, I guess.”

“So there you are, Tom. You can fuck me here and fuck me back home, what more could you want?”

The forwardness of this young woman was giving me indigestion as I attempted to munch my way through a large pork sausage. I remained silent in thought, wondering what I might be letting myself in for if I gave in.

Sara pouted over the remains of her coffee. “Don’t you want me then? You don’t seem very interested.”

I put a casual hand on her inner thigh and immediately, quickly making sure we were unobserved, she grabbed it and pressed it into her crotch. Although there was no sign of any dampness, I could feel the heat of her sex. I weakened instantly.

“Of course I do, and I can feel how hot you are for me. And if you must know, I was thinking about you while I had sex your sister. And don’t you dare tell her!”

Sara peered under the table at my obvious erection and whistled softly.

“And if your sister hadn’t invited me to her room, I have no doubt you and I would still be up there, fucking like rabbits.”

“Now that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard this morning. You know what? I masturbated in your bed, Tom, thinking about your cock inside me. So I made a wet patch instead of you!” In order that Julie and I could enjoy some privacy I had offered Sara the use of my room, she had asked if I had been wanking in my bed prior to that.

I laughed, “Nice one, I must remember to smell the sheet when I go back up.”

“Dirty bastard! I love it, you think like me!” She looked thoughtfully at her pineapple juice, “Tom, can I ask you something personal?”

“Of course, I assume it’s something do with sex?”

She grinned, “You misjudge me! But yes it is. You don’t have to answer this, but have you ever worn a girl’s panties?”

My cock twitched at a past memory, “Why do you ask that?”

“I just think you might be kinky enough to do that.”

I put down my knife and fork and decided to see if she truly was unshockable, “As a matter of fact yes, I have a friend called Carol, who was actually my first ever lover, I was only sixteen at the time.”

“Cool, same age as I was! We have lots in common, Tom.”

I paused, a little unsure of divulging one of my secrets which could well get broadcast around the planet.

Sara placed her sunglasses on top of her head, Sloane style, “Go on, Tom.” She could sense my hesitation, “This won’t go beyond this table, I promise.”

I took a deep breath, “Okay then. When we got reunited a couple of years back she sucked me off through a pair of her white cotton panties.”

Credit to Sara, she didn’t even blink, this girl truly was as broadminded as her sister suggested, “What, right to the end?”

“Yes,” I smiled at the memory, “She sucked my cum right through the material.”

“Fuck, I would like to try that with you, not sure if mine are cotton though.”

She grabbed my free hand, the other was by now fondling the panty-covered outline of her pussy inside the crotch of her shorts. Now there was some dampness. “Perhaps we could go buy some? Julie’s going to see her friend on Antigua tomorrow while we go to the cricket. I expect she told you David’s an old flame of hers?” I nodded. “I reckon she’s going for a shag. Maybe we could do something ourselves then? I really, really want to fuck you, Tom.”

“Friday it is then,” I declared, one finger stroking the moistening vee of her crotch. Little did I know it would be sooner than that. Much sooner!

Seeing Julie approaching with her food, Sara leaned forward, beckoning my ear to her mouth, “I also want you to fuck me up the bum.”

I grinned and whispered back, “Thought you didn’t do that with strangers?”

Julie had stopped to allow a crowd of kids pass through the tables to the beach and Sara replied quickly, “By the time you do that, we won’t be strangers, Tom, we will be fuck-buddies, you and I. Besides I’ve never had a thick one like yours up there!”

Julie sat down with an equally loaded plate, not before I removed my hand from her sister’s heated groin. “What were you two plotting then? I saw you whispering! How soon you could fuck as soon as my back is turned?” She could hardly avoid noticing the healthy erection in my pants, and laughed at the sight.

“Whatever gives you that idea?” grinned Sara from behind her glasses.

“Because I know you only too well, darling, that’s what. It wouldn’t be the first time you have stolen one of my boyfriends.”

“That was your fault, because you let me watch you shag them, it was inevitable they would fancy me too.”

“Sara, no!”

I stared at both of them, Julie was not so innocent after all! “Wish I’d seen that,” I remarked, returning to my meal.

I had an immediate vision of this gorgeous twenty-year old sitting naked in a chair watching my cock slide in and out of her sister’s pussy, maybe getting to fuck her later too.

“Sara!” Julie repeated, giving her sister a stern look, “Don’t even think of going there.”

“Why not? That used to be so much fun.”

“Whatever it was, I can only imagine,” I grinned with a mouthful of egg.

“Tom, you don’t want to know.” She hissed at her sister, “Don’t you fucking dare!”

I decided to be the peacekeeper and patted both their hands, “Now, now girls, if you two used to have threesomes, that’s completely cool with me.”

Julie looked at me furiously and glared at her sister, “You wish, mister.”

Sara grinned, “No, we didn’t do that, but we came pretty close.”

“Sara, please!”

“Fuck off Sis, Tom’s an adult, I’m sure he can handle it.”

I took both their hands, “Sure I can!”

Julie turned away towards the sea as if she didn’t want to be part of this conversation.

Sara gripped the hand I had failed to remove, “Long before she got married to that twat James, we used to watch each other fuck our boyfriends.”

“Cool,” I replied. ‘Hot’ thought my fully hardened cock. These two women were really something else. “Is this true, Julie?”

Julie, her back to us, her meal ignored, remained silent, her neck reddening as she refused to return our grinning stares.

“Of course it’s true,” laughed Sara, “Remember the first time, darling?”

Slowly, Julie turned back to us, her hunger exceeding her modesty, “I’m sure Tom doesn’t want to hear about our past, Sara. I think he’s more interested in the present, and the cricket.”

“Bollocks, he’s interested, just like any bloke would be, look at his cock!”

Following her earnest gaze I looked down. My appendage was indeed truly vertical in my shorts, it would have taken a blind person to not notice my predicament. Unfortunately everybody in the restaurant was fully sighted!

Julie peered around the table, “Shit, you recover quickly, Tom.”

“And, being older than me and out of practice darling,” laughed her sister, “If you fall behind I will always be glad to help!”

“I am sure I can manage thank you sweetie. And Tom, if you must know what we’re talking about, it was all very innocent really.”

“That’s fucking bollocks and you know it,” giggled Sara, “You showed me how to fuck, if you call that innocent!”

An elderly couple had settled at an adjoining table. “Sara, keep your voice down and let me tell Tom sometime in private, I’m sure the rest of the world doesn’t want to know about our sex lives.”

“I do!” I laughed. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and took a long sip of mango juice, “Look girls, for obvious reasons I can’t get up just at the mo’ so you might as well tell me, I can’t get any harder!”

Julie composed herself, “Alright let me tell it, let’s just keep our voices down, okay? Or we’ll get ourselves thrown out of here.”

“Suit yourself,” sighed Sara, “But I think I could tell it better.”

Julie stood up and, picking up her plate, pointed to the sea wall at the edge of the sand, “Better still, lets go down there where we can’t be seen or heard, okay? And let go of his hand.” Sara had been making little suggestive movements up and down my index finger with her forefinger and thumb encircling it. I so much wanted that to be my cock.

We settled down on the low wall with myself in between these two delicious sisters. Fortunately there were no passers-by, blind or otherwise, my erection clearly on view to all and sundry.

“So come on then, tell me more about you two watching each other.”

Julie, her plate in her lap, tucked into her food. She leaned into me as I placed an arm around her and, not to be left out, Sara pressed a casual hand on my thigh. “You wouldn’t believe it now, but Sara was once very naïve when it came to boys.”

“I was only fourteen for fuck’s sake, Sis.”

“Yes, but if I remember, you were being an absolute pest asking silly questions about me and my boyfriends and what we did in bed.”

“That’s quite natural,” I replied, “I was the same at her age, I wanted to know everything.”

Julie shook her head, “When I was fourteen I had to find out for myself, Mum told me nothing. I got fed up in the end and suggested if Sara really wanted to know what goes on she should hide in the cupboard and watch.”

“Cool, voyeurism at fourteen!”

“Yeah,” laughed Sara, “But she didn’t think I would take her seriously and one night I watched her make love to Colin from behind the curtains. She didn’t know I was there until after he had pulled up his pants and disappeared out the door and gone home!”

I turned to Julie, “What did you say to her?”

“Actually, I was so surprised that I laughed. On reflection, I realized that it turned me on to know that I was being watched, so I let her do it a few more times.”

“Did your boyfriend know?”

“No way! That would have spoilt it, but I made sure that we shagged with the light on for Sara to see what goes on.”

“And I rubbed my pussy,” laughed Sara, “I remember being so fucking wet, I wondered what was happening to me. I thought I had peed myself!”

I laughed but Julie frowned at her sister, “I don’t think Tom needs to know that, darling.”

“I think he liked hearing it,” she replied, “Look at his pants!”

A distinct wet patch had appeared at the extreme of my erection. Sara reached forward and circled her finger over the slimy spot, then, with great show, put it to her lips. Julie simply stared and said nothing.

“I have no problem with that. That girlfriend Carol I told you about just now…” Julie pricked up her ears, “…she used to have such intense orgasms that she sometimes really did pee herself.”

“God, that’s embarrassing. Did that mean you had to fuck in the bathroom all the time? Or on the kitchen floor?” Sara asked.

“Not very hygienic,” mumbled Julie as she wiped her plate clean with her last piece of toast.

I laughed, “We had ways around that, and as it happens it was only a tiny squirt.”

Sara continued to tickle the tip of my erection with soft fingertips, a movement that didn’t go unnoticed by her sister, “I had a boyfriend once who tried to piss on me, my tits actually.”

“Sara, that’s disgusting!”

“Sorry darling, I forgot you are eating.”

I was in heaven, I had recently fucked the woman on my left, and her randy sister was openly stroking the tip of my barely hidden erection. There was more to come. With a furtive glance left and right she slipped her hand under my waistband and gripped my naked cock.

“Fuck, he’s hot. And all wet too.”

I looked at each of them in turn, “I’m sure I’m not the only one around here that’s wet.”

Sara grabbed my hand and pressed it to the nearest breast. That too was hot, from the early sun. I whispered in her ear, “I want to fuck you.”

“I heard that,” grinned Julie, but she pulled her sister’s hand from my pants, “Sis, I don’t mind if you want to sleep with my new boyfriend, but not in public please, and definitely not until I have finished with him.” She put an arm around my shoulders and buried a hot tongue in my ear. “Talking about all this sex has got me horny again, Tom. I don’t think I can wait until tonight.”

Reluctantly letting go of Sara’s breast I pulled Julie to her feet.

Sara stood up too, her own eyes also wild with lust. She examined her hand which glistened in the sunlight with my pre-cum, “Then go fuck her, Tom, your cock clearly needs some more pussy. I can wait, but not too long. About five minutes!” she added, laughing loudly for all to hear.

My hands discreetly covering my groin, the three of us started to hurry through reception, when Julie turned to her sister, “And where do you think you’re going miss?”

Sara grinned, “With you, Tom said just now he wants to fuck me. He can have us both.”

Julie stopped her in her tracks, “No way, Sis, this is my show, you can have him tomorrow when I go to see David, but then you two have probably already planned that. Why don’t you go and find your own man to play with? There looked to be plenty around the pool. Try that waiter guy, he’s been looking at you again. You said yesterday that you fancy some black cock.”

But Sara persisted and by now we were crammed into the elevator and it was Julie’s turn to fondle me through my shorts. Needless to say the obligatory damp patch had enlarged considerably.

“Oh pleeeese,” pleaded Sara as I pressed the number 10 button, “Just let me watch, like we used to?”

There was a long silence and finally Julie relented, “Would you mind that, Tom?”

I grinned, “Not at all, it’ll turn me on knowing someone is watching, I’ve been there before. The only thing is, I’m not sure if I can perform again so soon.”

This time Julie reached inside my pants, “Your cock says you’re lying, Tom,” she laughed.

Sara took her arm, “So? It will be just like old times, darling.”

“Alright Sara, as long as you keep quiet.”

“I’ll be quiet as a mouse.”

“And maybe masturbate for us,” I added with a sly look.

“Try and stop me! In case you hadn’t noticed, I have already started!”

We looked down, Sara was indeed working non-too discreetly under the leg of her brief shorts, another hand caressing an exposed nipple. I swore I could smell the heat of her pussy, I wondered how she would taste. Meanwhile, as we climbed slowly through the floors, Julie continued fondling my cock. I whispered in her ear, but loudly enough for Sara to hear, “We are going to give your sister the best show ever.”

Julie merely sighed and gripped me harder than ever and Sara, overhearing us, replied, “And you can both watch me finger fuck my pussy and listen to me cum.”

As the elevator doors opened we forgot there might be people waiting to descend. The sight that greeted them was comical. With two women draped around my shoulders and a very obvious hard-on, I pushed between them. Fortunately Julie had removed her hand from my nether regions, but Sara had one breast completely exposed. The attractive young couple grinned and as we passed them I heard him mutter, “Lucky bastard.” His female companion uttered some crude comment and punched him in the ribs.

As soon as the bedroom door was closed, Julie and I ripped at each other’s skimpy clothing, not that there was much to remove. Despite our speed, Sara beat us to it and, by the time we hit the bed, she was sprawled naked, legs apart on the sofa, two fingers deep inside her soaking cunt. This young girl had no modesty! Her eyes flared when she saw her sister reach for my rampant cock.

“You lucky bitch, I wish that was going into my pussy.”

“I’m sure Tom will oblige you quite soon, darling.”

“Fucking right he will! I can’t wait. Do you realise it’s now five whole days since I had a shag?”

Julie and I laughed at her outburst and as I laid back against the pillows, her soft lips descended slowly over my purple head, her tongue gathering a clear pearl of love juice on the way.

“Fuck, that’s beautiful,” moaned the observing Sara, her fingers working furiously inside her pussy. With the sight of her masturbating and that wonderful feeling of my cock totally inside Julie’s mouth, I knew that, despite our early morning fuck, I wouldn’t be able to last long. I shuddered as the head of my cock hit the back of her throat.

I don’t know who was moaning the most, me or Sara, but it was enough to make Julie pause, “For fuck’s sake, keep it quiet, Sis, I can’t concentrate here.”

“Sorry, darling, but from here I have never seen anything quite so erotic, that lovely thick cock in your mouth. taste nice? Is he going to come soon? Are you going to let him spunk in your mouth, like you used to do with Simon? Did I ever tell you that he did that with me, and I swallowed it!”

Julie sighed deeply and looked resignedly at her sister, then up at my face, my cock was dribbling in anticipation of more to come, “Shall we let her?”

Of course I nodded, doing little to disguise my eagerness.

Julie pointed my cock at her sister.

“Come on then, don’t say I’m not generous.”

Within nanoseconds, Sara had leapt across the room and impaled her mouth on my cock. By instinct my fingers sought out her wet pussy and she groaned. After several rapid sucks which took me close to the edge, she paused, grinned at her sister and very softly pressed her lips to her mouth.

“Thank you sweetie. I love you.”

I was in heaven as I watched the contact develop into a fierce kiss, Sara still clinging on to my cock. Despite its glamorous beaches and scantily clad women, Barbados, unlike its European counterparts, is a difficult place to pick up available pussy. Yet here I was, with little effort, within hours of arrival, with two falling into my lap. Literally. Thank you Virgin Atlantic!

The girls stopped to take a breath and I wondered who I was going to fuck first.

“Thank you, Sis, it means a lot to me, you sharing like this. This is just like old times.”

I looked up at her in surprise, “You two have done this before?”

Julie smiled, more to herself than me, “Shut up, Tom, and enjoy.” She looked at her sister, “The old routine?”

Sara grinned and nodded and when I started to sit up she pushed me back, “You are fine as you are sweetie, just keep that nice cock upright.”

As if these two did it every day Julie climbed over my legs and, taking my cock from her sister, lowered herself on to it. Sara watched for a moment as Julie started to fuck me and then, with a wide grin, lowered her own pussy on to my face. My tongue immediately sought her opening. She was of course soaking wet as was her sister as she humped up and down on my eager cock. My eyes could only see a tiny rosebud of an asshole, and which I gave a tentative lick, my exposed ears told me that the girls, while busily occupied in fucking and face-sitting me, were still kissing.

This was only my second threesome and the two girls were giving it their best. Clearly they had done this before, I wish I had brought my video camera! And they were sisters! Incest always made it more interesting! I was dying to see how far they would go with each other, and I wasn’t long in finding out!

I tried to take my mind off my orgasm by busying myself with Sara’s pussy. I held her lips wide while I tongue fucked her cunt, all the time juices flowing liberally out of her, making my face wet with her passion. She cried out when my finger wandered into bandit territory.

“What is it darling,” I heard Julie mumble into her mouth.

“He just stuck his finger up my ass.”

“Mmm, dirty boy, I wonder what else he might put up there?”

Sara giggled, “I hope to find out while you are away visiting David.”

“Dirty girl!”

The thought that tiny little hole before my very eyes filled with my fat cock, and the manner of the girls’ discussion, made me tremble in Julie’s pussy. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. I replaced my finger with something softer.

“Now he’s got his tongue in there.”

“God, I like that too. Why didn’t you do that last night, Tom?”

“Grmmm,” was my muffled reply as I reverted back to eating out Sara’s cunt. I worked at her clitoris and if she was close to orgasm she showed no sign of it, she just kept rubbing her pussy up and down my face, as Julie continued to fuck me in a frenzy.

Then, without warning, came the episode that changed the course of my holiday.

We heard a jangle of keys and a cursory tap on the door. On our way to the room I had seen the maid working a few doors away, a very dusky female, very sexy, very young French Caribbean. And, by routine, I had noted no rings. Her badge named her left breast as Simone. If these two hadn’t been around she would have been a test to my art of seduction. Some years ago in Hamburg, a chambermaid had caught me naked in the shower and, without hesitation after a wink from me, had ripped of her clothes and jumped me. And at the time I hadn’t even had an erection! With her mouth she had quickly remedied that situation! I don’t know what the German words are for ‘fuck me’ but I’m sure they’re the ones she used constantly while I impaled her under the driving water!

“Who is it?” called Julie.

“Room cleaner.”

“Sorry, you can’t come in.”

“I need to clean the room.”

“Fuck off,” Julie shouted, not too kindly, I thought.

“Or fuck us,” Sara laughed, the maid had a body to die for, whether you were male or female. And a wonderful rounded ass that only black women can carry with confident poise.

“That’s okay, I only need to change the towels then.”

“No way,” replied Julie.

Sara added her own graphic contribution, “We are busy, like fucking. Get it?”

“Okay, sorry, I’ll leave the towels outside if you like?”

Julie didn’t reply so I eased my head out from under Sara’s crotch and called out my own thoughts on the subject.

“Bring them on in if you would like to join us!”

“Tom!” Julie peered me in mock disapproval.

For a thrilling moment I heard the keys inserted in the lock and the door opened a fraction, but only enough for the towels to fall through the opening. As quietly as it opened, the door closed again, but not before we heard a soft Bajan voice, “Not today guys, too busy. Maybe another time.”

“What were you thinking, Tom?”

“The more the merrier, Julie.” I gave a strong thrust upward to remind her we were supposed to be fucking.

“We never did it with anyone else, did we Sara? Anyway, she might have been old and fat and ugly.”

I laughed, “Not from what I saw down the corridor earlier, she was the opposite, young, slim and very, very sexy.” And that ass to die for, I smiled to myself. I had never experienced black pussy, but I had heard rave reviews! I wondered if she would be the first?

Julie was not responding to my upward thrusting, now disturbed by the interruption at the door, but the thought of a third girl joining us had empowered my libido even further. So, pushing Sara aside I turned Julie on to her back, my cock still fully embedded in her cunt. She gasped as I started to pump into her with renewed vigour, supported by encouraging words from her sister.

“Go on, Tom. Fuck her hard. Fuck her dirty cunt with that big fat cock of yours.”

If that wasn’t enough to rouse my sperm, then nothing would. I pulled Sara’s head towards mine and kissed her hungrily as my cock moved urgently inside her sister. “You taste of me,” she whispered as she sucked on my tongue.

“I want you,” I whispered.

“Good,” she grinned, “Then you can fuck me later, just like you are fucking her. I like to be underneath a nice hard man.”

“Do you really think she won’t mind?”

“I heard that,” gasped Julie, my cock completely embedded inside her, “Just get on and fuck me will you? You two can have your fun later.”

Sara laughed, “Are you close, Tom?”

“I have been for ages.”

“What about you Sis?”

“Getting there, help me someone.”

“I’m ready too,” gasped Sara. She winked at me and, reaching down between her sister’s thighs, rapidly rubbed at her clit, her fingers an inch away from my plunging cock.

For a minute, apart from gasping and heavy breathing, we were all silent as we concentrated on our orgasms, me fucking, Sara fingering, Julie receiving all the attention.

“Yes!” Julie’s hips suddenly thrusted up at me.

I paused, extracted all but an inch of my cock and then with one almighty stroke, plunged back in, releasing a torrent of liquid into her shaking body. At the same time, she shuddered as her sister brought her to her own peak. Sara, her head buried in my shoulder and, concentrating more on her sister then herself, was a few seconds behind.

She bit into my shoulder as her whole body trembled, my cock was now still inside Julie, I could feel my cum starting to leak out. I felt a wetness on my cheek and realised that Sara was crying. I stroked her golden hair.

“You okay?” I whispered.

She nodded, “I always weep a little when I have a good orgasm.”

“Good, I hope I can make you really cry later.”

“And it really, really turns me on being watched by a complete stranger, like just now.”

I tilted her chin up and looked at her with a puzzled expression, “What stranger? Apart from me, your sister couldn’t see.”

She raised her head and nodded toward the door. It was just closing!

“The maid?”

She nodded.

Julie sat up, freeing my cock, and looked shocked, “That fucking maid was in here?”

“Uh huh.”

“Shit! What did she see?”

“Everything I would imagine, darling.”

“Why didn’t you say something, Sara?” I asked, idly caressing her breasts. Julie was stroking my sticky cock which, with this new revelation, was refusing to soften. Sara, not to miss out on the intimacy, was fingering the pool of cum seeping from Julie’s cunt, then she presented a finger to her mouth, and loudly smacked her lips in approval.

“Because she didn’t want me to. She put her finger to her lips and just stood still and watched. She obviously didn’t want you guys to know she was there. You know me wel enough, I didn’t mind at all!”

“She really stood absolutely still?” I gave Sara a knowing grin.

“Well, she did have a hand up her skirt, and come to think of it, it wasn’t very still!”

“Just as well she didn’t join us,” smiled Julie, “I think Tom has his hands full as it is!”

I reminded her of the foursome I had with Lisa, Rachel and Carol on New Year’s last year, “ I think I could manage!”

Sara’s eyes widened, “You fucked three women in one night? God, I thought me shagging two blokes was pretty cool!”

“Actually no, I had oral sex from all three but I only had full sex with Carol while the other two got it on.”

“Wow, perhaps we better proposition that maid for one evening then, we must find out her name.”

“It’s Simone, she had a badge on her chest.”

“Ha-ha, trust you to notice that.”

“Do you think she might be bisexual?” I asked hopefully.

“She looked pretty excited watching me fingering my sister. I have no doubt she is,” replied Sara, her hand now taking over from Julie and idly fondling my cock.

“Phew,” Julie flopped back on the bed, “Don’t know about you guys, but I am totally fucked.”

“Yes, we know that, you truly were,” both Sara and I laughed together.

Julie saw the direction of my glance, her swollen wet pussy was glistening with leaking spunk in the bright sunlight. She pulled up the sheet in mock modesty. “Obviously you two…” she smiled, observing my hard cock in her sister’s hand, my own fingers caressing her erect nipples, “…are up for more.”

“Do you mind if we don’t wait until tomorrow Sis??” asked Sara, “I’ve been gagging for a fuck, especially watching you two have it off.”

“I have no control over who you fuck and who you don’t fuck, darling. In fact I am happy with you going with someone I know rather than some guy off the street.” She settled down in the bed, “And now if you don’t mind, I am going to have a kip.”

I replaced my shorts and Sara fished out a long tee shirt from her suitcase. Julie was asleep before we quietly left the room.

“Do you think you can manage one more go today, Tom?” Sara asked as, arm in arm, we walked the short distance to my room.

I placed her hand on my cock, miraculously I was still hard, “Try me!” I grinned, hoping my body was as good as my word.

But, before I got my cock inside this delicious girl, we were to get yet another surprise.

To be continued.