Written by Slim-in-Surrey

8 Apr 2009


Previously: Flying to the Caribbean to watch part of the England cricket tour of the West Indies I had met a married woman called Julie, and her twenty year old sister Sara. After a romantic dinner I charmed my way into Julie’s bed, joined the following morning by her promiscuous sister. The teenage maid Simone, changing the towels, had silently watched the erotic proceedings.

Following the long flight and only two hours of sleep and many more of sex, Julie had requested Sara and I leave her to rest. Eager to satiate the lust for each other, the younger sister and I readily agreed and headed off to my room. It was still only mid-morning of our first full day at the Barbados resort.

5. Sara

“Do you and your sister have sex together a lot?” I asked as we made our way down the corridor, “She never said anything to me about being bisexual.”

Sara shook her head, “She’s not really. That was the first time since our teens that we have kissed like that, so you were very privileged just now. We’ve never had oral sex, we just used to kiss and finger until we came. She is not into pussy like I am.”

We passed a couple in the corridor who gave us a curious glance. When I looked down I could see why, my erection was not too well concealed. I looked back over my shoulder and the woman did the same. We both grinned, the intentions of Sara and I were patently obvious!

“So have you been with many girls?” A typical male thirst for knowledge!

“A few, I have a regular girlfriend Linda back home” she laughed, “She’s madder than I am! But just at this moment I want cock. Yours please.”

With that, as we approached my room, she grabbed hold of the tent in my pants. In return I slipped my hand under her tee shirt and fondled her smooth round ass. She pointed ahead, counting down the room numbers.

“Tom, isn’t that your room, with the trolley outside?”

“Yes, why?”

“The door’s open.”

What was inside that door was far more interesting. The breast called Simone was on her knees doing something important to my bathroom floor. Her skirt had risen over the top of her dark thighs, displaying a bright yellow strip of cotton covering her crotch, the crease of her pussy clearly outlined. And I swear I could perceive a narrow dampness.

We stood still in the doorway, caressing each other and admiring the view, both of us instantly lusting after this young woman.

“Now that’s a sight for sore eyes,” Sara breathed lightly in my ear, rubbing my erection through my pants.

“More like a sight for a hard cock,” I whispered back.

“You ever had black pussy, Tom?”

I shook my head, both of us still rooted to the spot “You?”

“No, but if they are all like this, I wouldn’t mind!”

My fingers found Sara’s wet pussy lips from the rear. I inserted one. Deeply. She was soaking wet, so ready for some cock. My cock.

For a few more seconds we watched the maid’s ass wobble invitingly as she cleaned the floor, the yellow g-string straining at her crotch. Sara inadvertently moaned as I inserted two more fingers into her soaking love canal and, with a start, Simone turned around and gasped at the semi-erotic display in the doorway. Sara was grasping the very visible lump in my pants, and me with my hand out of sight under her tee shirt. Still kneeling, the maid quickly collected her wits.

“Oh, I’m sorry, do you want to use the room?” She nodded knowingly towards the bedroom, Sara’s hand on my cock clearly stated our lustful intentions.

“Yes please,” I replied, “But there’s no rush, carry on with what you were doing.” The view was too good to spoil.

“Yes there is,” whispered Sara fiercely into my ear. “I want to fuck! Like now!”

“No problem, I have finished anyway.” Simone grinned and made to stand up but one foot slipped on the wet floor. Sara grabbed her hand to steady her. Still holding on, she stared into her face, their eyes locking in acknowledgement of their mutual bisexuality. If I wasn’t present I am sure they would headed straight for the bed.

She spoke softly, their lips inches apart, I so wanted them to kiss. “You are welcome to stay, Simone, we would both very much like you to, I think you know that.”

Simone was breathing heavily, whether it was from the near fall or from sexual desire, I wasn’t sure, but her breasts were rising and falling under her uniform. She remained silent, her eyes glancing at me then back at my prospective lover, clearly undecided.

Still clutching Simone’s hand, Sara pulled it forward and pressed it against my cock. To give the girl credit she didn’t pull away in shock, in fact she did the opposite. When Sara switched to stroke Simone’s breast, the maid’s hand remained on my pants, her fingers delicately tracing the outline of my erection. The atmosphere was electric. The right words and I knew all three of us would be fucking in an instant.

I spoke the wrong words, “We both want to fuck you, Simone,” I spoke frankly. Intuitively, from the scenario in Julie’s room, and the way the maid was returning Sara’s glances, I was firmly convinced she was bisexual.

Still shaking, and still gripping my cock lightly, the dusky teenager spoke at last.

“I…I can’t, my boyfriend would kill me. You two are lovely and sexy, but no.”

She made to move away but Sara grabbed her arm, “Let’s see if you really mean no. Tom, show her your cock.”

I hesitated, worried that Sara was maybe pushing things too far to the extent we could get thrown out of the hotel if the girl complained. But to my surprise and delight the maid took things into her own hand, literally. Reaching out with her free hand, and grinning, she unzipped my shorts and out sprang one very healthy erect cock.

Simone’s eyes widened, and she made no further move to pull way. “Fuck,” she exclaimed, “That’s so beautiful.”

Sara laughed, “I wouldn’t call cocks beautiful, but they do have their uses!”

“I disagree, this is a lovely cock.”

I joined in, “Anyone would think you haven’t see one before, Simone. They all look pretty much alike you know. They just vary in size, that’s all.”

“Not a white one I haven’t. Not hard like that anyway.”

For those readers who have not sampled my earlier scribblings I too would not call my appendage beautiful. Pink, circumcised, comfortable inside most pussies and your average six point something inches. What seems to attract women to it is the g-spot-rubbing upward curve and its thickness. More I am told than the average. Not having seen many erect cocks in the flesh, I have to take the females’ word for it.

“Well?” asked Sara, “Want it?”

From Simone’s eyes I could see she was sorely tempted. Sara started to stroke me gently, and my cock twitched gratefully in her little hand. The maid’s eyes flickered, she was nearly hooked.

“Your boyfriend doesn’t have to know, does he?” I asked her huskily.

For a moment we were all silent, Simone was clearly torn between lust and loyalty.

“Look you guys, I am so tempted to do this and, as you guess after what I saw in the other room, I am pretty horny, but it’s all a bit sudden. Can I have a little time please?”

“Sure,” I laughed, nodding towards the bed, “We will be on there, waiting for you.”

Simone smiled, flashing her white teeth, “I meant a little longer than that, how long are you staying?”

“Another eleven nights. We don’t mind waiting.”

“Good, and anyway I would get the sack if I stopped now, I still have seven more rooms to do.”

“No problem,” replied Sara, “I have something to keep me occupied for the time being.” She pointed my cock at Simone, “Just think what you are missing.”

“Oh yes, I can guess what that is,” Simone giggled, watching my cock twitch in Sara’s fist. She bent down to retrieve her bucket, once again displaying the exotic rear view, this time fully intended. Then, for full effect, she paused and provocatively wiggled her ass. Seize the moment, the devil in me insisted, but Sara, reading my thoughts, grabbed my arm. She informed me later that she had also discerned the faint wet strip in the yellow panties.

“Before I go, can I ask you both a favour?” Simone looked up at us both with an innocent smile.

“Sure,” I replied, “anything.” Especially if it involves that hidden pussy, I thought, grinning inwardly.

“Please don’t think I have changed my mind, but I have never touched a white cock before. I don’t want anything else. Can I please?”

“Okay by me,” Sara and I spoke in unison.

Without hesitation I moved forward and presented my erection to Simone, “Be my guest, enjoy!”

But she didn’t stand up. To my intense surprise and, still kneeling, she pressed her purple lips to my swollen helmet, Sara looking on with amusement. My cock chose that very untimely moment to leak some pre-cum, but she didn’t recoil. I reflected that I must have tasted of a cocktail of pussy and spunk. For one delicious second she slid her lips over the head and sucked off the clear liquid. Then she grinned, “Thank you, Tom.”

“I bet that wasn’t the touch you expected,” laughed Sara.

Breathing heavily, I replied, “No, it wasn’t. You may touch as much as you like, Simone!”

“My pleasure,” I quickly kissed the top of her head as she quickly withdrew and Sara took me in hand, trying to lead me away, “Do I taste any different to your boyfriend?”

She grinned, licking her lips suggestively, “Mmm, I‘m not sure.”

“You can have a longer taste if you like, or taste longer! Take your pick.”

“Thank you, that was enough for the moment.” She looked up at Sara who was looking on bemused, one hand idly moving under the hem of her shirt. “I can’t leave you out can I?”

To my delight, and obviously Sara’s too, she lifted the tee shirt and briefly pressed her lips to her pussy. Sara immediately groaned and clasped her hands around Simone’s head and held her there, but the maid wriggled clear and the moment quickly passed.

“Your first white pussy too?” Sara grinned down at her.

“Absolutely! And now I really must go. Have fun you two.” And in a flash she had collected her gear and was gone.

“Wow!” exclaimed Sara, “One wildcat.”

“I was right about her being bisexual then,” I said as we moved towards the sofa, stripping off our meagre clothing, “The way she kissed your pussy just like that.”

Sara laughed, “She didn’t just kiss it, she stuck her tongue in it! I wanted to fuck her, Tom, and I know you did too! For a moment I thought you were going to get a full blowjob.”

“Maybe I still am,” I replied, holding my cock out lewdly to her. “I know one thing, I bet she will masturbate in the next empty room.”

“Tom,” she replied with an impatient tone, “Ever since I saw you on the plane, I have wanted you to fuck me, and that’s what I want right now. We have plenty of time later for me to suck you off, and for us to fuck the maid. And both will be worth waiting for.”

Fucking Sara was so different from sex with her sister. Where Julie was quite submissive, this woman was an animal. Today I still get excited remembering how, as soon as we were totally naked, she jumped me like a horny leopard. We started over the arm of the small sofa, only because it was nearer than the bed! We realised we both stank of sex and, locked together at the groin, headed into the bathroom where we worked ourselves up to a frenzy in the shower. Naked and wet on my bed she did indescribable things to me no woman has ever done before, not kinky Kamile, or the dirty Carol, nor anyone else I care to mention.

With the eyes of a voyeur, I watched her snake beneath me, her body swimming with our sweat, her hot skin glistening in the sunlight filtering through the shutters. Eyes tightly shut, her face contorted in a rictus of delight, her hips bucked in violent spasms, faster, faster still, lifting both our naked bodies from the sweat-soaked sheets peeling back from the corners of the king-size bed. She squealed with delight when I chewed lustily on a passing nipple.

In a daunting display of female fertility, she suddenly slipped from underneath me and slammed me on my back with a force that shook the walls. Sara then looped one leg across my body and mounted me like a jockey intent on winning the Derby, strands of damp blonde hair lashed against her face, her eyes wild with lust, in tune with the gallop of her passion. When she finally reached the finishing line, with a finger deep in each others asshole, every muscle in her body tensed, her head fell back and, as I succumbed to my own liquid release deep inside her, she let loose a blood-curdling shriek. For a brief moment I visualised Simone listening and playing with herself while cleaning the next room.

Panting like a dog Sara pressed her lips to mine, climbed off her exhausted stallion, fell backward on to the sodden mattress and pulled my face into her sweating sex, my own creamy contribution already leaking out. I obliged her obvious request with eager tongue and fingers until she cried out again. This time my ears enjoyed the protection of her thighs!

I pause, erect, while I remember the sweet aroma of her pussy, tainted slightly with my own liquid contribution.

For a while we slept, spooned naked and moist on top of the sheet. I dreamed of Simone being there too, my cock deeply embedded in her Bajan cunt while she sucked on Sara’s eager pussy. The dream obviously had an effect on my anatomy because an hour or so later I woke to find myself half inside Sara from behind. Her moaning had woken me.

Refreshed from my short sleep I took control this time and, lifting her leg, I rammed hard into the randy twenty year old with all the force I could muster. “My turn to fuck you, bitch!” I gasped as I slid a large finger into her ass.

She replied in kind, “Oh yes, fuck me you fucking bastard, give me that fat cock, fuck my hot cunt.”

Roused by her language,I pulled out, slammed her on her back and, as she raised her legs in the air I pinned her arms back on the pillow behind her head.

My thrusts were orchestrated by her cries of “Fuck me, fuck me,” and my equally bawdy replies of “Dirty little cunt slut.” She pulled one hand free to play with her clit as I continued to pound into her. We were both swimming with sweat, her hair a tangled mess. I let her cum first, her back arching into the air as she shrieked with the ecstasy of her climax. I slowed my fucking to ease the sensitivity of her orgasm, and when her breathing slowed she made an interesting request, “I want you to cum porn-style, Tom.”

I was pretty close to that stage so I asked what she meant.

“Cum on my face and in my mouth.”

Grinning, I pulled out of her and sat aside her waist, my balls swinging against her tits.

Her eyes widened when she saw how swollen my cock was, the shaft slimy with the fruits of our sex.

“Do it Tom, cum for me. Give it to me, babe. Spunk on my tits and face.”

“Not sure if I have any left,” I gasped.

I wanked hard for her, and she leaned forward and slipped her lips over the head, teasing my pee slit. She pulled back when she sensed the approach of my orgasm, and poked out her tongue with perfect pornographic poise. With a groan I unloaded a small quantity of sperm onto her nose. Sara screwed her eyes shut but she needn’t have bothered, the majority of my cum was well aimed, directly into her mouth. With her small finger she removed a tiny dollop of spunk from her chin and took me in her mouth again, her cheeks moving in and out as she extracted every final drop.

Opening her mouth, her tongue cradled little hollow of cum which she duly swallowed with an exaggerated gulp. She poked out a clear pink tongue, “Yum-yum, all gone, another bit for bigger tits.”

“By the size of yours, you have swallowed loads!”

There was really only room for one in the shower, but somehow we squeezed in together and managed to soap away the evidence of sex.

“That was a lovely fuck, Tom, thank you.”

“Thank you too, Sara. There’s plenty more where that came from, but you might need to give me a day or two, you and your sister have drained me.”

“Oh, I do hope so because if you keep doing that I have no intention of going with anyone else while we are here.”

“Nor me, apart from your sister, assuming she wants a second go.”

Little did either of us know how wrong those statements would turn out to be!

Julie’s room was empty when I helped Sara pick out a bikini, naturally it was the skimpiest one, all strings and triangles, and a translucent red! Since I wasn’t expecting further turbulence in the groin area in the near future I had settled for my tight Calvin Klein swim trunks.

“I’m starving after all that sex, Tom. Let’s go see if we can find my sister.”

That was not too difficult, she was at the same table we had vacated a few memorable hours ago. Her question to us was the same as that uttered earlier by Sara, “Good fuck guys?”

“Fabulous,” we both replied in unison.

We all ate a hearty lunch from the overstocked buffet and spent the afternoon on the beach. While Sara flirted outrageously with me most of the afternoon, even at one stage flashing her pussy, Julie confided in me that her guilt stuff had come up.

“I know my husband is cheating on me, Tom, but does that give me the right to do the same? What we did last night and this morning was lovely, and that with my sister this morning revived a lot of memories. But can we cool it for a while until I have adjusted to things and sorted out my feelings for David?” While Sara and I were going to the cricket, Julie had decided to visit an old flame on the not too distant shores of Antigua.

I smiled at her, “Of course, Julie. I was surprised we did what we did so soon anyway, perhaps I should have refused your persistent advances!” I grinned at her.

“You seduction technique is very good, darling. It seemed to work with my sister too.”

“Ha-ha, I doubt that, she tells me she had the hots for me on the plane.”

“That doesn’t surprise me in the least. Anyway, it seems as though you two have hit it off?”

“Yes, what amazes me is how sexually advanced she is for a kid of twenty.”

“Don’t forget, she started early, as you now know.”

“Do you mind if she sleeps with me again tonight?”

“Of course not, I am used to it. Last holiday we spent together, her bed was never slept in, and she was the one that was supposed to be chaperoning me! Anyway, tomorrow I am definitely going to visit my friend David, I just booked the flight.” She flashed the LIAT printout from the hotel computer.


I really believed that I would be too exhausted to experience any further sexual pleasure that coming night, but I was wrong. In my deluxe studio room, Sara managed to arouse me once again and presented her delightful youthful body for the attention of my cock and tongue. She started out by sucking me almost to the point of no return and, declaring that her pussy was getting a little sore, requested the promised fuck in her ass.

Susan’s was the only alternative orifice I had previously explored with my cock, a first for both of us nearly two years ago on the nearby tiny resort of Young Island, and where we had first met, each in hammocks fucking our own original partners. The secluded resort, although not officially advertised as such had become a secret meeting place for swinging couples. Idly I wondered if Sara would be up for a visit there in the not too distant future. As it happened, a similar opportunity was about to be presented much closer to home!

And so, as she knelt before me on the bed, and with a considerate amount of care and a liberal dollop of KY, I eased my way into Sara’s private hole.

I pushed the first inch into her and she groaned. The grip of her sphincter was so tight around my cock, I was in danger of ejaculating too soon. I talked to her to take my mind off the impending orgasm. “How many cocks have you had in here, Sara?”

“I knew you would ask that,” she laughed into the pillow, “Five, including you, but nothing as thick as this one.”

She wriggled her ass and I pushed in a little further.

“Fucking hell, you feel huge!” I paused. “But don’t stop.”

Another inch, she screamed, “Oh God, what are you doing to me, Tom?”

“Just fucking your horny ass,” I smiled at her back.

Briefly, I stopped again and slipped my hand under her to her pussy, but her own fingers were already there!

“Why have you stopped? Please fuck me, baby, fuck my ass.”

“You sure you’re okay with this?”

“Yes,” she gasped, “How much to go?”


“Fuck, I feel full up already!”

“Enough? I can work with this if you like.”

Apart from Sue, ‘this’ was the furthest I had got inside a girls ass. On the two previous occasions the two originally eager woman had screamed, demanding withdrawal. Even inside Sue it had hurt but bless her heart she had grinned and bore it. Once fully inside however, there had been no stopping her. After returning home we’d had anal sex nearly as often as pussy sex.

Sara, who later disclosed that, not wishing to miss out on sex for menstrual reasons, had her first anal cock at the tender age of seventeen and was clearly up for it with mine, despite it’s thickness. “Give me the rest, darling, I want to feel all of your lovely fat cock in my ass.”

Spreading more jelly on the remainder of my shaft I eased completely inside her in one long smooth stroke. She gasped out loud, but didn’t reject me. I was in!

“Yes,” she breathed, “Now fuck me, fuck me hard.”

I half withdrew preparing for the first fucking stroke when Sara beat me to it and slammed her ass hard back against my cock. We moved rapidly together, her anus now fully comfortable with my girth.

As I sensed her fingers flying across her clitoris, I put my hands on her cheeks and pulled out of her, leaving a gaping round hole in her ass, exactly the diameter of my cock!

“What’s wrong, you haven’t cum already have you?”

“No, fucking nearly though,” I laughed, sweating freely, “I have an idea.” Memories of Susan on Young Island had come flooding back to me.

“Fuck the idea, Tom,” she gasped, “I am enjoying this.” She grabbed my cock attempting to replace it in its temporary anal residence.

“Do you own a vibrator?”

“Of course I do. It’s in my bag over there, never without it.” She turned her head and grinned at me. “Why, what do you have in mind, you horny bastard?”

“You’ll see,” I grinned.

She let go of my cock, “Quick then, go get it.”

My cock swinging in the air, glistening with the jelly in the moonlight, I rifled through her bag, quickly locating the familiar shape of the plastic phallus. This one was purple with a cock-shaped head to it, Sara was clearly prepared for all emergencies! With her outgoing sexuality I doubted she had much occasion to make use of it though. I briefly tested the battery, it buzzed happily in expectation of entering familiar territory.

Seeing me armed with the plastic weapon, my own throbbing organ pointing towards her ass, she grinned, “I think I know what you’re going to do, Tom, I’ve never done this before.”

“Enjoy!” I smiled, re-entering her willing asshole.

She told me later that she was expecting me to get her off with the toy by teasing her clitoris. Imagine her delight when, while fucking her in the ass, I gently inserted the nine inch length of plastic fully into her soaking cunt. Despite the proximity of my thrusting cock, it slid into her like a knife into butter.

“Fuck,” she breathed, “This is what it must be like having two cocks in me.”

I told her that I found it hard to believe she hadn’t done that. Especially with her fondness for anal sex.

We moved slowly together, cock and toy both fucking her. “No, but it’s on my list. Julie has done that you know, before she met James, did she tell you?”

“Yes, she told me lots of things, she’s not so innocent as she pretends.”

“Have you done it, Tom? Two blokes, one girl?”

I grinned, and related the night when my best friend Martin and I had picked up two girls in a bar in the West End and taken them back home with us. We were still in our teens at the time. The older girl, it turned out she was married, got cold feet and left, but the single Marion had been horny enough to take us both on, me in her mouth, Martin comfortably banging her pussy.

“Wow,” gasped Sara as cock and plastic fucked her slowly, “That must have been cool. Did you mind seeing each other’s cock? Some men are very shy about things like that.”

I laughed, “Not at all, when we were at school we use to masturbate together.”


“And a couple of times we did it in front of the girl next door.”

“Fuck me!”

“It was a pretty horny moment, I must admit.”

She looked round at me impatiently, “No, I meant fuck me, Tom. You’ve stopped.”

The memory of the intimacy of once holding my friend’s cock had made me pause. It hadn’t been the first time. I was only fifteen at the time. Childhood experimentation. I resumed pounding Sara’s tight ass, the vibrator doing wonders in her pussy.

Lewdly I took it out and licked the end.

“You horny bastard, Tom. I love it. I wonder what else you like to get up to? What did you do to my sister last night?”

“Ah, now that would be a secret!”

“Was she a good fuck?”

“She was okay.” I knew where this subject was heading and quickly changed the subject, “Would you like me to switch it on now?”

“The vibrator?”


“Oh God, yes please.”

“We will probably both cum very quickly,” I warned her, the vivid memory of the extraordinary climax in the same situation with Susan.

“Go on then, I’m ready.”

I turned the milled knob and instantly her whole crotch came to life as though an electric current were passing throughout, and very quickly two things happened at once. Sara went into an immediate orgasm and panted, resembling a steam train leaving Waterloo. She later confessed that she had wet herself slightly; she passed off the wet patch on the covers as female cum. I delighted in the rapid vibrations permeating through the walls of her cunt and along the length of my cock.

I ceased fucking and simply exploded in one of the most intense orgasms ever experienced. Only two girls sucking my cock had ever exceeded this indescribable pleasure I was getting inside Sara’s tight little ass. I felt the warmth of my semen flooding past my cock, seeking daylight as though intruding on her privacy.

“Fuck, she gasped as her knees collapsed, releasing the hold on my cock which was now sensitive as hell.

“Fuck is the right word for it, that was sensational.”

“Fuck, fuck fucking fuck, you cannot know how fucking amazing that was, Tom,” she cried into my shoulder.

“Pretty good for me to, Sara. So glad you like it up the ass. I owe you an apology, I spunked up there too.”

She looked me as I flopped down beside her, “If I wanted to stop you I would have. I’ve never let anyone do that before, it feels lovely and warm, just like in my pussy, but somehow more naughty.” She clenched her cheeks as she felt my creamy donation seep out on to the bed. The maid would be busy in the morning, I reflected, no doubt she was used to it. In fact, after seeing us so horny earlier that day, Simone would expect it!

I remembered the expression on the face of the maid on Young Island when she realized that four of us had slept together in the one big bed. Not that there had been any desire for sleeping! I was determined to return there and put the idea to Sara.

“Fuck the cricket!” she laughed, her fingers idly smoothing my spunk over her thighs, “Let’s go there tomorrow and shag some nice people!”

I reminded her that our main reason for coming to Barbados was to support the England team.

Sara giggled, “You speak for yourself.”

Little did we know that we wouldn’t have to travel the 150 odd miles to Young Island for the type of sexual fun we both yearned. It was waiting for us in quantity here on Barbados! Firstly in the form of some very familiar people! Followed by a delightful Canadian couple eager to explore the swinging lifestyle.

To be continued.