Written by John

21 Jan 2010

My wife H and I went to Spain for our hols in October last year. H is a size 10, 36d boobs and is blonde, I suppose all the things that a guy is looking for. On our first day we went down to the little beach and popped into a bar. 4 glasses of wine later we proceeded to the beach. We walked along the beach and round a rocky outcrop and came upon a very small beach full of nudists. H and I had spoken about taking our clothes at some point, but had never got round to it. H thought we should strip off there and then and get some sun on our bodies, so we did just that. As we were laying there a couple stopped to talk to us as they were walking over to the opposite side of the beach. It was obvious that we were new to nude bathing, as we were almost white compared to everyone else. As a little small talk I mentioned the fact that the beach was quite small and crowded. Bob said there were other beaches, but about 20 minutes from where we were, which had sand dunes that provided a little privacy. We talked for about 10 more minutes and just as they were leaving, Bob suggested that him and his wife Lyn could pick us up in the morning and take us to their favourite beach. H agreed immediately, saying that would be fun.

The following morning they picked us up at about 10.00 and off we went to this beautiful beach just up the coast. We walked along the beach for a few hundred yards and Bob lead us up into the dunes, where we found a lovely secluded spot. We all stripped off and settled down to enjoy the sun. About an hour went by when we heard heavy breathing coming from our new friends. I looked over and saw Lyn on top of Bob kissing him passionately. Within minutes Lyn had Bob inside her and was riding him. H was now laying on her side watching this scene and Lyn noticing that i now had a raging erection said to H that she should make the most of my wonderful looking cock. H didn’t need telling again, she was right on top of me and put my cock into her moist fanny. It was a fabulous experience, as we’d never had sex outdoors or with someone else around, doing the same thing. We left the beach at about 4.00 and Bob thought it would be nice for us all to have a meal together, so we stopped at a little place 5 minutes from the beach. We ordered the food and Bob got a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine. A couple of hours later, after having a lovely meal and at least 5 bottles of wine between us, H and I were felling well relaxed. Lyn asked if we wanted to have a look at their house on our way back to our apartment, to which we agreed.

The house was more like a mansion. In we went and Lyn said they had been nudists for several years and had taken to not wearing clothes in the house. They promptly removed their clothes and suggested that we should do the same. We followed suit, as we been laying together in the all day anyway. Bob poured some more wine and then showed us round the house. We started upstairs with the bedrooms, which were to die for, each one having a super kingsize bed and en suite bathroom. Back downstairs and a top up of wine, which was really going to our heads, Lyn lead us through to what she called her fun area. There was a pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and gym. Bob took hold of H’s hand and led her to the Jacuzzi, whilst Lyn took my hand and we went into the sauna. Again it was a strange feeling going into a sauna without a towel on, particularly this one which had just one very large area to lie on. Lyn lay down first and I lay down beside her. The sweat was running down us. Lyn had rubbed her head and instead of placing her hand back down beside us, she let it rest on my cock, which immediately started to rise. I said nothing. She took my growing cock in her hand and started to rub it up and down. I uttered something like, we shouldn’t be doing this, but she continued. She climbed on top of me and put my aching cock into her soaking fanny and rode me for all it was worth. I have never experienced anything like it before, didn’t even wonder what H would say or even what she was up to. I came like I’d never come before. Lyn once again took my hand and led me out of the sauna and over to the Jacuzzi, where to my astonishment H was leaning over the side and Bob was banging away at her. She smiled and asked if I’d enjoyed myself, a she was having a wonderful time. The was the start of a week long relationship which we will renew again in May.