Written by Dan

23 Nov 2009

At 50 it never occurred to me that I would be writing a story like this. Anne and I have been married for 25 years, the kids have left home, and we still have a very active and varied sex life. Having sex outdoors, in the toilet of a train that sort of thing but have never involved anybody else. Recently Anne came home from work and told me that one of the Sales Reps who call at her office had been coming on to her and had made it clear that given the chance he would like to fuck her. She thought it amusing as she was probably 20 years older than him. She is attractive and curvy rather than fat and when naked always turns me on with her large tits and arse. I was getting hard at the idea of her being fucked by a young stud and without thinking said "Why don't you let him. It's something we've imagined while having sex". She just laughed, but later that night after we'd made love she asked me if I'd meant it. I said that I did as long as I could watch.

He was due to call again in 4 weeks and we decided that she would say I was away, invite him to the house and get him to fuck her in the conservatory so I could watch from the garden.

He went for it and turned up just after it got dark. Anne had dressed in stockings and suspenders, little panties which stretched tight over her arse and bra which supported her tits but left her nipples uncovered, over the top she wore a short silk kimono.

She brought him into the conservatory and they kissed as she rubbed her self against him. She undid his shirt as he slipped her kimono off and bent to her tits sucking her nipples. He held her arse and stroked her bum as she got his trousers undone and pushed them and his pants off so he could kick them away. She was stroking his erect penis which I could see was larger and thicker than mine as she squatted in front of him and gobbled his cock. He was rock hard but wanted to fuck her he pulled he to her feet and grabbing hold of her panties ripped them off her and pushed his fingers in to her cunt and finger fucked her as she wanked his prick. She rose and fell on his hand as he flicked her clit with his thumb. He nipples were hard and she played with them before she pushed him back on a chair and sat back on him as he slid his cock into her waiting cunt. She had positioned herself so I would have a good view of his cock fucking her her big wet cunt. I got my cock out and wanked in time until I came. He was lifting his bum off the chair and giving her pussy a real shafting as she came. He carried on fucking her, mauling her tits until he shot his load. She got off him and knelt in front of him with his spunk dripping out of her cunt and licked and sucked him clean which also got him hard again. He was able to fuck her a second time bent over the coffee table until they both came gain.

They sat on the chair for about 30 minutes having a drink until she put her kimono on and he dressed and left. I was in the house and fucking her practically before the door closed. We talked after and said how horny it had been. Since then she has been talking of repeating the experience and has told me she thinks that he has told some of the other Reps that he fucked her as several have been trying it on. It is only a matter of time before she invites another round to fuck her as I watch.