Written by dirsex

20 Apr 2011

Back in Nov 2010, I employed a very mature lady for a receptionist/PA. She is 55, but looks more 45,divorced twice, very good looking and extremely slim body , long blonde hair with nice 34d breasts. She is a regular gym user , particularly yoga and spin. I guess she is well off and wanted some part time work. Always dressed with nice designer clothes, high heels and expensive bags.

She was very professional and many times I have fucked my GF thinking of her. I'm 42, director of a small IT company. At xmas we shared a few glasses of wine and a dance or two at the party. We even had a small kiss...

Anyway she decided to move further south and decided to terminate her contract in Mar. Last Friday, she called to say she was in town and could she come in for a coffee. Not a problem really looked forward to it.. We meant after work, been very warm, she wore a lovely short linen skirt, revealing top and had her a new do. She looked no more than 40!

The coffee turned to an early bottle wine. We flirted, became touchy and moved to a meal in town. She opened up on her youth (sex crazy days) and that her husbands could not satisfy her sexual appetite and she ended up having many affairs. She enjoys younger men due to extra energy in bed. I became very eroused and she just put her hand on my thigh while talking and started to stroke. I lent forward and kissed her . She responded immediately with her tongue deep down my throat. Her hand moved my cock and she felt my hard on and whispered ,' I want that inside me'. The meal was ordered and eaten very quickly.

We went to her flat. She led me to her large bedroom, fully decorated in light colours, cushions everywhere. She stripped me off while kissing me. I layed naked with an extremely hard cock, which she took no time sucking it slowly but deeply. A natural. I had her expensive tong and panties off. Her body was toned to perfection. I noticed her nipples rock hard. While enjoying her tongue on my cock, i started to squeeze her tits. She began moaning.

I asked to stop and swapped her around. I was on top, i started to kiss her neck, moving down to her breasts, nipples . At the same time I parted her legs, and started to finger her , now shaven but wet pussy. She said 'lick me'. I moved towards her thigh, she pushed my head toward her clit and it was not long before my tonque was flicking her clit and kissing her whole pussy. Her moaning became louder, I increased my speed, pushed my index finger in her. Her breathing became faster and she squeezed her hand on my head for deep entry. I felt her legs rise and tense up, i again increased my speed, concentrating on her clit and then she screamed louder then ever before and I tasted her juices on my tonque. I licked her clean and moved up to kiss her and for her to taste her cum. She licked my tonque, lips all over in pleasure.

She said 'fuck me from behind'. Couldn't wait, she pulled out a box of condoms. I bent her over, exposing her firm bum. I was in a squatting position and pushed my cock deep inside her. I grabbed her waist for support and starting to fuck her long and deep.She just kept on saying 'harder'...

My strides became hard and fast. She felt really nice and tight. All those classes! She positioned her hand on her from pussy and started to rub it while i continued to fuck her. I felt the early stages of my cum and my speed increased. 'Fuck me ' 'Fuck me' she kept screaming. With a few more strides , my cock was ready to explode and soon shot my load while fucking her deep. i continued until every inch of my cum emptied in the condom inside her.

She took it off and finished cleaning me up with her mouth. We passionately kissed for ages, stroking over warm bodies. We relaxed for 30mins and she was ready for another session.

(if interested i will post)