Written by helen

10 Nov 2009

After the sex in the bar and the fabulous sex n the pool, the following couple of days were quite mundane, only having sex with John. That all change the next day. It was quite windy by the pool, so John suggested that we should sunbathe on the balcony, where it was scorching, he also thought, that since there were no other buildings overlooking our balcony, that we should sunbathe naked. We put our towels on the floor of the balcony, laid down on them and then slipped off our swimwear. John fell off to sleep quite quickly, obviously the energetic night before, poor lad. I was feeling really horny, being naked again was exciting and I started to rub myself, my underused pussy was now starting to purr again. My finger went inside and I increased the speed and I came quite quickly. I opened my eyes to see a face looking over the balcony from next door. She introduced herself as Brenda and complemented me on the performance. She invited me through for a drink to cool me down.

I knocked at the door and Brenda opened it, she was totally naked and had a fantastic figure. She opened it a little more and another woman was stood there, she was introduced to me as Abi and she too was naked. Brenda poured the drinks and we went out onto the balcony, we chatted for at least an hour and Brenda kept pouring the drinks. I was now quite pissed and when she suggested getting out of the heat, I thought it a good idea. She thought I was a little unsteady on my feet and helped me lie on the bed, this was a fabulous super king bed. My eyes closed and I was just starting to drift off when I felt both of my nipples being sucked. I opened my eyes and Brenda didn’t give me chance to say a word, her mouth was straight onto mine and her tongue was probing my mouth. She was tweaking my nipple and it was reacting. Abi was also now using her fingers on my nipple and her head had gone down between my legs and was licking away, I was starting to come and the girls new it. Brenda whispered that they had made friends with the folk next door, was it OK to invite them in. I was at the point of now return, I couldn’t care less.

Brenda got up, went next door, still naked and I heard voices coming into the room. Brenda introduced her friends from next door, who would love to get involved, they were Bob, Tony, Harry and Jack. Jack was the first to put his hand on me, taking over from Abi. He certainly knew how to use his tongue. Tony came up top and started kissing me, whilst Harry and Bob concentrated on my nipples. Somehow, whilst my eyes were closed, the guys had lost all their clothes. Jack decided to put his cock to use and inserted it in my wet little hole, my nipple manipulators were still doing their bit and Tony’s cock was getting very close to my mouth. How could I refuse the offer and took him into my mouth for some really hard sucks. I noticed Brenda and Abi were giving Harry and Bob a helping hand with their erections. I could feel Jack thickening inside me and I used my internal muscles to squeeze, he only lasted a few more thrusts and he was there, but more to the point, so was I. As Jack pulled out Harry took his place, with a great erection thanks to Abi. As he was pumping away, bring me along with him, Tony was coming in my mouth. I was almost choking as his cum when down my throat. Abi came up next and licked the cum off my lips and sucked it out of my mouth. Harry was coming on like a steam train and pumped his load deep inside me. He kept pumping, I don’t think he’d had sex for months. Finally, or as I thought it was Bob’s turn, but no it was Jack again who entered me and as he did he rolled me over on top of him, what happened next just blew me away. Bob gentle inserted a finger up my arse and started to push it in and out, he was keeping time with me pumping Jack underneath me, suddenly his cock was up my arse, moving deeper with each stroke. The three of us came within seconds of each other and we all just flaked. We all kissed and cuddled for a while and then I made my excuses and went back to my room, where John was still asleep. If only he knew what had happened next door.