8 Sep 2016

I got a phone call on Thursday from my new lover who Karen and I were supposed to be meeting in a couple of weeks time in Manchester. I said he'd tried to get a hotel booked but wasn't able to at a reasonable rate and asked if Karen and I could meet on Saturday instead. I told him it was a bit short notice, but he managed to persuade me. I phoned Karen and we agreed. I then phoned him back and told him to book a couple of rooms. With the hotel booked he arranged to meet us there on Saturday at 3.00pm. Strangely enough my hubby believed that I was going to Manchester earlier because I got a good deal.

I arrived at the hotel at 2.30 and Karen joined me 20 minutes later. The guys arrived at 3.30 with apologies for keeping us waiting. We signed in and went up to the adjoining rooms. The guys had one room and we had the other. We arranged to meet in the hotel lobby at 5.30 which gave us time to get dressed. I had a shower, shaved and covered myself in my favourite perfume. I brought an outfit I bought for a romantic weekend with hubby which had never materialised and I never had chance to wear. It consisted of a black basque with a quarter cup, a micro thong, black satin blouse, black wrap over skirt. Karen wore a white jump suit and nothing else, claiming it was easier to get out of.

We met the guys just after 5.30 and went to a local weatherspoons where the drink flowed freely. By about 8.00 both Karen and I were totally relaxed and very tipsy. The boys suggested we should go to a night club nearby. The place was very dark, but had quite a few people in despite the earlier hour. We sat at the bar on high stools. Karen had no problem getting up, but I had difficulty as my wrap over skirt kept opening. My lover helped me up and told me not to worry about the skirt as it'll be off soon. We sat drinking for a while and I was now well liked and feeling quite horny. I noticed that my skirt had opened up and anyone standing opposite could see my stocking tops. I just left it for all to see, if they wanted as I was passed caring. Karen's guy Danny took her up for a slow dance and Abi took my hand helped me down and took me onto the dance floor. Moments later we were kissing and his hands were exploring my body. After the music stopped we returned to the bar, where two guys were standing drinking. Abi introduced Karen and I to the guys who were friends and by coincidence (yes right) were staying at the same hotel. We all chatted and drank for about an hour and I was now quite drunk. Abi thought it was now time to go back to the hotel. He ordered 2 mini cabs and Karen went off first with Danny and one of the friends and I went about ten minutes later with Abi and his friend.

We sat in the back Abi on one side and me in the middle. Abi took me in his arms and we were kissing passionately when I felt a hand slide in between my legs which seemed to open automatically to the touch. My thong was moved to one side and fingers were being pushed into me. I moved against the fingers and found myself coming. I turned around looked Abi's friend in the eye and we kissed even more passionately than I had with Abi. We arrived at the hotel and apparently Abi and Danny had organised which room each would be using. Karen had obviously gone into our room, as I was led into the boys room. I was told to take my clothes, which I did immediately and the guys took theirs off at the same time. Abi's friend was huge and I couldn't take my eyes off it. Abi asked if I liked what I saw and all I could do was nod. Abi then seemed to change and became aggressive in his tones demanding that I lay on the bed with my kegs as wide as I could because tonight I was going to become the property of four black me. I lay back and Desmond pushed his enormous cock deep into me. It was extremely painful despite being lubricated, but as he moved slowly inside me it became enjoyable and I again found myself coming. By the time he'd cum inside me I'd cum at least twice more. He pulled out and Abi replaced him pushing into me quickly and his pace was faster than Desmond. Again I was cumin and now it seemed it was continual. I was shaking and could stop myself. I notice the adjoins door open and a very sweaty looking naked Danny come into the room. Abi came and again was replaced by Danny. I can't explain the feeling only the girls reading this could relate.

The sex went on until about 4.00am and each guy had fucked twice as they had done to Karen. I had never had a session like this in my life and I was red raw. I could hardly touch myself when I was showering and was still getting the odd shake though my body. Karen and I left the boys at about 11.00 but before we left a different Abi to our initial contact told us both that we were now their property and would do as we were told and go wherever we were told to go, even at very short notice. We both agreed simply because we both wanted it again and accepted that we were now black men's bitches who they would do what the want with.