Written by Elsa

13 Aug 2008

My husband has always had the fantasy about me having sex with another man and he does annoy sometimes as he always trying to encourage me and blackmail me to have sex with another man. I am a bit of an exhibitionist and do like to tease men and show a bit of flesh but all in good fun gets my husband horny as well as me but would never want to have sex with another man, one is enough!. I do enjoy sex but never really needed another man but 2 weeks ago that did change.

The best sex is always the spontaneous kind. I have been off work for several weeks recovering from an op and when I get a chance I enjoy sunbathing in the garden as we have a secluded county cottage, I am usually topless. The other Thursday we had a rare sunny day and I took the opportunity to top up my tan, I led in the back garden with only a skimpy pair of knickers on. I enjoyed the sun and rubbed myself in sun lotion and felt hot in more ways than one.

I must have dozed off as I was oblivious that I had company and was awoken by some coughing to my shock there were two men in the garden looking at me and smiling. I didn’t know what to do and scrabbled to get my t-shirt on which was a bit skimpy and I was aware my nipples were very perk and noticeable. The look on the men eyes told me they had enjoyed what they saw. In broken English they apologised and explained they were on a hiking tour around the South West, they were from Germany and were looking for a camp-site and got lost. I explained the site was a couple of miles down the road. I asked if they would like to have a sit down and join me in a drink. It was certainly time for all of us to cool down I was very red faced and slightly aroused by being caught in the garden and I could tell from the bulge in the younger man's shorts so was he!

The men took their backpacks off and took a seat while I went off to get a drink and a biscuit. I resisted the chance to put on more clothes as I felt very liberated and as my husband would say what the fuck I was enjoying the company. When I got back they were talking in German and as I had spent time in the tourism industry I have picked up some German from my visits to Hamburg at exhibitions. What I could make out the older man was hoping to get a bit more than a drink and was wanting to spank my ass and suck on my nipples well something like that. He was certainly saying the right things loved having my ass spanked and my mind was wandering.

I did not let on that a spoke some German and to be honest there English was good. I found out they were father and son both tall and fit looking could not believe they were father and son. The father was called Hans and his son Kurt I said i liked big Hans but I don’t think it translated well. Hans father explained it was a special trip for his son, Kurt as he had done well in his exams and thought it would be good to spend time together. Kurt seemed to be starring at my breasts and I tried to tease him saying it is good to make eye content first. I don't think he understood and his father explained how his son enjoyed seeing me led out in the sun and apparently just stood and stared for over 5 minutes! Obviously he had not seen many breasts. It was a hot day both were sweating, Hans asked if I was okay if he took his shirt off to dry I said no problem I also removed my top young Kurt eyes nearly popped out of his head and I knew then that I wanted his young hands over me. Never before had I ever wanted sex with a stranger but I did now and it was feeling good! god was I horny.. I knelt down on my blanket and gave the bottle to Hans to put some lotion on my back. His hands felt good and he gentle massaged my back sweeping my long blonde hair to one side as he did my shoulders and neck. I asked if he could do my front, his hands reached around to my front and he gently cupped my breasts I nearly had an orgasm and he rubbed the lotion in. I gave out a few moans and groans to let him know I was happy for him to continue and I knew he was going to! He gently pushed me forward and I was on all fours my knickers were being pulled down and I felt a warm and hard cock rubbing my ass. I looked over and smiles at young Kurt he was embarrassed but enjoying the show I was hoping he would come over but he was out of my reach. Hans was playing with my ass and gently spanking it I was in heaven. He was certainly trying to fuck my ass but I knew where I wanted it and slid my hand between my legs and grabbed his cock and slid it into my wet pussy. It did not feel the biggest of cocks length wise but was thick in girth. I was doing my best to hold on as was he but we could not contain ourselves and for about a minute we went for it and I could not help screaming out with pleasure and begging him to fuck harder which he did bit time!. We came just about together but I had a multiple orgasm it was amazing my whole body shuddered. After a few minutes he withdrew his throbbing cock and rolled me over on my back and went down a lick my pussy which nearly brought me off again. I looked over at Kurt and his bulge was obvious and his shorts were damp I put out my hand and he held out his. I pulled him towards me and placed his hand on my breasts. Nervously he did and started to squeeze obviously he was not used to this it felt like he was sampling fruit. His father gave him words of encouragement, I reached down and undid his shorts getting his cock out. It was bigger than his dads and felt smooth and virginal. I knew he was not going to last long so I pulled him on top of me gliding his cock into my pussy which was hoping he would last but he didn’t as soon as it went in he shot his load deep into me. I thought what the fuck but I was pleasantly surprised when he kept pumping, obviously he was new to this. I felt guilty, as though he had a cock of a man his body was of a boy was it legal? Too late to worry and a reached around fondled his ass and kissed him on the lips. He didn’t give me an orgasm but I was satisfied. After like it seem like 3 fucks he rolled over Hans was back this time sucking on my breasts and kissing me. What he lacked in length he made up in technique and he did have a big pair of balls which were a nice handful. He knew which buttons to touch and eventual got on top and pumped away till I had an orgasm he rolled over exhausted. We were all shattered but smiling we ended up chatting about everything but sex as if we were all embarrassed but I loved it they said there goodbyes with a gentle peck on the cheek, I went and showered.

I was not sure what I should tell my husband and decided that maybe it would not be a good idea. It was a one off if I told him he might want more and I don’t think I could get sex like that with another man again. I could not wait for him to come home and have him great sex but he was unaware why I was so hot! The story does not stop there and to my shame my husband found out when 2 Germans came knocking 3 days later. I will tell all if interested but I have learnt not to keep secrets from my husband.!