Written by Suzy

31 Oct 2009

I was out the other friday with my husband Tony and all his friends and wives, as we dont get out that often I dressed to kill in my little black dress, stockings, suspenders etc, we had been for dinner all the couples tailed off but we stayed with a few of Tonys unmarried friends, we went into a pub in london there was a sign saying mens toilets were out of order so they had to use the ladies, we carried on drinking by 9.30 I was pissed but having a great time, I had always fancied Steve he was 6'4" and build like adonis, he had worked for Tony for years and often popped in with tony for coffee etc, I could tell by the way he looked at me he thought I was attractive anyway the more I drank the more I flirted, Tony pulled me to one side and said you are really flirting I asked him if he minded and he said not at all and if I wanted to go further I could as long as I told him all about it, Tony went and got another round in while I went to the loo, I walked out of the cubicle to wash my hands and the door next to mine was opend and their stood steve having a wee, I waited until he finished, he turned round and saw me and smiled he motoined with his head for me to go in the cubicle, I didnt need asking twice, he pulled me to him and locked the door, he forced his mouth onto mine and kissed me long and hard while stroking my back, he pulled away and asked if I was ok I nodded at him as I was so hot, he put one of my legs on the toilet seat and pulled my thong to one side and put two fingers into my pussy fingering me until I exploded I could feel his rock hard cock and undid his trousers I couldnt believe how big he was I bent over to suck his cock all the while he was fingering my pussy, he stopped and sat me on the toilet seat and pushed my legs apart he got on his knees and licked my pussy until I exploded once more, he asked me if I wanted to feel his cock in me by then I couldnt have said no, he turned me round and bent me over and pushed his rock hard cock in my pussy I cried out as he was so big, he fucked me until he exploded inside me, he pulled himself free tidied himself up gave me one last kiss and went back I did the same, later that night Tony and I had the best sex we had had for a long time, Tony is going to give me his number and Im going to ask for a repeat performance with Tony watching.