Written by johnwillm8

21 Nov 2009


this is the story of my sex life so far , Iam male 45 live in northeastern england i, ll start at about 19 as before this not much happened other than reading porn mags catching the blond across the street playing with herself as i looked down into her living room from my bedroom she was in her thirties curvy figure longish hair she was just sitting there watching tv or so i thought wearing jeans an a blouse her hands were between her legs then she started to slowly rub the in side of her thighs her head tilted back both her hands slid up to her jean top she popped the button unzipped them sliding one hand down into her crotch raising her hips her jeans slid down enough to give her easy-er access as her hand moved in little circles around her clit the other hand had slid into her blouse popping few buttons to caress her breast this went on for few minutes her movements becoming more frantic hips bucking breasts heaving head moving from side to side my jeans were down and my hand was pumping my cock slowly prolonging the sensation not wanting to miss any thing, she was breathing harder now the her legs clamped around her hand her back arched she lay still gasping for breath I pumped harder on my cock passing the point of no return my come running down over my fingers .

then she came to her senses did up her jeans buttoned her blouse disappeared into the house,didnt catch her again but enjoyed a few wanks over it

fast forward till was 19 still a virgin but read lot of porn sex manuals so knew the theory but practical untested then in a month it all changed first was holiday with my mates in spain

met 23 year old in a night club sue from manchester blond short hair medium build nice tits and arse we ended up on the roof of my apartment building though details are rather hazy we were soon snogging me feeling her pussy and breasts she freeing my cock wanking it as she did so I remember asking her if she wanted to 69 she said yes we ended up lying on the warm tiled roof me licking at her pussy she sucking hard on my cock , she came up for air suggested we find a more comfortable place so we ended up on mattress on the balcony of the apartment I shared with my mates 5lads 2girls doors locked we fucked in every position possible i ate her pussy she sucked me off fucked her doggy missionary, came sooner than i would have liked few times but with the vigor of youth and non exist-ant sex life (my balls were full lol) we were both shagged stupid by morning saw her few more times before holiday was over back to uk.

here things took turn for the better sex wise CB radio was kicking off meant you could chat up girls on there got talking to 2 both friends with each other one chris my age single the other liz 32 and married both trying to out do each other with sexy chat started to see chris plumpish blond big tits got an afternoon alone with her but all we did was snog grope her breasts but she,d, go no further.

next day liz asked me to meet her in a car park not far from her house long redish hair figure were tits and arse counter balance each other if you know what i mean she asked me to come back another day for coffee at hers i was concerned she was married didnt want hubby after me, but she persuaded me it was just coffee

so in went days holiday called on her about 9 .30 when kids had gone to school nervously KNOCKED ON THE DOOR... it opened her head popped around the door she asked me in asked if i,d like a coffee she was wearing a long black nighty frilly around breasts see through enough to see her black lacey knickers I sat in sofa she came in gave the coffee sat beside me she had some music on we made small talk as we drank I placed my cup down we,d both finished by now bread, came on "make it with you" I looked at her she looked back the tension was electric I leaned towards her kissed her mouth she responded our lips crushing against each other in lust,my hand went to her breast her nipples were hard i exposed one began to suck it gently as i slid onto my knees in front of her she moaned softly as my hand slid up her thigh takint the nighty with it exposing her black lacey panties i dropped further down licking her thighs from knee inwards first one leg then the other she was breathing heavy my thumb rubbed over her mound making her gasp I pulled the panties to one side began to lap at her very wet pussy fining her clit sucking flicking it with my tounge she was gasping on the verge of comming i slide in a finger still licking her and her body tensed up and shook as she came I raised my self up she slid out of her nighty we were both kneeling on the floor we kissed i ended up straddling her as she undid my button and fly freeing my cock Istood pulled them down before staddling her chest again my cock resting between her breasts she began to wank me using both hands her thumbs rubbing me just under the eye of my cock which was wet with precome faster the pleasure intense as with look of lust in her eye she pumped me faster with a grown I came hot spunk splattered her face neck and breasts"WOW"she excaimed AND THAT WAS IT the start of 15year affair of which more tales i,ll tell if you like this + tales of 3somes one night stands etc so far