Written by johnwillm8

23 Nov 2009

that dinner time we went to the pub had drink with her hubby in his lunch hour ,nice bloke then me her were back at hers she was wearing a jumper and knee length denim skirt as soon as we got in we were kissing my hand wasunder her jumper feeling her breasts under her bra off it came then her bra i knelt down began to suck each nipple in turn licking and kissing each breast she pulled me to my feet knelt before me looking up at me she undid my jeans eased them down my cock sprang out as she did so (its 7" uncut) she took it in her hand pulling back the foreskin began to lick around the head i moaned "yea suck it,swallow my cock" her mouth opened she took as muuch of me as she could before pulling back only to swallow me again it was so horny felt so good i heid her head slowiy began to fuck her mouth"uh uh i want that in me" she said standing up siting on the sofa skirt hitched up around her waist,she removed her panties i shuffled forward and slid my cock into her very wet pussy her legs clamped around me her hands came around my back , i began to fuck her crushing her breasts between us her nails dug in my back "oh fuck thats good" she gasped her head moving from side to side her face contorted from the feeling of my cock pumping inside her"oh fuck am go,n to come" she groaned"go on show me,i wantyou to come on my cock" i thrust faster harder her pussy gripped my cock pulseing her body went rigid she shook gasping i held my cock deep inside her as her climax subsided as she relaxed a little i began to thrust into her again seeking my own release she held her legs open as i fucked her harder "wider" i said my cock side a little deeper she was starting to come again," come in me let me feel it" my balls were bursting my own climax building quick as her pussy gripped me i thrust deep "argh fuck" my cock balls burst into her feeling every spurt into her she was comiing too her nails dug into my back we lay there a while bodys heaving sweat running off us "Wow"