Written by Nat

15 Nov 2009

After 21 years together our sex life's had sunk to the practically non existent point. I was still keen but Clare was disinterested. She's 42, and most men think me lucky to be married to her with her fair hair, slim figure, always beautifully made up and nicely dressed. The bedroom was another matter, sex once a month if I was lucky, or she might just toss me off. In bed she wears pyjamas and knickers, if I touched her pussy, clamp her thighs together and role away. To say I was fed up is an understatement. This had been going on for months when her best friend Di called, Clare was out and we chatted. It was Di who brought up the subject of sex and mentioned that Clare had told her how infrequently we had sex, adding that she had the same problem, but with her husband and how frustrating it was. The upshot was that within days we began to meet for sex sometimes in our homes or a quickie in the car.

It was, of course, only a matter of time before we were caught and it happened one afternoon when Clare came home unexpectedly and found me fucking Di. There was shouting and crying and I found myself sleeping in the spare room. I'd been sleeping there for the best part of a week when Clare came in. She was naked, except for her panties, and I noticed her nipples were erect. She didn't say a word as she pulled the covers back and bending forward, parting her lips, took my cock in her mouth, something she'd always refused to do. She was sucking me and gently squeezing my balls as she bobbed her head up and down my shaft until I felt myself cumming as my sperm squirted two or three times in the back of her throat as she swallowed. She took me back to our bed and when I was hard again we fucked and then talked. Di had phoned and apologised but had also told her a few home truths about men and sex. The result was that she wanted to try again and not only that, wanted to be more sexually adventurous. She started coming to bed naked, bought some sex toys and would use them on herself as I watched and when I asked shaved her pussy. She knew I had fucked Di in the car and said she wanted to do the same. We started going out, find somewhere quiet and we'd shag in the car or if it was warm next to it. We were seen more than once and that got Clare and me more excited and she'd talk about what it would be like if they'd joined in. The summer was ending and we didn't have the opportunity to find out.

In October we arranged to go away for a romantic weekend. A country hotel, four poster bed the works. We arrived on the Friday evening and went to the bar, it was quite busy and when we enquired were told that a company was holding a weekend convention. We found seats at at table with a couple of blokes who I could see admiring Clare who was in tight jeans and jumper that clung to her 36d tits. They introduced themselves as Simon and Nic and we had a pleasant evening. The next night we had arranged to dine in the restaurant and Clare wanted to dress sexily. She has marvellous long slim legs and had chosen a short dress with a plunging neckline which buttoned down the front. She didn't wear bra and after trying several pairs of panties all of which left a line decided to wear none. She put on a pair of black hold ups and high heels and was ready. We had our meal and a couple of bottles of wine then went to the bar. She immediately spotted Simon and Nic and while I got more drinks she joined them. They were in a corner and we sat opposite them, backs to the bar. Clare had her legs crossed and I could see them both looking, so when she moved and her stocking tops showed they looked delighted. Nic said" I like the view. Are those stockings?" She just laughed and pushed her dress a bit higher revealing a flash of thigh. I could see she was getting aroused, her nipples had hardened and pushing the cloth of her dress out. She'd wanted to be more adventurous so I had a quick look around and said "Show them your tits, no ones looking". She took hold of the cloth and pulled her top either side of her tits, then took a nipple between finger and thumb rolling it making them harder before covering up. I then whispered in her ear and she uncrossed her legs. "Did you like her tits?" I asked "Yes" they replied. Clare then said "Would you like to see my cunt?" They looked at her with broad smiles and nodded. She reached for the buttons and unbuttoned them until just two at the waist were left. A quick check round and she slowly parted her legs until her knees were about 12 inches apart and her shaved cunt was totally exposed to their gaze. She then put her hand between her legs and used two fingers to part her labia to show how wet she was. She then said to them "Do you want to come to our room to fuck me?" They didn't refuse. She then got up and without bothering to redo the buttons left for our room as I followed a couple of minutes later with Simon and Nic.

She'd left the door on the latch and when we went in she was laid on the bed naked except stockings and shoes. She had her legs spread wide and with one hand she was fingering her pussy whilst she played with her nipples. Her cunt was soaking and her lips parted. We undressed and joined her on the bed. Simon got down between her legs and was soon lapping her cunt and flicking her clit with his tongue as Nic got by her head and pushed his prick to her lips. She opened her mouth and started sucking greedily. The woman who a few months before had lost all interest in sex was in bed with 3 men, two she hardly knew, about to fucked by them all. With Simon working her cunt she soon came and told him she wanted his cock in her. He knelt between her legs and lifted her sliding his cock into her and started to fuck her. Nic had straddled her and put her head on a pillow and was fucking her mouth as I watched. Nic came quickly and she swallowed his cum as Simon carried shafting her until she came again as he unloaded several jets of his cum inside her. I was rock hard but I wanted to fuck her at the same time as one of the others. She got on to her knees and started to suck them to get them erect again as I got under her pussy and licked her and excited her clit as Simon's spunk ran out. She hadn't been fucked by me or Nic. She got me to lie on the bed and climbed on top taking hold of my prick and guiding it in to her cunt, which was slick from the fucking she'd already had. Simon was to one side with his cock in her mouth and Nic was the other side waiting his turn. As she sucked she was moving on my cock and I could feel her fingers on her clit as she stroked it. I lost sight of Nic but then I felt the bed move and his cock next to mine at the entrance to Clares cunt as he started to push his prick in her pussy. She was so wet and engorged her cunt stretched and took us both as we both fucked her cunt. I was making small movements but Nic on top had more freedom and was fucking her hard, pulling almost out then ramming back in. Simon must of cum because Clare was panting and grunting rubbing her clit harder as she came again. Nic spunked in her and stepped back so Clare sat up still on my cock fucking me until my sperm mixed with the others. She moved and still over me globs of spunk ran out of her cunt on to my stomach which she then licked up and drank. They spent the rest of the night in our bed and Clare was fucked again by both of them in the night.

We are currently planning another romantic weekend before Christmas and Clare hopes to get plenty of cock. Now she can't understand how we got into such a sexual rut and can't get enough cock. I've told her if the opportunity occurs she can fuck who ever she likes as long as she tells me all about it. She says her boss would like to fuck her and she's thinking of letting him soon.