Written by pete125

1 Oct 2014

I've become more sex mad than ever. I'm 66, and married. I still have some sex with my wife but not as much as I would like. I watch porn most days and wank, not to climax every time though.She knows but doesn't say anything. We can't fuck as she finds it too painful. Her cunt has got very tight in the past several years. She never did like sucking my cock and she won't suck it at all now. In fact she never does anything to me unless I ask. I've asked her to fuck me with a strap-on but no chance. She loves me doing oral sex on her. Luckily I love doing it. She has the most intense multiple orgasms even at 66. More so after we watch porn.She only wants to watch straight porn although she will watch a bit of bi and gay with me. Other times we just wank ourselves next to each other in bed. Since I was in my 20s I've had sex with men. At first in public toilets then in cars and in the woods. Even back at men's houses. I get out when I can and look. I go to one place in particular and have had lots of sex this year after a long break from it. I love to suck. I sucked on three last week, had mine sucked and even had a cock up my arse. Will add more when I can.