Written by anon

25 Mar 2007

I was travelling by train to Glasgow from London last year, i was sitting next to a very handsome black guy.We got chatting about life in general. He was thirty years old and married and travelling on buisness and was going to be in Glasgow overnight.

I am a fifty year old married white female and was on an overnight trip to Glasgow also. Later on we got chatting on a more personal level and things started to get hot.

I have a thing about black guys, they turn me on so the conversation was making me moist in my pussy

We arranged to meet in my hotel for dinner and drinks at my hotel later that evening. We parted company and i went and bought some condoms. I showered and shaved all my bits and got dressed in a white shirt, skirt and stockings and suspenders but no knickers.

We met as arranged and had drinks and dinner. We flirted and teased each other throughout dinner and i invited him back to my room for a drink. We went back had some more wine and by this time my pussy was twitching for some relief.

When we got to my room we started to kiss cuddle and touch each other. I felt his cock through his trousers and OMG it was at least nine inches long with a very wide girth at this stage he wasnt fully erect.

He undressed me and was playing with my breasts which i love he would suck and nibble them in turn.He started to play with my pussy and then went down on me,as you can imagine this drove me wild and i had a very long noisy orgasm. He seemed surprised that i came so quickly. I told him that im multi orgasmic.

I managed to realese his huge cock from his trousers, it was magnificent i could just about get my fingers round it.I put it in my mouth and it felt fantastic, i licked it all over and then sucked it, i was not able to get the whole thing in my mouth because of the size. I was begging to be fucked at this stage as sucking a big cock turns me on bigtime.

He started to fuck me very gently but i was begging him to fuck me long and hard, he started to hammer me with his cock and i started to come. My orgasms come one after the other its like im on a roller coaster. I was making so much noise that he stopped and asked if i was ok. I begged him to stop talking and just give me cock. He turned me over on my front and fucked me doggy style and i was off again in orbit.I have no idea how many times i came but he was fucking me like a rabbit for a good two hours before he came, when he was ready to shoot his load he took his condom off and i sucked his cock and his spunk was spurting out down my throat and leaking down the sides of my mouth. We were chatting after and he told me that he had never seen a woman have so many orgasm as i had and couldnt believe that a woman my age could be so horny. I think i have turned him on to older women.

We meet up in a hotel about every six weeks now but we are a lot more adventures now but that is another story. Every time i think of how we met i start to feel horny. The guy on the train you know who you are, you are the best lover i have had and i thought i knew it all.