Written by Danni

19 Oct 2009

I expect a lot of women will empathise with what I am about to relate. Why? Because nowadays lots of women do what we did. And what was it we did? Just read on. I lived in a small town in the South, I worked as did my husband but also I was part of an informal group of women friends. There were about a dozen of us ranging in age from twenty-five to fifty. We used to get together in a local pub which had a Snug, which in this case was for women only. One evening there were about eight or nine of us there when Margaret, the fifty year-old came in. She was always a talker but we hadn't seen her for a few weeks and someone asked her where she had been. 'Ah! That'd be telling!' she said, however on being pressed she went on to say that she had been on holiday and had had the best holiday ever.

Apparently, like many of the married women present, her husband didn't come up to scratch with his marital duties, 'Then a friend told me,' she went on, 'that if I wanted as much sex as I could handle, Turkey was the place. That's where I've been and I can tell you that it's true!' As you may imagine she was coerced into going into detail, which she supplied. 'I've never had so much cock in all my life!' she told us. We knew that over the years, because she was never backward in coming forward, she had not been averse to having a lover now and then, 'Trouble with that is,' she said, 'that you're always liable to come unstuck and when I heard about Turkey I thought, it was a good way to have lots of sex without the risk. I wouldn't mind betting there's a few of you wouldn't mind doing the same!' Well, it turned out that she was right there, there were five other married women in our group and three of them immediately admitted that they'd go for risk free sex. I wasn't one of them, however, the idea did appeal to me. At the time I was thirty-nine and married for a second time to a man eleven years older than I was. Ted was a thoroughly nice man very experienced in life, he knew that in the past I had enjoyed many sexual partners and he had once said to me, he certainly knew of women's desires. 'If ever you get the urge to stray, come and tell me, don't keep it a secret.'

I like the idea of a different prick thrusting into me so when I got home that night I told Ted all about it, 'You go, love,' he said, 'a bit of something different will do you good!' Of course it wasn't as simple as that but, to cut a long story short, five of our group wanted to do what Margaret had done. So we told her and she agreed that the following Spring she would organise a trip for the six of us, including her of course. Four of us were married and two were single.

We hired a people carrier to take us to Bristol Airport, in those days very small compared to today, and flew off at nine o'clock in the evening. We landed in the early hours and were transported to a hotel in a place called Fethiye. Obviously we couldn't see much of it at that time of night, although we were all surpised to see how many workshops and 'Markets' (small shops) were still open. I was paired with one of the single girls, Amy, three rooms, two per room. Amy was twenty-seven, very pretty with a great figure, as we undressed to fall into bed I asked her why she had decided to come, 'Oh, an adventure.... and I always like a bit of variety!' she replied.

We eventually woke at about half nine, neither of us were the shy sort so we showered together in what we came to know as a 'Wet room', i.e. the whole room was the shower, although it had a basin and W.C. in it. The one thing we didn't like was that we had to put used loo-paper in a basket! We got dressed, it was already very hot so we just put on bra and pants with a summer dress on top. Then we went to look for the others. By half-past ten we had all congregated in the lounge and decided to go and find some breakfast. Afterwards we wandered around the town until the shops started closing for the 'siesta' (it's probably not called that in Turkey!) We went back to our rooms, stripped off and had a good sleep.

Waking up at about half seven we showered again, dressed in bra, pants and thin dresses and joined the others to wander round again and have an evening meal. Margaret was our guide as she had been here before and after a meal we window shopped for a while, loads of jewellers, carpet and leather shops, before finding a bar for a drink. Then we had a council of war, we all knew what we were there for and, advised by Margaret we went to the Blues Bar. 'You'll have quite a shock when you dance with these young Turks,' Margaret told us, but wouldn't say why. We soon found out, virtually all the men were young, certainly no older than twenty-five, and they all had a hard on when we danced with them! We all had the giggles but a good time as well and, by general consensus, picked out the boys we wanted to come back with us.

Well, I don't know what happened but back in our room there was no sign of Amy but there were two Turkish lads. I have to say that most of these boys were extremely good-looking and these two were no exception. Once in the room they said, 'You shower,' their English was very limited, I went and showered and came out with a towel round me, then they went in, they came out naked! I had never seen anything like it, they both had erections and they were certainly not small! One I reckoned was nigh on nine inches, although no fatter than a normal dick, the other about eight inches and as thick as a cucumber. They began kissing and caressing me, I didn't resist and enjoyed their intimate caresses while I played with their dicks. I liked their foreplay and was aroused very quickly, they put me on the bed and the one with the nine inches spread my legs and I felt his circumcised dick nosing between my fanny lips. As soon as he was properly positioned I lifted my knees and let him gently push his dick into me.

This is what I had come for and I was soon enjoying his thrusting especially as I had never had a man so deep into me. Not that he lasted long, he told me that his name was Ali as he panted and thrust time and again, then, suddenly he groaned and I felt the hot spurt of his cum deeper than I had ever felt it before. He flopped on me for a few seconds then, as soon as his dick slipped out he rolled away and the other boy entered me.

This was a different feeling altogether as his dick was so thick, he rubbed my clit all the time and I soon came. He started off thrusting very hard and quick, causing his friends spunk and my juice to spurt out round his dick, then he settled down to a gentler rhythm, much more comfortable. At that point I suddenly found Ali's dick against my mouth, I opened my mouth and sucked it in and was soon busy licking and sucking all the cum and juice off it. I was being fucked by one dick and was sucking the other in great excitement, the one who was fucking me was called Cem (pronounced Jem) and I thought by the way he fucked me that he was more experienced, in any case, as I said, his dick was rubbing my clit all the time making me come.

Soon Ali was hard again and he fucked my mouth gently until Cem shot his load in me, if there is one thing that really turns me on it's feeling a man shoot his cum into me. Cem, in his turn flopped on me for a few seconds then, as he slipped out he rolled away and Ali's dick pushed into my fanny again, I could hardly believe it. I was entering a phase of complete sexual euphoria, with spunk and cunt juice coating my thighs, stomach and bottom as Ali fucked me for longer. I don't know how long for really but eventually he came again and the whole cycle repeated itself with Cem mounting me and fucking me for a second time also. In any case I was now sucking and licking Ali's dick.

When he eventually came again I sneaked a look at my watch and realised that I had been fucked four times in an hour! But they weren't finished yet, as this fucking came to an end and Cem rolled off, Ali hoisted me to the end of the bed on my hands and knees and entered me from behind. As most women know, you certainly get a lot of cock in that position and Ali became all enthusiastic again fucking me forcefully doggy style. Each time they fucked me it lasted longer and Ali had a real good long fuck before he managed to cum again. I had been sucking Cem's dick as before and he was hard by the time Ali finished and immediately took his place and I enjoyed yet another long fucking. It was all extremely messy by now with spunk and cunt juice running everywhere, but so what? I came and came and really enjoyed myself being fucked by two boys that I had never met before. Eventually Cem came and I collapsed on the bed, I hauled myself up so that my head was in the pillow and was immediately asleep.

I knew when I woke that morning that the boys had fucked me some more while I was sleeping, I was so exhausted that I barely stirred, they certainly had their money's worth! When I woke I found that they were gone, my fanny was swollen and my clit a little sore and my skin was stiff with dried fluids and, no doubt, I stank, but what a night.... and this was just the first instalment so to speak. There was much more, far more than I can write about this time, but keep watching, if enough of you are interested I'll write again.